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Polly’s tears dampened her face and dress.

Her loud crying sound filled the whole estate and water escaped her nose too as her eyes turned redder.

The estate securities appeared and saw her where she squatted at.

“Miss, you’re disturbing the peace of this estate, it’s late already people are asleep” one of them said.

Polly opened her mouth more wide, increasing her volume.

“It got worse, miss please just go in” the second one said.

” Have you both ever experienced heartbreak?” She asked.

” Heartbreak?” They both chorused.

“You don’t know how I feel so stop trying to stop me I hate myself!!” She cried more, standing up.

The men watched her confusedly as she walked slowly into the house, still crying so much.

Polly got in and met Molly and her dad in the living room.

She walked past them in tears and climbed upstairs.

She went into her room and shut the door heavily.

“Why is she back?, You told me you’d take care of her, you told me you’d make sure she never comes back!” Molly yelled at her dad.

” I tried but I’m still in shock, I dunno how she escaped” he replied and his phone rang.

” The guys I sent are calling” he said and picked.

“How come she came back home” he asked .

“She luckily escaped and….

” How could you guys let her escape!” He yelled.

” Keep it low old man” Molly snickered.

Mr Kang hung up and looked at her

“I’ll just try another way” he said.

“This is the second time you’ll be trying, aren’t you ashamed that she outsmarts you every time?” Molly glared.

” I told you I deleted the video from her phone already” Mr Kang said.

” And I want her deleted too!, Do your job right Mr Dan Kang!”she snapped and left the living room.



Genova entered his room slowly, thinking about how loud the sound of her tears were.

She definitely cried a lot.

She looked different, actually not the hot headed arrogant narcissistic Polly he knows, she’s totally different.

He sat on his bed and took off his shoes before laying on it.

“Heartbreak, will I ever experience it?, I don’t want to” he said.

His phone rang beside him and he quickly sat up.

It’s Quincy.

He swiped green and her face appeared on screen.

“Video call?, Never knew” he said, positioning his phone well.

“You’re just getting home?” She asked.

“Yes” he replied.

“Where did you go?” She asked.

“I went to the alley not far from Yeongnam highschool to take Polly home” he replied.

” Polly?, What happened to her?” She asked.

” She got chased and was scared” he replied.

” chased?, Why?” She asked.

” I dunno too” he replied.

” Is she fine now?” She asked worriedly.

” Yeah” he replied.

” But you look worried” she said, looking more closely at him.

” Do I?” He asked.

“Sure” she replied and he smiled.

” What are you worried about?, Polly?” she said.

” Not her” he replied.

” What?” She asked.

” You” he replied.

“Me?, What about me?, I’m fine and…

” I miss you” he interrupted and she turned to a ripened tomato instantly.

” We met at your fan sign some hours ago” she replied.

“I dunno” he said.

“Well…..” She said shyly.

” Tommorow is Saturday, do you have any plans?” He asked.

“Meeting with the girls in the afternoon, what about you?, Oh I forgot… fan sign continues till Sunday” She replied.

” It’ll end at 6, will you go out with me then?, Let’s meet at the park by 7, come as Riri” he said.

“Deal” she smiled.

“Did you eat?” He asked.

“Yeah” she replied.

“What?, Tuna?” He asked.

” No, I’ve not eaten tuna since I ate it at our last date” she replied.

” You ate it yesterday” Kimberly said, peeping in.

“Kimberly stop poking your nose around” she said, looking back swiftly at her.

“I just don’t support lying to him” Kimberly winked and left.

Quincy found it hard to face the screen again.

Genova chuckled cutely.

“Hey girl, look here” he said.

“Sorry, I just didn’t want you to call me a tuna addict” she said, still not looking at the screen.

“Look at me and say that to my face” he said.

” Devil” she muttered.

” Should I hang up?” He asked and she quickly faced him.

” I…. didn’t want you to see me as a tuna addict” she said.

“What are you then?, You’re f*cking addicted” he replied.

” Agreed” she said and he smiled.

” So tuna is your favorite food” he said.

” No, my second favorite” she replied.

” What’s the first” he asked.

” Chicken parmigiana” she replied.

” An Australian dish” he said and she nodded.

“Yours?” She asked.

“Kimchi fried rice and bulgogi” he replied.

“So you love beef” she said

” Only when I eat it with the fried rice” he replied.

“Oh….” She replied and yawned slightly

He checked the time, it’s some minutes to eleven.

“You need to go sleep” he said.

“I’m not feeling sleepy” she replied.

“You can’t lie to me” he replied.

She pouted childishly.

“I’ll see you tommorow” he said.

“Will you call me tomorrow morning?” She asked.

” Sure” he replied.

” I’ll expect it” she said.

“Yeah, goodnight pink” he said.

“Nightie night” she replied and hung up.

“He called me pink” she said, holding her phone to her chest.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

“Yay!!’ she screamed and jumped on the bed excitedly.



The ringing of the “devilish alarm” made Polly hold her head tight.

There’s enough ringing in her head already but the darn alarm is aggravating things.

“Uurrggg!” She groaned, searching for the alarm with her hand.

She finally grabbed it from the bedstand and threw it across the room.

It crashed on the wall and got destroyed.

“My head” she whimpered, holding it tightly.

She cried till the morning, she only slept off in the early hours of it and now the silly alarm woke her up again.

She sat up and looked at the alarm that’s now scattered on the floor.

“You woke me up so I could continue crying right?” She said, standing up.

She kept staring at the shattered alarm.

“Why do I feel like it’s my heart, this will be the perfect shape of my heart right now, tattered and shattered, crashed and devastated” she said.

” Polly … You can do it” she said and rushed into the bathroom.

She came out some minutes later, wet from the bath water.

She wiped and creamed before dressing up simply then she got her big bag.

She started packing her most important stuff into it, tossing them across the room into the bag.

When she felt like she has packed enough, she zipped it up and stepped out of the room, dragging it along.

She looked at the room again and smiled sadly.

“Sadly I won’t be seeing you anymore…my Pretty room” she said and shut the door.

She walked downstairs, meeting Molly in the living room.

She’s watching a soap opera while sipping coffee.

“Where are you going?” She asked, dropping the coffee before standing.

Polly ignored her and left the house.

She left the car since it was bought by her dad.

She contacted a designated driver and he came shortly.

She got in and looked at the house again.

“Hilton garden inn” she said and the driver drove off.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.