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“The pink concept is next” Kimberly said after series of shoots.

” Wait, how many do we have left?” She asked.

“Just two” Kimberly replied as she entered the changing room with her.

Bae is already waiting.

“Linabae!” Quincy gushed.

She had to pretend to be surprised.

They hugged tightly and Bae pecked her

“Your job is to make me miss you these days right?, I’m sure by tommorow you’ll travel to Serengeti” Bae said and Quincy laughed.

” Serengeti?, How funny” Quincy laughed.

“What were you expecting me to say?, You’re always traveling around the world, you only come to Korea for shoots” she replied.

“Blame dad for giving me so much work” Quincy replied and Bae hugged her again.

” You smell like her” she said, breaking the hug.

“Like who?”

“A girl in my department, Riri .. Rihanna Norbert, she even bears same nickname as you, she has same type of necklace, the one we bought together at Lotte” Bae said.

” That’s new” Quincy said.

” I know right?, You both have weird similarities” Bae said .

” It happens anyways, I still have two concept left to shoot, I’ll get dressed” she replied.

” I have three photoshoots next week, I’m shooting one with Craig I really can’t wait” Bae said as the makeup artist retouched Quincy’s makeup.

“Really?, You and this Craig… he’s handsome though so ion blame you, he’s cool too” Quincy replied.

” I know right?” Bae smiled.

The remaining two concepts were shot within an hour and some minutes, Quincy dressed up and left the changing room with Kim and Bae.

“Miss Quincy!” Polly’s voice made her look back.

Polly is smiling at her, standing still on her spot.

“Hey” Quincy said.

“You’ve always been my role model and I’d really love to do a photoshoot with you someday, I want to be popular and classy like you” she said.

” Personality matters when it comes to how you’ll turn out in the future, learn how to treat people well and you’ll be good” Quincy said cursorily and left.

” Ion understand what she just said…not even a word” Polly said confusedly to herself.


Quincy got home and met Reece waiting in front of her house already.

“Sweetheart” she smiled, walking fast to him.

“I missed you, I thought of coming just to catch a glimpse of you” he said, engulfing her in his arms, hugging her tightly.

“I missed you more” she said, breaking the hug.

He tried kissing her on the lips but she quickly turned away and his lips landed on her cheek.

“How was your lectures?” She asked.

“It all went well but I couldn’t concentrate, you were on my mind throughout” he replied and she hung her arms on his neck.

“I should be” she said and he kissed her nose tip.

“I love you so much Quincy, we only just started but it feels like I’ve known you for ages” he said.

” Me too, is this what they call destiny?” She smiled, tracing his brows with her thumbs.

” Maybe” he chuckled and kissed her chin.

Kimberly went in and laughed so much. “I need to advise Quincy to go into acting, she’ll hit the jackpot” she laughed again.

” When are you gonna come visit my house?, Mum wants to see you again” Reece said.

Quincy let him go .

” Very soon, I still have one more appointment so I have to go get ready for it” she said.

” When will you be done?” He asked, taking her hands to kiss.

” I should be done by 9, don’t worry I’ll be the one to call you” she smiled.

” I’ll be waiting” he said and they hugged again.

He left afterwards and Quincy started laughing.

“I should start bragging about my acting skills, I’m cooler than Lee Ji Eun, better than Jun Ji Hyun or is it Seo Yea Ji?” She chuckled as she walked in.



Quincy came late so everyone is already present when she got there

They’re already sitting round the table, having fun.

Bae and Izzy waved at her.

“Come here!’ Izzy said and she went to sit beside them

Reece is not present, Genny and Craig too.

Her eyes widened when she remembered she promised to text Genny.

She quickly texted Genova, telling him she’s at the bar already.

“Why did Mr Harvard apologize to you?” Trinidad asked.

“Ion know too” Quincy replied.

“Weird” Trinidad said.

Polly is sitting beside her, drinking slowly.

Molly is just beside Bae.

“Who has the most interesting highschool life here?” Izzy asked.

” Those who attended Maybelline highschool should be on that table” Molly said.

” There’s an highschool for Maybelline?” Quincy asked.

” Of course, can’t believe you aren’t aware” Bae replied.

“SUGAR BOYS, Polly, Molly, Red and I, we attended the highschool with a lot of our school mates, Maybelline high was cool but the bullying over there is senior class” Bae further said.

