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“I’m…cold” Quincy managed to talk, tightening the hug.

Genova hasn’t felt this close to her before. Even as friends, not even a single hug has transpired.

The wetness of her clothes has affected his own too.

He slowly hugged her back and her body continued shaking vigorously.

Flu must have eaten deep into her.

“Quin” he called but she couldn’t answer.

“Quincy” he called again.

“Huh” she replied weakly.

“You should get changed, I bought you a gown” he said and slowly broke the hug.

Her face looks slightly pale.

Is she getting sick?

“Get changed first, if you keep wearing the wet clothes it’ll get worse” he said, handing the bag to her.

She took it with shaky hands and walked slowly into the bathroom.

He waited impatiently for her to come out.

Ten minutes later, she’s not out yet .

“Quincy!” He called, knocking the door.

No answer.

“Quincy!” He beckoned again but still same.

He got scared and opened the door quickly.

He rushed in and met her almost naked.

She has pulled off the wet gown already but the new one is still with her so she’s only in her panties and bra.

He covered his eyes with his palm immediately.

“You need to be quick please, it’ll keep getting worse if you just stand like that” he said.

” My hands are shaking badly, I don’t think I can wear it” she said shakily.

” What do we do” he replied.

“Help” she replied.

“What!, No I can’t” he replied.

“Do you want me to die?, We’re friends right?, Just come” she muttered and he slowly removed his palm from his eyes.

He opened his eyes and walked closer to her.

He tried not to look at her as he took the gown from her shaky hand.

He slowly started putting it on for her and it looks like her limb might fall off with the way she’s shaking.

He finally finished up and zipped up for her.

“My insides is freezing I think” she said weakly.

He bent in front of her immediately.

“Get on, I’ll give you a piggyback ride to the car” he said.

She was about to do that when she fell on him heavily, eventually landing on the ground.

Genova stood and held up her face, she’s unconscious already.

She’s burning up real bad!

“Quin!, Hey Quincy!, Stop this please…. Quincy!” He shouted, shaking her.

She remained unconscious.

He took off his jacket and covered her face with it, he used his mask and heaped her up in his arms.

He rushed out of the bathroom and left the room too after taking her bag

It’s still raining outside but saving her is the most important right now.

He rushed to his car and placed her in.

The driver looks shocked at her state too.

“Severance hospital, be fast” Genova said and the driver drove off.

Luckily it wasn’t very far from there.

She was taken into the ER immediately while he waited impatiently.

Her phone rang out in her bag and he quickly checked.

It’s Kimberly.

He picked immediately.

“Hey where are you?, you’re not tolerant to cold and you know it, are you ok?, Are you still with Genny?” She asked.

” We’re at severance hospital right now” Genova replied.

” Genny?, How?, Why?”

” She entered the rain and ended up passing out” he replied.

“And why would you let her enter the rain when she’s a great enemy of cold water” Kimberly said urgently.

” I know it’s all my fault, I’m sorry” he replied and Kimberly hung up.

” She’s not tolerant to it?” He said to himself.

An emergency team came rushing into the hallway that moment.

They’re busy trying to resuscitate the guy lying on the stretcher as the stretcher moved

Blood is covering the guy’s face.

Genova sighed, looking at his shoes.

He’s wearing same shoes as him and he’s not surprised.

It’s the shoes he used for their last concert and after the concert, the fake products took over the streets and surprisingly it sold well maybe because he wore the original first.

“I wish he’d be ok” Genova heaved and when the doctor came out of Quincy’s ward, he rushed to him.

“How’s she?” He asked quickly.

“She’ll be fine after she rests a bit, her bronchial tubes swelled up already, she’s not tolerant aren’t you aware?” The doctor asked.

” I’m just getting to know, but I’ll be cautious from now on” he replied and the doctor smiled.

” Is it what I’m thinking?” He asked.

“No doctor, she’s my close friend nothing more” Genova replied.

” But your eyes seems to want more than close friends” the doctor replied.

Genova smiled lightly.

Kimberly rushed in.

“Where’s she?” She asked immediately.

“Her manager?” The doctor asked.

“Yes I am, where’s Quincy?” She asked.

” This way” the doctor pointed and she rushed into the ward.

She breathed in relief when she saw she’s ok

“Will she wake anytime soon?” She asked.

“Of course, she’ll wake up soon” the doctor replied and Kimberly sighed.

” I was so scared, I thought it’ll be severe” she said.

“She’s fine be calm” doctor said and continued reassuring them before leaving.

Genova sat beside the bed and Kimberly faced him.

“Sorry for talking that way on phone, I was just scared” she said.

” I understand, anyone will react that way, and I never knew she’s not tolerant, I wasn’t with her when she entered the rain and ion even know why she did it yet” he replied.

