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He walked to the dinning and sat quietly.

“Oh Genova, how was your night?” Hanna asked, still stroking Reece’s hair.

He looked at her fingers in Reece’s hair before answering.

“Fine” he said dryly.

The maids came to serve his food and he ate slowly.

Reece looked at him and smiled annoyingly.

“Practice room after your meal” Genova said, standing after eating few spoons.

“We practiced throughout yesterday dude, stop bossing around” Reece said.

” The concert is next week, though it’s already an album but not even a single mistake must be made, it’s our tenth concert since we debuted last year…get it straight and come over” Genova replied.

” But you should eat more, you’ve barely touched your food” Hanna said.

“I’m full” he replied and left.


Polly came out of her room, all dressed for school, her expensive bag in hand, her arrogant looking heels tapping the ground proudly, her face dolled up as usual.. she’s beautiful.

She has her face on her phone screen, staring at Quincy Norbert’s picture.

“So she’s finally in Korea, I can’t believe it… whatever it takes I must meet her, I must have even if it’s one photoshoot with her” she said dreamily and continued scrolling on her pictures till she bumped into Molly who’s also just coming out of her room.

“Hey, look up while walking” Molly said.

Without answering, Polly walked away

” Wait for me!” Molly said, rushing after her.

No single difference, they’re f*cking identical…the only slight difference is Molly’s friendly calm look and Polly’s mean wicked look.

They met chairman Kang in the living room and Polly rolled eyes.

“It’s another new week, the scholarship students and the new enrolled ones will be present….you know why I’m saying this… Polly” he said.

Polly flaunted her hair and walked out.

” See you dad!” Molly waved and followed her out.

“Let’s drive to school together” she said

“Since when did we start doing that?” Polly replied icily and got in her black car, she drove out of the garage and Molly sighed.

“Ion like how she treats me” she stumped her foot before getting in her car too.


Quincy came down from the cab in her new appearance, her big skirt got blown by the air and she adjusted her backpack then her glasses.

She looked at the college and smiled… it’s big and just too magnificent.

She wasn’t expecting less anyways.

She made her way into the school, looking at the map she got on Saturday.

The introductory class is 9 and it’s some minutes to 9 already.

Changing to Rihanna took a lot of time, boarding a cab is the craziest thing she has ever done but weirdly it felt comfortable.

Students started staring at her, some giggled and they started commenting.

Is she going to church or what?

What’s with the legendary long skirt?

Hanbok will be better

She looks like an old frump

Oh my she’s ugly

First time I’m seeing an ugly girl in Maybelline

Her glasses and hair… how funny

Her blush, it looks like a bowl of eaten kimchi

Quincy smiled as she made her way into the school, she was expecting those comments anyways, she took extra effort in making herself look so ugly.

She looked at the map again.

“Class 250… BA” she said and started rushing but bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry….I was rushing” she quickly said, adjusting her glasses.

” It’s ok, I was rushing too” the sweet voice said and she looked at her.

It’s a pretty girl with a big smile on her lips, she’s cute!

“You’re pretty” Quincy said.

“You too” the girl replied and Quincy giggled.

” Hey don’t lie to my face, I know I’m the ugliest here” she said and the girl only smiled.

” Izzy Roberts” the girl said.

“Rihanna Norbert” Quincy replied.

“Business administration, freshman” Izzy said.

” Same here” Quincy smiled.

” Then we’re good to go…heard we have the introductory class before the orientation, we still have eight minutes left before the class let’s go” Izzy said and led the way while Quincy followed behind.

They got to class 250 within two minutes and both entered at a time.

The class was noisy before but immediately they entered, everyone went silent and stared at them.

They both stood glued on their spots and a student suddenly stood.

“Guys she’s the ugly frump” he said and everyone started checking the departmental group.

Seems her picture was snapped earlier and some posted it on the group.

How can someone be so utterly ugly

Eew!, I wanna puke…. Gross!

Everything about her is funny


What’s an ugly girl doing in Maybelline.

A girl suddenly stood and everyone went quiet.

“Polly will make her more ugly by the time she finishes work on her face” a student whispered.

Oh, she’s Polly Quincy thought while Izzy moved uncomfortably.

Polly walked to them and smirked.

“Izzy Roberts, welcome to Maybelline” she said and Izzy avoided her eyes.

Polly faced Quincy and frowned.

“A smelly commoner is not enough, and now an ugly duckling?, I can’t believe this” she said.

” You mean ugly people don’t deserve to live fine too?” Quincy asked and Polly gasped.

” Oh she’s bold, she’s talking back at me… how cute” she laughed and came closer.

” You’re not fit to be here, you and her” she said, facing Izzy.

” Dad slapped me cos of you, I’ll make sure you cry a lot here” she said and faces Quincy.

” You too, seeing your ugly face makes me wanna vomit my guts out, you’ll wanna leave this school by the time I’m done with you” Polly smirked.

Linabae entered the class and stared at the scene for a while before walking to a chair where she took her seat.

“Welcome to hell you both” Polly said and left for her seat.

Izzy quickly sat on an empty seat in the front while Quincy kept standing.

“Rihanna” Izzy whispered but she’s just lost in thoughts, she kept standing till a loud uproar from the hallway woke her up

She looked at the door and swallowed hard as Genova came in with Reece.

While Genova kept a straight handsome face, Reece kept winking and smiling at the girls, giving inaudible comments.

He’s really a big flirt and girls won’t stop winking back at him, wanting his attention.

Genova has no time for girls, he has his headphones on.

The girls in class started murmuring among themselves, pointing out their crush among the two hotties who just came in.

Though Quincy has never seen them in person, she has only watched their videos and listened to their songs and from there, she concluded that Reece is the coolest even till right now.

“Reece is handsome” she thought senselessly.

They took their seats and Polly kept adjusting herself, wishing Genova will notice her.

Craig came in last and Linabae smiled, shifting to leave out space.

Girls won’t stop running their mouths about his cuteness too.

He walked past Bae and sat at the back instead.

Linabae sighed in disappointment.

Quincy quickly sat beside Izzy and the first lecturer for the introductory class entered.

They went quiet and he started the class, specifying on the new students.

“A total of eight lecturers will be taking you guys this semester and…

Quincy kept looking back at Reece, peeking at him almost every time, unable to concentrate

Reece’s eyes met with hers and he winked….she quickly looked away as her heart melted.

“Did he just wink at me?” She thought, smiling secretly.

“Rihanna Norbert” the lecturer suddenly called but she was too lost in thoughts, fantasizing about the wink.

“Rihanna Norbert” the lecturer called again and Izzy tapped her, she spranged up.

“Your mind is not here, what was I talking about?” He asked.

” Reece is handsome” she blurted before realizing.

“When did I say that?” The lecturer asked and everyone laughed out loud.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.