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“Whoa!, I love it here!” Genova said happily, looking around as he entered TXT dorm with Reece.

The dorm is big with enough rooms and it scents like passion.

“No one will hate this place” Soobin said.

“But I love cold rooms” Genova said.

” Then you’re my friend, the thermophile” Beomgyu said, hanging his arm on Genova’s neck.

” You love cold too?” Genova asked.

“A lot, since there’s thick hoodies and socks to fight it,I love enemies that are easy to defeat” Beomgyu winked.

” He’s not normal don’t mind him” Yeonjun said and Genova laughed.

” What’s Reece’s preference?” Kai asked.

“He loves warmness” Genova replied.

” My spec, then you’re my roommate for tonight” Kai said, pulling Reece away.

“Genny is mine” Beomgyu said and Genny laughed.

“You just sounded like my bestie” he said.

“I’m glad” Beomgyu smiled.

“So when are we going to practice?, It’s some minutes downside seven already” Taehyun said.

” Really?, We’re late let’s move” Soobin said and they all moved to their dorm mini studio.

“Ion think I can handle the intro, I got a sore throat” Reece said.

“It’ll be gone before then, it’s still two weeks” Soobin replied.

” It might last longer, to be on the safe side let’s switch” Reece replied.

” You should get it treated please, it might get severe” Taehyun said.

” I will, thanks” Reece replied.

” Make sure” Soobin said, stroking Reece’s hair.

” Sure” Reece blushed and everyone laughed.

“So I’ll take the lead” Soobin said.

Genova went to the piano and played the programmed beat before sitting again.

? Oh yeah it’s merry time!

Beomgyu sang the pre-intro and Soobin entered.

? When the world feels gloomy

? And the air around feels dull

? When the lights go off like ting!

? And darkness creeps in.

Genova: ? We can still make it lively like bam!, bam!, bam!


The singing part ended some minutes after ten after they’ve rehearsed for countless times.

Then they moved to the dancing space.

Yeonjun led the the dance and in the end, they fell heavily.

“But Genova you’re talented, never knew you can dance like this, you play the piano well, you have the voice, you sing well, you dance well…I’m jealous” Taehyun said.

” Don’t tell me you’re a secret rapper too” Yeonjun said.

I’mma bad boy
What’s the big deal
I gat to be real
The king of my world
I stand on my word
Wanna buy the whole world
Money money spend some money gat to take care of my pinkie
Gat to catch fun, gat to spend, gat to do the things I want.

Genova finished up and Soobin clapped.

“Wait who’s pinkie?” Beomgyu asked suspiciously.

“Did I mention pinkie?” Genova asked surprisingly.

” Money money spend some money gat to take care of my pinkie…was what you sang” Beomgyu replied.

Genova looked at everyone, they’re all staring at him including Reece.

“Ok ok pinkie is…” He said.

“Is that?” They all chorused.

“Pinkie is…” He said again

“Talk before I make you talk forcefully” Soobin said.

” Pinkie is…. anonymous” Genova said and rushed out of the room.

” Come back trickster!” Yeonjun shouted, running after him including the others.

The time is past twelve when they all finally slept after taking their night showers .

Genova sneaked out of the room with the remaining milkshake and his phone.

He slipped into the game room and locked the door before setting down.

He video called Quincy and it hasn’t even started ringing when she picked.

“I’m sure you thumb was on the screen” he said.

“Trust me I’ve been waiting” she replied and he drank the remaining milk.

“Good boy, how was it?” She asked.

“Can’t believe I almost spilled everything, I tried rapping and I mentioned pinkie” he replied and she laughed loudly.

” Seriously” he said.

“So I’m everywhere in your head?” She giggled.

” Sure” he said.

” Look I feel like kissing you, hug you and sleep in your arms, I miss you” she said.

“I feel same but tommorow is almost here” he replied.

” I seriously can’t wait” she smiled.

” What should we do?” He asked.

“Stare at each other like this” she winked.

“Crazy” he chuckled and suddenly heard movements behind.

He swiftly looked back to see Beomgyu.

He’s about to peep up, he was actually hiding behind the chair.

“Aarrgggh!!!!!” Genova screamed.

“Babe what’s happening” Quincy said worriedly as he tapped red..

“I almost saw her face…geez!” Beomgyu said.

” I’m sure I locked the door” Genova said, looking at him.

” I own this game room cos I use it the most, I’ve been in here before you came, I just hid when I saw you coming” Beomgyu replied.

” You’re a full package” Genova said.

“Let me see her face just once huh?, I was so close to seeing her face when you caught me, please please… please Genny” he pleaded, hugging him.

” When I thought I’d be free from Craig, I met another Craig here…. Beomgyu you can’t see her, not now” he said and he hugged Genny tighter

” You’re suffocating me!!” Genny screamed.

“Let me see your Pinkie’s face”

” Beomgyu please… please…let me go…. aarrgggh!!!!!”



” I’m moving into a new house today” Polly broke the news, walking with Quincy into the school.

The time is some minutes past 11.

“Did you check it out already?” Quincy asked.

“Yes, it’s not so far from Bae’s mansion and I kind of… like it” Polly replied.

” We’ll be done with classes by two , we’ll all help you move after the practice” Quincy replied.

“Not like I have much things in the inn, I’ll just buy new stuffs” Polly replied .

They’re currently passing by the parking lot.

Quincy glanced at it, Genova’s car isn’t there.

He has three cars…white, wine and blue, it’s amazing how she managed to know all the numbers.

“Maybe he’s not back yet” she said unintentionally loud.

” Who?, Genny?” Polly asked.

” Huh?” Quincy replied, facing him.

” If you like him, go for it, delay might bring regrets you know” Polly said.

Quincy held her bag strap more tightly.

“DollyP” she said.

“Yes?” Polly replied with a smile.

“I actually have something to tell you guys” she said.

” What?” Polly asked.

That instant, a red car which obviously belongs to Red zoomed into the park.

Out of it came Red and Trinidad.

Polly folded her fist tightly as she saw them.

“Go home with me when it’s time, I’ll always give you a ride” Red said.

” No, you don’t have to worry” Trinidad replied.

” You can’t say no” he replied and placed a pen on her palm.

“It’s called lucky pen, use it well” he said and smiled before leaving, walking past Polly.

” Hey Riri” he winked.

“Hey” Quincy waved as he walked away.

“Hey girls!” Trinidad smiled , joining them

“I saw your post yesterday, how was the horse ride?” Quincy asked.

” F*cking great, Red is fun to be with, he’s jovial too and…

She stopped and looked at Polly who’s staring into space

“Hey Pollyanna” she said guiltily.

“I hate how you sounded just now, you don’t have to feel guilty, not like I dated Red, he doesn’t belong to me so you’re free” Polly said and left.

Bae and Izzy arrived immediately and joined them.

“How was the horse riding?” Izzy asked eagerly.

“Why is everyone asking that?” Trinidad replied.

“Cos I’ve not ridden an horse before” Izzy replied.

” Me too” Bae added.

“Me three” Quincy said and Trinidad giggled.

“It was awesome” she said.

“Is Red awesome too?” Bae asked.

“You guys should let me be” she replied, walking in fast.

They followed her, laughing as they did.

Genny and Reece came in some minutes into the class and Quincy blushed.

Seeing Genova again made her heart warm.

The class ended and they had an hour break before the next class.

The cafeteria became full.

Polly settled with black bean noodles but she wasn’t able to eat from it.

The girls chatted and laughed but she seemed like hallucination to herself, maybe she’s not existing.

It grew worse when Trinidad stood.

She excused herself to go to the restroom and her leg hit on the table mistakenly.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.