” She has been reacting to cold water since she was young, and that’s why she needs to be guarded everywhere to make sure she avoids it, she passes out at the slightest contact with it, the only day she didn’t pass out after having contact with cold water was the day she got her last heartbreak, I still dunno why” Kimberly said sadly.

” Last?” Genova said curiously.

” I guess she hadn’t told you, she’s an ambassador of heartbreaks in Australia, she got heartbroken thrice this year already, that includes your brother’s deeds” Kimberly said.

” This is just April” he said shockingly.

“Are you shocked?, Last year she had five heartbreaks, She has never had a stable relationship since she grew up, she has always got broken to my annoyance, she falls easily and trusts easily, that’s what kept implicating her but there’s nothing to be done, she’s already like this, no going back” Kimberly said.

Genova looked at Quincy and looked back at Kimberly.

“You must be so close to her” he said.

“I was her babysitter since she lost her mum when she was three, I’ve been with the family since then and her dad is one of the nicest man I’ve ever seen, he loves her so much and pays me extra just to take care of her dearly like my own daughter, when she grew up and ventured into modelling, I ventured with her and received trainings just to be good enough as her manager, and it worked, she became the best in Australia and even when she came down here in Korea, she became one of the best” Kimberly said.

” So… She came in disguise as Riri to….

” To hunt for true love but Reece hurt her again, that’s why she’s so determined to hurt him thrice as much, and I’m glad it’s happening soon but…”

” What?” Genova asked.

” She seems to be getting attracted to you too” Kimberly said.

” Why?” Genova asked.

“I can just feel it, but you … Are you a jerk like your brother?” She asked.

“Me?” He asked.

” Forget it, you don’t expect a jerk to call himself a jerk” she replied and Genova smiled.

” Will you stay with her till daybreak? ” She asked.

” I wasn’t planning to leave her” he replied and Kimberly smiled.

” Then good luck, if you leave, your head will leave you” she said and left the ward.

Genova smiled widely and returned his gaze to Quincy.

He took her hand and caressed it gently.

“You’re strong, you went through a lot” he said, bringing her hand to his lips.

He kissed it and maybe that woke her up.

Her eyes opened and she smiled when she saw him.

“Genny” she called.

“You’re awake!” He said, standing to feel her temperature by touching her forehead.

It’s still slightly warm but better than before.

He started stroking her hair and she kept smiling.

“I knew I’d land here in the hospital” she said.

“Just be ok till daybreak” he said and she nodded.

” Kim didn’t call?” She asked.

” She did, she came but she left some minutes ago, telling me to stay with you” he replied.

” I’m sorry for troubling you, I was just so scared when you were taking too long and wouldn’t pick your calls, I had to go out in the rain and I saw an accident scene not far from the restaurant, the victim was wearing exactly your shoes, I almost fainted when I thought it was you, I was f*cking scared” she said.

” The victim was admitted in this same hospital, let’s hope he’ll be ok” Genova replied.

” Thanks for staying” she smiled.

” Stop thanking me” he replied.

” Touch my cheek with your palm” she said.

He slowly touched it and she held his palm to her cheek.

“You’re so warm” she said, looking into his eyes.

“Your eyes look warm too” she said.

He just stared speechlessly.

” I still feel slightly cold, will you share your warmth with me?” She asked.

” How?” He asked.

She shifted to the other side of the bed.

” Lay beside me” she said.

“This is a ward, not your house” he replied.

” But I’m cold” she pouted.

“Any doctor might enter anytime” he said.

“Then close the door” she replied.

He waited for some minutes, contemplating weather he should.

“Fast, I’m freezing” she said.

He walked to the door and shut it.

He locked it behind and came back.

He lay beside her and she immediately snaked her arms around him, hugging his body closer to hers.

she sniffed his scent and smiled.

“You smell warm too” she said.

“Is this what you wanted to do?” He asked and she nodded.

” I’m a man, aren’t you scared that I might get weird ideas?” He teased.

” Weird ideas like?” She asked, looking at his eyes.

“Forget it” he said and she snuggled closer.

“Don’t suffocate me” he said.

She wrapped her arms tighter around him.

” You’re warm everywhere, I want to sleep in your warmth like this” she said, closing her eyes.

She felt his arms around herself and smiled wider.

“Goodnight Chan Sun” she said.

“Nightie night …

” Eunji ” she said.

” Your Korean name?” He asked.

” Yeah, it’s Eunji” she replied.

“It’s pretty” he said.

She looked up at him and they smiled at other.

“Sleep” he said and she returned her face to his chest.

He started stroking her hair again till she fell asleep in his arms.

He covered them well afterwards.

“I’ll mend your broken heart…. Eunji” he said and kissed her hair.



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