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He removed the headphones and Genova looked at him,he screamed into his ears.

“Are you insane?” Genova said, stepping away from him while wearing his headphones again.

“Lower the volume and listen to me moron” Craig said and Genova did.

“I just said Polly is something else” Craig said.

” So you made me lower the volume cos of Polly, you’re unwell” Genova scowled and Craig giggled.

” Why do you hate her so much” Craig said.

“I’ve always hated loud people” he replied.

” I’m loud too but you love me so much” Craig smiled.

” I hate you most” Genova said and the smile dropped from Craig’s face.

” You’re mean” he said and Genova smiled secretly, they got to their spot and it’s almost full, they’re all seated on the chairs already.

Craig pulled Genova and they sat beside each other.

Reece is busy flirting as usual, blowing kisses to girls and winking…..

“You should try and flirt like Reece too” Craig said

“Don’t talk about him else I’ll leave” Genova replied and Craig held his lips.

Quincy stared at Reece again and Izzy smiled when she saw her.

“I said it…you fell for a flirt” she said.

“I dunno, I just find him cool” Quincy replied , still staring

“Those girls” Craig said, looking at them.

” What about them?” Genova said, looking at them shortly.

“I think they’ll suffer from Polly and her minions” Craig said.

” It’s none of my business” Genova replied.

“You’re so cold” Craig said.

“And you’re good at minding other people’s bussiness” Genova curved his lips and girls almost fainted at the cuteness.

👥Geez!, His lips
👥 Oh my goodness!
👥 Tempting!

“Ok let’s start the fun, BA students” Molly said, seems she’s the leader.

” We should drink a cup first” Craig said and Molly agreed, they all got served with soda bottles which they all gulped, all except Genova.

“Ok Molly, continue” Craig said and Bae won’t stop staring at him.

“The second batch students who just got admitted should introduce themselves first, we have only two in our department” Molly said.
Everyone clapped and Quincy’s heart skipped beats as Izzy stood.

“Hi…I’m Izzy Roberts” she waved and only Quincy and Molly clapped, the rest just stared as if no one talked.

Izzy sat and Quincy stood fearfully, she stared at everyone first and when her eyes met with Reece’s, she swallowed hard and he blew her a kiss secretly.

Her knees almost melted to jelly but she quickly looked away as her palpitations started.

“I’m….I’m .. Rihanna Norbert” she stuttered and majority laughed.

” It’s a shame that you share same surname with my role model, it’s annoying” Polly said, coming in with Trinidad.

Her arms were crossed under her br**sts as she advanced.

Students started murmuring among themselves and some started asking her questions.

👥 Why are you so ugly

👥 Was your face cursed?

👥 Why is your face so unattractive?

Written by Naomi Cindy B.

“This is part of the reasons why I didn’t want to come here at first” Genova muttered, looking at the girl who’s busy fidgeting as students threw more harsh questions.

“To make up for your ugliness why don’t you entertain us by singing” Polly said.

” Polly..” Molly protested but just a glare from Polly sent her back to her seat

“Sing for us ugly duckling” Polly smiled like a bully she is.

Quincy swallowed nothing and panicked that instant.

“You’re ugly and you can’t even sing?, Why are you alive then?” Trinidad demanded.

” This is not right” Izzy said and Polly smirked before walking to her, she made to slap her but her hand stopped midair when she saw Genova, she never knew he’s there.

Her eyes widened and she brought down her hand slowly.

She walked back to where she was and was about to rush out when Quincy started singing.

I want nothing else but you

I crave for you, day and night

I really wanna be your fire in the dark, be your light at night

Just let me love you, that’s enough

Love is a btch, yeah I know…. love love love…the sensations, drives me crazy*

Love love love….the sensations, makes me want you more

L-O-V-E, … SEN-SEN-SA-TIONS….I want it to be you…. It’s you

……And If you’re a river, I’d swim till forever, if you’re the air, I’d breath and ever, if you’re a plane I’d fly you to the moon, wherever you are I’d love to be, your habitation will become my addiction, can’t stop the affection, can’t stop the sensations, it kept rushing into me… Eating deep into my body and my soul, the sensations….pure sensations, SEN_SA_TION”

She left everyone speechless as she finished singing and for the first two minutes, everyone stared at her including Reece and Genova.

She stood there calmly after singing and it was Genova who clapped first then Linabae, Craig joined and Molly followed, Izzy clapped with a big smile and Reece did same.

Soon, everyone is clapping.

“You sang the lines perfectly, you’re a die hard ANJELL” Craig said and Quincy smiled.

Reece stood and came to her, her eyes widened when he touched her hair.

“Thanks for singing it beautifully” he said and winked at her before leaving.

Polly left angrily immediately.

“Thanks for making it fun Riri” Molly said and Quincy smiled.

” Drinking competition” Craig said and the soju bottles were brought.

” The last two to get drunk wins” Molly said.

“You aren’t leaving?, You don’t like drinking” Craig said to Genova.

” Should I try it out today?” Genova replied.

” Go on, Reece will carry you home” he replied

” I never said I’m gonna get drunk” Genova said.

The first cups were poured for everyone and they drank.

