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Quincy started tiptoeing back downstairs, making much efforts so her heels won’t make noise.

She took the fifth step and someone hugged her from behind.

Judging by his scent, it’s Reece.

“Where were you?, I’ve been searching” he said, resting his chin on her shoulder.

” I was looking for the restroom, I must have missed my way” she replied, inhaling slowly.

He turned her to himself and held her face.

“I love you” he said.

Genova came out of his room that moment and stopped, looking at them.

“Same here” she replied and Reece kissed her nose tip before facing Genova.

“Bro meet my girlfriend, you know her name so no need of saying it” he said.

” Who’s she?” Genova said.

” You don’t know Quincy Norbert?, The popular model?” Reece said surprisingly.

” Do I have to know her?” Genova replied and went back into his room.

” Don’t mind him, he has always been like that” Reece said and Quincy nodded as he pulled her downstairs.

Genova got to his room and got the multicoloured headphones, he put it on and connected his phone, listening to music.

He had barely done that for a minute when he removed it.

“He kissed her nose tip?, Looks ridiculously stupid” he said to himself and got down from the bed.

He left the room and went downstairs, meeting Quincy at the dinning room already, eating with Reece and Hanna.

He sat in the living room quietly

“Why is your brother not joining us?” Quincy asked.

” He won’t join us even if you invite him” Hanna replied.

“His name is Genny right?” She asked.

” Yeah” Reece replied

” Hey Genny” she called and Genova looked that way.

She smiled secretly at him and he blinked.

“Join us please” she said and he hesitated before walking there

He sat across her and a maid served him, he started eating slowly.

“Is he mute?’ Quincy asked knowingly and Genova looked at her.

” He doesn’t like talking too much” Reece replied beside her.

” What do you want me to say?” Genova said.

“Oh, so you do talk, i love your voice” Quincy said and Reece choked on the water he’s drinking.

“How could you say that to another guy” he said.

“He’s not another guy, he’s your twin brother, I’m just complementing him, that doesn’t mean I don’t love yours” Quincy replied.

” Don’t mind Reece, he loves being possessive” Hanna said.

Genova felt something on his leg under the table.

He shifted back on his chair and peeked down.

It’s Quincy’s shoe on his leg, she’s obviously doing that knowingly.

He looked at her and she smiled naughtily.

He tried not to laugh before continuing his meal .

She continued touching his leg with her shoes and they both kept exchanging secret glances.

“So, are you both planning to get married before you leave college or after college?” Hanna asked and Genny stopped eating.

He took the cup of water and started drinking slowly.

” Anytime he wants is fine, I seriously can’t wait to carry his baby” Quincy replied and he choked.

He quickly stood and ran upstairs.

” What’s up with him?” Quincy said.

“I wouldn’t know” Reece replied.

” He’ll be fine” Hanna said and Quincy’s phone buzzed.

She checked and it turned out to be a message from Kimberly.


She looked up from her phone and his eyes met Reece’s.

“You leaving already?” He asked.

“I think so, I’m sorry” she replied.

“It’s ok” he smiled.

“When will you be coming again?” Hanna asked.

” I can’t say but soon” she replied and stood.

Reece stood too and she hugged Hanna before going out with Reece.

They got to her car and she faced him.

He pulled her to himself by the waist and she gasped shockingly.

She wasn’t expecting that.

Genova stood by his window, still laughing about what Quincy said earlier

“Why can’t she just go into acting, she can’t wait to carry his baby?, That sounds like a line from a melodrama” he laughed and remembered how she kept touching his leg with her shoes.

He smiled and drew the curtain away from his window.

He stared down and his eyes widened when he saw Quincy and Reece downstairs beside her car.

Reece is holding her waist, he’s leaning in.

“For a kiss?, And why is that fool not getting away from him” he muttered and looked around the room.

He went to the shoe rack, he picked a sneaker and went back to the window.

He didn’t wait a sec before throwing it down.

It hit Reece’s head directly and he quickly let go of Quincy.

“Better” he said and closed his window.

“Are you ok?” Quincy quickly asked as Reece kept rubbing his head.

” How did that get here?” He said, looking at the sneaker.

“I have no idea, I need to go now it’s getting late” she replied and got in the car before he could talk.

Reece took the sneaker and went in.

“Who could have thrown that” Kimberly said as she drove.

” I seriously dunno” Quincy replied

” And you, were you planning to let him kiss you?” Kimberly asked.

“I was actually planning to wait till his lips will be just in front of mine, then I’ll cover his lips with my palm and tell him it’s getting late, get in my car and leave” she replied and Kimberly laughed.

” But it seems he’s really in love with you” Kimberly said.

“I know, but I don’t care what happens, I’m ending this soon anyways, I want to see him cry soon” Quincy replied, her mind shifting to Genova.

She became very worried , how he ran upstairs after choking seems bothersome.

She dialled his number and he picked almost immediately.

“Hey are you ok?” She asked.


“You choked the other time” she replied.

“I’m fine, I laughed, that’s why I choked, you should become an actress” he replied and Quincy laughed.

“Are you hanging out tommorow?” She asked.

” No, I plan to spend it all at home, I’m writing the lyrics of our collaboration with TXT” he replied.

” Did you guys meet with the band already?” She asked.

“No, but it’ll be something related to fun and merry , I’m writing lines like that, we’ll be meeting on Tuesday” he replied.

” Ok, it was nice at your place but your room is so cold I must say” she said.

” I love it that way” he replied.

” Cocky dummy” she said.

” Pretty fool” he replied and she chuckled.

“I didn’t even get the chance to look around your room, I only saw the dressing table with a lot of headphones, you love headphones a lot” she replied.

” Since I was young” he replied.

” Your whole room smells like lavender chamomile, likewise you” she said.

” Ion use perfume” he replied.

“Then what’s that sweet smell?” She asked.

“It’s lotion” he replied

” Oh I get it, I use….

“Victoria’s secret” he interrupted.

“How did you know?” She asked.

” I have a nose and it perceives well, I could just tell” he replied she smiled.

“I’ll see you in school on Monday” she said.

” Sure” he replied.

” Bye” she said.

“Same…here” he replied and hung up.

She looked at the screen and sighed.

“Are you sad that he hung up already?” Kimberly asked.

“Somehow” Quincy replied and Kimberly smiled.

Reece barged Into Genny’s room immediately he hung up, looking at him angrily.

“What’s this?” He asked, holding up the sneaker.

“That’s mine, it must have mistakenly fallen from me, thanks for bringing it back” he replied and went to him.

He took it from him and put it back on the rack.

“This mistake mustn’t repeat itself again” Reece said.

” Yes sure” Genova replied.

“And why were you rude to my girlfriend?” Reece asked.

“How is saying the truth equivalent to rudeness?, I just said my mind, and don’t tell me you were expecting me to bow down to her cos she’s your girlfriend….not like she’s yours anyways” Genova replied.

” What!”

” I finished writing the lyrics, meet me at the practice room by 7, loverboy” Genny winked and left the room

” That bastard” Reece muttered.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.