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She touched her glasses and bowed again, without saying a thing, she left.

She got to the front of the office and inhaled. “What do I do?, Tommorow?” She thought.

She walked out of the block and immediately she entered theirs, she came across Reece who looks disturbed.

Since Quincy’s actions yesterday, he hasn’t been able to think straight, she won’t pick his calls either.

His night was filled with dreams of her, he won’t stop seeing her face in his dreams.

*Falling in love for the first time can be so much work*

Quincy walked past him and smiled knowingly.

He left without even sparing her a glance.

She decided to play with him a little bit.

She went to the rooftop and brought out her second phone, her phone as Quincy.

She dialled his line and he picked immediately.

“Hey handsome!” She smiled.

“Quincy what did I do?, You left without saying anything I could hope on, are you really mad at me?” He asked.

” No, why would I be?” She replied.

” Then why?”

” I just felt like leaving but don’t worry, why don’t we meet again tonight?” She asked.

” Really?, Where?”

” The skating rink in Sinsa-dong, 7pm” she replied.

“Sure, I’ll wait right there” he said .

” See ya!” She smiled and hung up.

She kept the phone and grinned.

“Reece, I’m dangerous than you think” she thought and got a call from Izzy.

” Hey babe!” She smiled.

“Come fast, we have just ten minutes to eat before the next class, we’re waiting at the cafeteria” she said.

” Ten minutes?” She replied and hung up before rushing down the rooftop.

She got to the cafeteria and settled down with Bae and Izzy.

She started eating fast and they made fun of her till she drank water again breathed hard.

“I’m taking you guys through a ten minutes class tommorow” she said and Izzy choked.

” Really?”

” Yeah, Mr Jin made it compulsory and…. Ion think I like him, he looks somehow” she said.

” Hi girls!” Molly said, sitting on the remaining chair on their table.

“Hey Molly” Bae said.

“Thought we’re enemies, after what you did to us at the cafeteria the other day” Izzy said.

” I actually came to apologise, I’m sorry I did that, I really didn’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry” she said.

” Really?” Quincy said.

” I swear it, I’m sorry” Molly replied.

” Ok” Quincy heaved.

” Come on Riri don’t be like this, let’s go back to being friends” Molly said.

” We were never friends” Quincy replied.

Molly went on her knees.

” I’m sorry I know I hurt you” she said.

“What are you doing” Riri said

Molly faced Izzy.

“I’m so sorry huh?” She said guiltily.

“Riri just got switched to your position as the class rep, shouldn’t you be sad?” Bae said.

” I’ve actually wanted to always switch, it’s so much work” Molly said.

“Stand, don’t make us look bad” Izzy said and Molly sat up.

” Thanks guys” she smiled.

They ate together and went back to the last class together, making Genova wonder what she’s up to.

“Nothing can be more dangerous than a green snake under a green grass, you won’t know what’s in stock for you till you get bitten so hard, she’s using the green logic” Polly smiled.

The last class came to an end and Quincy stopped the girls to address them.

“What the hell do you want to talk about?” Polly glared.

” You said you wanted to dance, you should learn patience” Quincy replied.

” Whatever” Polly replied.

” Practice starts tommorow, I wanted to say that, I mean our dance practice for the party” she said.

” Ok” Polly said and left the class first.

Trinidad followed her but she suddenly faced her.

“Don’t follow me, I want to walk to the park alone” she said and Trinidad stopped.

” Why?”

” I’m annoyed” she replied and continued walking away.

She felt the need to ease herself so she slipped into the nearest restroom and did her business.

She washed her hand before coming out only to meet Red in front of it.

“Hey Red devil” she waved but he took the hand she waved and pulled her to himself with it before taking possession of her lips.

He kissed her deeply and her eyes came wide.

She pushed him away Immediately and her hand found it’s way to his face, slapping him hard right there.

“I hate you” she said and stormed out of the place furiously.

Red wiped his lips with his thumb and went after her.

“Polly I’m sorry…”


Genova got to the park with Craig and Craig hugged him.

“Hey get off me” he said.

“I adore you a lot Genny, don’t cheat on me ok?” He said and Genova pushed him away.

” Go home and eat something” he said.

” Hey Craig!” Bae’s voice made him look back but immediately he saw Izzy with her, he entered his car and told his driver to drive away fast.

“What?, Why is he running away from me” Bae wondered loudly.

” He was actually running away from Izzy” Genova smiled.

“Why?” Izzy replied.

” Nevermind” he replied and faced Quincy.

“Hey Riri” he smiled.

“Hey” she replied casually.

” My driver is here, Izzy let’s go” Bae said.

“My guardian will come late, go on guys I’ll see you both tomorrow” Quincy waved as they left.

” Should we wait for your guardian together?’ Genova asked.

” I never asked that” she replied.

“I know” he said.

“Then don’t, you should leave” she replied curtly.

He came closer and leaned in, she bent backwards.

” What?” She asked.

He touched her hair and removed a red wool.

“This was in your hair” he said.

“I never said you could touch my hair, nosy guy” she scowled and left him.

He smiled and got in his car, he brought out the juice again and smiled at it.

It’s not surprising again that he smiles anytime he sees it.

Only God knows when he’ll drink it up, he has never opened it.

To him, it’s precious as the first thing he received from her.

He got a call from one of their managers and picked.

“Manager Do… What’s up?”



Quincy finished dancing to LALISA and Kimberly clapped.

“You can still dance so well, how I wish you won’t wear big clothes to the party, it’d have showed the beauty of the dance, your curves you know” Kimberly winked.

” I might have been found out as Quincy before then, who knows” she replied and played MARIA too.

She finished dancing to that after some minutes and stood, breathing heavily.

“Which is better?, Which one should I teach them for the party?” She asked.

” You guys can dance both, ion know which to choose” Kimberly replied.

” Stop kidding and choose one already” Quincy replied, grabbing a face towel.

It started raining immediately and she smiled.

“Even better” she said

“MARIA is better” Kimberly said.

“Ding!” Quincy replied.

“Maria Maria, neol wihan mariya…” Kimberly sang.

“Binnaneun bamiya, neol gwerobhijima…” Quincy further sang and chuckled.

” Will he be waiting already?” Kimberly asked.

“Of course, lover boy will be waiting in the rain, my phone is off so he’ll wait till he faints” Quincy replied and twerked for a minute.

“Is it shaking well?” She asked.

“Your ass?, It always is” Kimberly giggled.

” Oh Quincy I love me!, I need a warm cup of coffee…. bring it to my room Kim…gosh!, It’s so cold I need something thick to put on” Quincy smiled as she went upstairs.

She entered her room and her eyes met her wig.

She remembered when Genny removed the wool earlier and grimaced.

“Nosy boy” she said, going to her closet to find an hood.


Sinsa-dong skating rink**

Everyone ran to hide from the rain already but not Reece.

He stayed in the rain throughout and kept trying Quincy’s line but it’s off.

He’s shaking from cold already.

Flu penetrated deep into his system and his teeth kept clattering on each other.

“Quincy….are you not coming again?” He wondered.

The rain kept drenching and dampening him but still, he stayed in the rink.

He made to try her line again but his waterproof phone fell cos of his shaky hands.

He bent to pick it up but fell with the phone.

“Quincy please come fast, I love you” he thought and and went unconscious.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.