” Then Jung Heejin’s case, the one who almost committed suicide cos of Reece” Molly said.

” Suicide?” Quincy asked.

“Yes, he disgraced her publicly cos she confessed to him” Bae said.

” Hey guys!” Craig came in with Genny and Quincy smiled shortly.

“Genny!” Polly smiled, shifting for him.

He ignored her and went to the empty seat beside Quincy, he sat there.

Polly drank angrily.

“You called me late” he said.

“Be thankful that I called you at least…dummy” she replied.

Craig sat beside Polly and Molly stood.

” Why don’t we make this more lively?” She said.

” Meaning?” Izzy asked.

” Let’s take turns to ask questions from each other and if you can’t answer, you receive a flick on the forehead” Molly replied and sat.

” Then I’ll go first, and my question is for you Molly” Polly said.

“Ok” Molly replied.

” Why did you give up the throne for the current devil?, You’re the rightful owner of that throne” Polly asked.

” What’s she talking about” Bae muttered.

” Ion understand you” Molly said.

“The question is irrelevant, next question” Izzy said.

” Genny when was your first kiss?” Molly asked.

” I’ve never kissed a girl” he replied simply.

Molly smiled and Polly smirked at her.

“Virgin lips” Craig whispered.

“Buzz off” Genova said.

“Izzy have you ever kissed?” Polly asked.

Izzy took a while before answering.

“Yes” she replied.

“Who was it?, Ok to be fair, don’t say his full name, his name starts with what?” Trinidad asked.

” C ” Izzy replied.

Craig swallowed nothing.

Molly gasped.

“There’s only one person who has that initial here” she said.

” Craig?, Unbelievable” Polly smirked.

” Is it really Craig?” Trinidad asked and Bae held her cup more tightly.

” He was drunk though” Izzy replied and drank.

Craig buried his face in the table.

” How cute!” Quincy smiled.

Bae stood immediately.

“Where are you going?” Quincy asked.

“Home, I’m not feeling too well” she replied and rushed out.

” I think I know what just happened” Trinidad said.

” Next question” Molly said.

” Trinidad what are you keeping from me?” Polly asked and Trinidad froze.

” Absolutely nothing” she said awkwardly.

“The awkwardness in your voice only shows that you’re really keeping something, you know I always have means, I’ll find out soon, whatever it is” Polly said seriously.

” I’m not keeping… anything” Trinidad replied.

“Polly when was your first kiss?” A guy asked.

“Two days ago, Red kissed me in the restroom… forcefully though” she replied flatly without blinking.

” She’s always plain” Izzy smiled.

“Riri have you ever had s*x?” Molly asked and everyone went silent immediately.

Quincy dropped her cup of soju and gulped down nothing.

She looked at the anxious eyes of everyone and shifted uncomfortably.

“Yes” she said and Molly gasped.

“Really?, With who?, Or are they many?” Polly asked.

“You don’t have to know” Quincy replied.

” Oh what?, Are you afraid to say how much they are? Meaning they must be so many” Polly laughed.

” Stop Polly” Izzy said.

” What?, Tell her to say how many are they” Polly said.

Molly smiled secretly.

” Don’t try to pry” Izzy said.

“Maybe she was once a prostitute” Polly said .

” Stop it!’ Genova yelled at her and Polly shrunk.

Quincy stood and rushed out of the place.

Truthfully, all her ex boyfriends had s*x with her.

Is it her fault that everytime she thinks she has found Mr Right, she always gets jilted.

She kept running far from the bar till an hand grabbed her.

She looked back to see Genova.

Her red eyes almost scared him.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you to come” he said and she took her hand angrily from him.

“Of course you should be sorry, I never wanted to come if not for your headphones” she said and took the headphone out.

Kimberly managed to get it earlier.

She threw it at him and he caught it.

“I’m sorry, I never knew this was gonna happen, I just wanted to…

“I don’t want to listen!, Now everyone of them will start seeing me as a whore” she said hurtfully.

He tried to hold her but she shifted back.

” Quincy I’m sorry… Please just…

” I told you to stop talking!” She yelled and a car stopped beside her.

Kimberly winded down and she made to enter but Genova held her.

She looked back and before he knew it, she slapped him.

He let her go and the headphone fell from him.

She got in the car and Kimberly drove off.



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