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” Ion think there’s a multicolored headphone in any store here, I’ve contacted everyone I know, they all have plain colours, it’s difficult to find multicolored” Kimberly said, dropping her phone after making another call.

Quincy paced round her room, dipping her fingers into her hair from time to time.

She kept that up before facing Kimberly.

“Kim you know how important it is, I told you Genny found out and if I want him to keep shut, I have to buy that for him, continue making calls, you must find it before tomorrow morning” Quincy said.

” I understand, but please you need to sit and get dressed right now, your date with Reece yunno, he’ll soon be here and you need to look hot” Kimberly replied.

Quincy wanted to talk again but Kimberly made her sit and started brushing her hair.

“I promise to get the headphones before you arrive from the date” she said.

” You better get it” Quincy pouted childishly and Kimberly smiled, thrilled with her cuteness.

“I wish your mum is still alive to witness the young lady her daughter is growing into” Kimberly said.

” I wish too, I miss mum so much” Quincy said sadly.

“Don’t get sad, I’m sure she’s happy and watching you over there” Kimberly said, looking up.

” During the break, I’ll go to Australia to visit her grave again, you’ll go with me right?” Quincy said.

” Of course, you know i love you very much” Kimberly replied and Quincy stood to give her a tight hug

” Thanks for being a manager like a mother, what would I have done without you Kim, thanks for always staying, thanks for not getting tired of me” she said.

Kimberly smiled and stroked her hair.

“I’m happy to stay by you too, you’re like a little sis to me and that’s why I’ll never leave you” she said

” I love you Kim” she said.

” Sounds like a cheesy line from a movie” Kimberly said and Quincy laughed.

” Come on” she said.

“You know I love you too Quincy” she said and broke the hug.

” You need to look more s*xy, what are you wearing” she said.

“The white backless gown” Quincy winked.

” Almost all your gowns are backless” Kimberly said.

” Cos I love them that way, I get to show off my fresh spotless back and at the same time, it makes my figure come out well, the white one is backless and short at the same time, I’ll go with that” she replied and Kimberly got it.


Reece rang the doorbell and it was Kimberly who opened up.

“She’ll be done In a minute, you can come in” she said and he did.

He waited in the living room and Kimberly went upstairs.

Two minutes later, Quincy came downstairs, looking more stunning.

It’s not surprising that she gets more and more s*xy everyday.

He smiled and felt more important, this beauty with curves in front of him is actually his girlfriend now.

He gave her a warm hug when she got to him

“I love your gown” he said.

She turned around and he lost his breath that moment.

” I love it more” he said and she chuckled.

He badly wants to grab her waist and hold her to himself then kiss her right now but he doesn’t want to be too forward.

“Ladies first” he said and she led the way out, walking seductively and driving him nuts by moving her ass dangerously.

Reece had to try his best to look away so he won’t lose his mind and grab it senselessly.

She’s beautiful and rich, classy and full of vibes.

He fell harder that instant and is determined to make her stay forever with him.

*I won’t lose her* he thought and moved closer to her.

He held her hand and interlocked it with his own.

She looked at him with a wide smile and he pecked her.

“I love you” he whispered

“I love you” she replied slowly.



Quincy hoped she won’t bump into Genova on her way to class so she covered her face with a book

Kimberly couldn’t get the multicoloured headphones and she has no idea of how to tell him.

She got to class and met Mr Jin in class already.

“You’re late, I thought you’re punctual, we’re twenty minutes into the class already” he said, looking at her.

” I’m sorry” she whispered.

” See me in my office when you’re done with the first two classes” he said

” Yes…sir” she replied and walked to sit between her friends.

Throughout the class, she felt like Mr Jin is staring at her, though no one else noticed but she did.

Genova noticed too and decided that maybe it’s hightime he teaches him something unforgettable.

The class ended and Mr Bong’s class came up after that, then they had an hour break before the next class.

“We’re all meeting at the bar by 7 later today, a private bar, are you coming?” Bae asked Quincy.

” Private bar?, To do what?” She asked.

“What else?, To have fun, everyone is coming, we reserved a large space for all the students, King’s Bar” Bae winked.

” Are you coming?” Quincy asked Izzy.

” Yeah, so far you’re a student of BA, you’re welcomed” Izzy replied.

” Then I might come too, I’m not sure yet” she replied and left the class.

She came across Reece who seems to be happy, obviously because he got a new girlfriend.

“How long is your foolishness gonna play you” she sighed and smiled.

She suddenly got a text on her phone and quickly checked, it’s from Genny.


“Gosh!, Ion have it yet!” She said, thinking of what to text back.

She composed herself as if he’s in front of him.

*Handsome Genny, I’m sorry I couldn’t get it yesterday, I’ll get it today* she clicked send and Genny giggled when he saw it.

*Handsome Genny?, You said my smile looks stupid yesterday* he texted.

*I’m sorry I take it back, you have the most handsome smile I’ve ever seen, please bear with me ok?, I’ll get it for you at all costs* she texted back before making her way to Mr Jin’s office.

She went in after knocking and he stood immediately.

“Here I am sir” she said.

“Why were you late to class?” He asked.

” I woke up late” she replied sincerely.

He took two strides to her and held her shoulders.

“Are you slacking off?, are you laxing?” He said, staring at her.

” No” she replied.

He stared down at her chest and she pushed him away.

“What are you doing?” She said, stepping back.

” Haven’t you ever thought of being on my bed?, All girls in the department want me, you don’t feel same?” He said, hanging a perverted smile on his face.

“Ion know what you’re talking about” she said and left the office quickly.

Mr Jin smiled mischievously.

“She’ll come back begging” he said to himself.

He turned back and made to sit but Genova came out from under his table.

“What are you doing here?” Mr Jin asked shockingly.

Genova saved the video he made on his phone and faced him.

“You just tried harassing a girl” he said.

“Get out of my office!” He yelled.

“Oh, do you really want me to do that?” Genova replied, showing him the video of what he did to Quincy some minutes ago on his phone.

“What!” Mr Jin said shockingly.

“I’ll get out just the way you want” he said.

“You’re just a student!, What right do you have to enter my office and make videos!” Mr Jin replied.

Genova rushed to him immediately and gave him a punch on the face, it sent him flying to his table.

He crashed on the table and Genova went to him again.

Not minding his bleeding nose and mouth, he gave him more punches on the face angrily.

“Animals like you deserve to be in the forest, snake!” He yelled and hit his face again.

” I’ll have to post this video on the school website, then you’ll lose your job and reputation, your Harvard qualifications will be a waste too, jerk! ” Genova shot and started leaving but Mr Jin scrambled up to his feet and rushed to him.

He knelt in front of him.

“Please don’t, what should I do?” He pleaded.

“Plead to her publicly and promise me right now that it won’t happen again” Genova replied.

” Huh?”


Quincy inhaled harder on her way to the cafeteria with her friends.

“Hey have you decided yet?, You’re coming to the bar right?” Bae asked.

” I’m not thinking about that” Quincy replied.

” Then what?” Izzy asked.

Quincy was about to reply when a familiar voice called her name.

The three of them looked back to see Mr Jin with a bruised face behind them.

They all gasped and the students around couldn’t hide their shock too.

“Mr Jin” Quincy said.

He looked up and saw Genova by the stairs.

Genova glared at him meanly and he went on his knees in front of Quincy.

“Mr Jin!” Quincy gasped.

“Forgive my mistakes” he pleaded.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.