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Quincy’s heart melted immediately she felt his tender lips on her neck.

She held him more tightly, hoping he won’t stop anytime soon.

As if Genova can hear her heart, he kept his lips on that spot for long, not moving an inch.

Quincy let her nose inhale his scent again, she felt insane but it’s alright to go insane over his scent, over him.

Kimberly watched from the door and smiled, hoping that they’d start dating already and also that if it happens, it’d last.

Genova finally broke the neck kiss and faced her.

They started smiling at each other while she caressed the back of his neck.

“Did you switch off your phone cos you were mad at me?” She asked.

“I wasn’t not mad at you, my phone has been off since last night, I had to leave it at home and go to the studio in cheongdam-dong without it but you wouldn’t leave my head so I plugged it immediately I got home and came here when I got one percent, it ran out of battery after I called you” he replied and she started tracing his brows again.

“I thought you were mad at me, that thought made me sick” she said and he quickly felt her temperature.

“You’re slightly burning up” he said.

“I guess it went down since I’m in your arms” she replied and he hugged her again.

She came down from his arms afterwards and when he saw her shoes, he laughed loudly.

“What?” She asked.

“What designer is this?” He said, looking at it.

Quincy looked at the shoes and went green with embarrassment.

Genova kept laughing and she covered her face with her palms as she rushed in.

Genova rushed after her and held her.

“You can’t go in without me” he said.

She interlocked their fingers pulled him to the door.

” Don’t tell me you’re sleeping here” Kimberly said.

” It’s past 10, he can’t possibly go back home again, it’s dangerous” Quincy replied and went in with him.

Kimberly smiled as she shut the door.

Quincy took him upstairs to her room and he started looking around at the big beautiful room, decorated purple.

“You’re an ARMY?” He asked.

“Yes, stuck with J-hope” she winked.

” And you’re an ANJELL too” he said

” Yeah, stuck with you” she replied and he smiled as he checked out her dressing table.

” You love make up” he said.

“Yes, a lot” she replied.

He looked at her afterwards.

” What?” She asked.

“I love your natural face more” he said.

“Really?, Then I’ll go natural often from now on” she replied

” Do you want to check out my dressing room?” She asked, going to him.

He held his arm and took him to the room.

It has more than ten closets and racks, bag hangers and jewelry boxes.

“Luxury, I’ll only have a dressing room after I move out of my dad’s house” he said.

She hugged him, resting her head on his chest.

He started rubbing his palm on her hair.

“Do you plan to move out soon?” She asked.

“I dunno but I have this feeling that I’m moving out soon” he replied.

She looked at him and he kissed her forehead

She giggled before returning her head to his chest.

“I love your scent a lot” she said and he smiled.

“Then I won’t stop using the lotion” he replied.

” Tommorow is your fan sign event, I’ll come as Riri” she said.

” I want that” he replied.

” I’m planning to end it with Reece soon, he’s getting on my nerves and I’m hating him more” she said.

” When are you ending it?” He asked and she disengaged from him.

“The party is still two weeks to come” she said.

“What?” He asked.

” What if I reveal my true identity for everyone at the party” she said.

” You’d ruin Mrs Maybelline’s party?” He said.

“I’ll just do it after the party, when the party is over , I’ll take the microphone and just say I’d like to address the crowd as the class rep of BA first year, then I’ll take off my wig and glasses, I’ll wipe my blush and boom!, It’s over, Reece will be getting a great shock, premier heartbreak straight” she said.

” Sounds great” he said.

” If you tell me not to do it that way, I won’t” she replied.

“No it’s your game so play any card” he said and she smiled.

” Two weeks from now, I can’t wait, I just have to tell him that I’m traveling to Australia to meet dad for two weeks so I’ll be free from him, I’ll tell him that I’ll be back on the day of the party and that I’ll attend the party, we’ll meet at the party where he’ll be getting the shock of his life” she said.

” Anyhow” Genova replied and she pulled him out of the room.

” Are you really sleeping here?” She asked.

“Should I take my leave?” He asked.

” No, I mean…stay please” she quickly replied and he got a pillow from her bed.

“I’ll sleep in the living room” he said.

“Why?, The bed is big enough for the two of us” she said.