Second cup went same way, Linabae got drunk with the fifth cup while Craig got drunk with the sixth.

Molly got drunk with the sixth too and many others, Quincy got drunk with the seventh but Izzy and Genova never got drunk.

Genova looked at her and they both grabbed the eighth cup, they drank and continued drinking till the tenth, still the same.

“Hey Izzy, let’s go to Andromeda together….jeez!, I badly want to visit that country” Quincy grinned.

” She’s totally wasted” Izzy said .

“Living two lives….I really find it bothersome but if I can get what I want, it’ll be worth the bother” she blurted.

” What’s she talking about” Izzy wondered and Quincy stood, staggering slightly.

Genova kept his gaze on her.

She smiled drunkenly and batted her lids.

Written by Naomi Cindy B.

“I feel so full, on top of the world, are we flying?….ding ding!” She laughed.

Genova made to stand but exactly that time, her shoes slipped and she fell on him, throwing up immediately.

Her puke landed on his clothes and his eyes widened.

She looked up at him and smiled tipsily.

“I feel better… thanks” she grinned and rolled off him, sleeping off on the ground.

Quincy’s mansion, next day**

Waking up to the scent of her room, she smiled but it was short.

She sat up quickly when she remembered the orientation.

“Gosh!, My head” she said, grabbing it.

Her glasses is off, her wig is off too and she’s wearing her normal clothes.

Her eyes widened and she gasped.

“How did I get here!”

She held her head tighter and her eyes widened more when she remembered how she got drunk.

“I didn’t possibly take off my wig and glasses while drunk right?, No!, No!” She said.

Another scene of how she vomited on someone popped up on her brain and when she saw the face, she knowingly fell off the bed.

“Lord take my soul I’m ready to die, I’m a public menace…. complete nuisance” she said.

Kimberly came in and she rushed to her, she’s with a cup of coffee.

“Tell me everything that happened in details, I didn’t teleport home did I?” She said.

Written by Naomi Cindy B.

” Drink this first, you need some caffeine to clear your head” Kimberly said.

” This is serious than a f*cking cup of coffee Kim…tell me everything!” She said loudly.

” I’ll only talk if you drink” Kimberly replied.

Quincy took the cup and gulped it down then dropped the cup.

“Tell me now” she said.

“I took you home from school, Izzy handed you to me when I introduced myself as your guardian” Kimberly said.

” I didn’t drunkenly take off my wig or glasses?”

” Nope, I took it off and changed your clothes when we got home” Kim replied and Quincy fell on the bed.

She smiled when she remembered how Reece touched her hair yesterday but when she remembered how she vomited on Genova’s clothes, she fell down from the bed again.

“I’m a disgrace” she cried childishly.


Quincy walked briskly towards her first class for today but stopped when she remembered yesterday.

This is her third trial to enter the class but it’s always not successful.

She covered her face with her palms and squeezed up her face.

“I’m dead, I wonder why it wasn’t posted on the group,did anyone not see me?” She wondered and tried entering the class again but went back.

“I’ll just stay at the library till the second class” she decided and walked to the library.

She entered slowly and sighed.

“My first day at school yesterday was ruined, second day is not going well either, jeez!, I’m so stupid!” She hit her head and went to the shelves.

She walked around, looking for what to read.

“Everything looks same” she said and stopped when she sighted something.

Her eyes widened and she went back… it’s the English version of Romeo and Juliet!

“OMG I’ve always wanted this, it’s a good thing I came here” she said and made to take it but another hand grabbed it.

“I picked this first” she said strictly.

“Ugly drunkard?” The voice said and her eyes widened, she gasped and looked up.


Written by Naomi Cindy B.

He has that usual look on his perfect face and he’s not smiling.

“Ok I’m officially dead, I want to magically teleport from here” she thought and slowly let go of the book.

She turned back and made to quickly leave but an hand held her backpack.

“You puked on me yesterday, you don’t have anything to say to me?” He said and she closed her eyes after adjusting her glasses.

” Jeez!, Can’t you just forget?, I wish I can erase memories” she thought.

” Mianhae (I’m sorry)” she said slowly.

” Face me and say it to my face” he said.

“How can you be so wicked” she thought, licking her bottom lip as she looked back slowly.

“Jinjja Mianhae ( I’m really sorry )” she said politely with her face down and he sighed.

He looked at the book and was about to give it to her when Polly appeared.

Immediately she saw them together, her blood transformed to anger, flowing allover her body.

“And what the hell are you doing with him!” She shouted and pushed her.

Quincy crashed on the shelf and books started falling on her, she covered her head with her hands.

Genova quickly pulled her away from there to his side, annoying Polly more.

“Why would you even touch her!” She yelled again, looking at the hand he’s holding.

He let go of it and Quincy left quickly.

“Are you the inventor of stupidity?” Genova said and Polly gasped.

” What!”

” It seems like that…to me” he said and left.

Polly started pushing down the shelves angrily, disorganizing the library

All the library attendants just watched as she displayed her madness as usual.

She pushed down as many shelves as she can before stopping, breathing heavily.

“Rihanna….. I won’t go easy on you I swear!” She spat and stormed out.


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