” Kimberly will get weird ideas” he replied.

” But we slept together at the hospital and she didn’t mistake it” she replied.

” This is your room, and besides, you were sick back then but you’re fine now” he replied.

” No I’m not fine, you said it the other time that I’m slightly burning up” she replied.

He came closer and felt her temperature.

” It’s back to normal, so bye” he replied and made to go but she quickly went to the door.

She locked it and removed the key.

She hid it quickly.

“Let’s sleep” she said.

“Your room is too warm” he said.

” Then I’ll put on the air conditioner” she said, going to the switch but he pulled her back.

“You know you’re not tolerant to cold” he said.

“But you said this place is too warm” she said.

He smiled and pulled her to the bed.

He made her sit and she lay flat afterwards.

He lay beside her and hugged her body to himself.

“I get to feel your warmth again” she said.

“What do you like most about me?” he asked.

“Your warmness” she replied and he smiled.

” Then your handsomeness can come next” she said.

“Then?” He asked.

” Your voice” she replied.

” Then?” he asked.

“Your personality” she replied.

He pulled her more closer.

” What about me?, What do you like most about me?” She asked.

” Your backside” he replied naughtily and she looked at him.

He laughed loudly.

“Stop joking” she said.

“I won’t tell you, just like you delayed telling me your Korean name” he replied.

” Please…. please please Genny” she said.

“I’ll tell you later” he replied and she made to stand but he held her so tight.

“I’m suffocating” she said.

“Sorry” he whispered.

She coiled her arms around him too.

” Sing me a lullaby” she whispered.

” Ok boss” he said and she waited expectantly.

? I’ve been wandering for long.

? For love, for love

? Before I met you.

? You, my pink.

? The moment you told me your name.

? Accompanied with a symphony

? I realized my tiredness and ended the search .

? We’re meant to be

? Fill my arms at night, I’ll be your warmth

? Be the last person I see every night.

? Fill my dreams too, so sleep tight

? And be the first person I’ll see every morning.

? Be my night and day.

When he was done, she’s sleeping prettily already.

He adjusted her in his arms and his eyes suddenly caught her b**b.

A part of it is exposing.

He quickly pulled up her gown to cover it before brushing back her hair with his fingers.

“I love when you sleep in my arms” he whispered and kissed her hair before resting his head on the pillow too.

He slept off before he could realize.

Kimberly peeped in some minutes after that, thanks to the key that’s with her.

She came in and smiled when she saw the lovely scene.

“I’m happy” she said and covered them properly with the duvet before leaving the room.



“I hit the jackpot, I should be happy….pop some champagne yippee!!” Polly screamed.

She intended to do all these immediately she came back last night but she was so exhausted that she slept off immediately she came back so she decided to do it this morning.

She’s with a bottle or champagne, drinking directly from it.

“Pollyanna Kang….I’m in money!!!!!, Dollars!!, Freaking f*cking dollars!, Haters I sell ropes, I’m nice so I’ll give discount!, Come buy hundred meters and hang yourself please… should I change my name to Polly Dollars?, Haters should drown!!!!!” She screamed again, standing by Molly’s door.

Molly came out with a scowl.

“Why are you barking this early morning?” She said.

Polly peeped into Molly’s room, it’s still a mess as a result of what she did to it yesterday.

Molly actually slept in the living room.

Polly laughed derisively and Molly rolled eyes at her.

“The efforts of the devil will always be futile…. you’ll always fail Mollyanna, I’m a popular model already, do you know how many nominations I got before the dawn of this morning cos of my shoot with Quincy?, Over twenty nominations!, F*cking twenty!” Polly screamed and drank from the champagne again.

Molly folded her fist painfully.

“I’m sure I’ll get picked for all of it, my dollars is coming… Polly Dollars!, Molly go and die!!!” Polly laughed.

Molly Shut the door angrily and Polly laughed louder, walking down the stairs

Mr Kang came out of his study and Polly knowingly dropped the champagne bottle, it crashed on the floor.

“Devil that’s for you, sip sip!” She winked and started laughing again.

She went closer to Dan and got serious.

“I’m coming for you” she said and went upstairs.

Dan Kang sighed, thinking of how to handle her.


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