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“Craig you need to stop being a child” Genova said, walking back to him.

He bent beside him and Craig opened his eyes.

“Stand will you?” Genova said and Craig slowly stood.

“You don’t know what I’m passing through right now” he said.

” What?”

” I remembered everything that happened on the orientation day when I got drunk” Craig replied.

” So?”

” I actually kissed Izzy” he replied and Genova smiled before bursting Into an hysterical laughter.

“It’s not funny Genny” Craig said with a pout.

Genova continued laughing so loud.

“If I’m right, that’s your first kiss” he said.

” Of course I’ve never kissed a girl, can’t believe I was drunk during my first kiss I’m so useless just kill me” Craig said like a kid.

” Why would you kiss her in your drunk state” Genova replied.

” I dunno” Craig replied.

” should I start calling you Craig-kiss?” Genova grinned.

“Genny stop making fun of me” he replied as Genova started walking to class.

” Craig-kiss” Genova said.

“Genny stop calling me that” he said, rushing after him.

“Kissy-Craig” Genova laughed.

“Genny!!” He screamed after him and Genova rushed into the class.

He entered with him and stopped screaming immediately, the lecturer is already in class.

They settled down quietly.

Mr Bong’s class came up after that, he’s smiling brightly .

“Welcome back to school Rihanna Norbert” he said.

” Yes sir” Riri replied calmly.

” And the assignment, I’ll announce out your scores now, Genova Alejandro, full marks as usual, I love you” he said and Genova scoffed.

” Reece, you didn’t turn it in…you’re getting a penalty point”

” Whatever” Reece muttered.

” Molly Kang, full marks… Polly… You didn’t turn it in… A penalty point is waiting for you”

” Craig Lee, almost full, 80, keep up” he said.

” I didn’t get full marks again ” Craig muttered.

” Try harder if you wanna beat me” Genova winked.

“Izzy Roberts, 80″

” What!, She’s my competitor too?, Oh Craig you’re dead” Craig said.

” Linabae Jang, more than average 75″

Bae smiled.

” And … Rihanna Norbert…

Quincy held her breath.

” Zero I guess” Molly muttered.

” 95″

“OMG!!!!” She screamed, standing from her seat.

“After Molly and Genny, it’s you…you should try harder and join them in the exams” Mr Bong said .

” Of course, I’ll do my best…gosh I can’t believe this” she gushed, sitting down.

” She’s cute right?” Craig said, nudging Genova.

“Are you just knowing?” Genova replied, staring at Quincy who’s still smiling at her newfound achievement.

“Of course I…. wait!, You just admitted that she’s cute?, You just admitted that a girl is cute?” Craig said shockingly.

Genova looked at him. ” What?, I’m a guy too” he winked and Craig blinked.

” Did the sun rise from the wrong part of the sky today?, Why is he so different” he wondered.

Mr Bong’s class lasted for an hour…

” And to the main information” he said after the class.

The students grew anxious.

“The mid-semester test is coming soon, brace up everyone, but a week before the tests, something is coming up, an all night party till mama calls” he announced and the class almost shattered with screams.

“I love parties!” Bae said loudly.

“I hate parties” Genova muttered.

” I can’t wait” Craig said.

” I’m attending” Izzy said.

” I want to go” Quincy said.

” So, was it just planned suddenly?, There must be a reason” Molly asked.

“Our first major contributor, the main owner of this school is coming back from England after a long time” Mr Bong replied.

” You mean… Mrs Maybelline?” Bae said.

“Sure, many of you haven’t met her in person, she left Korea very long ago but she’s coming back that day so the school will be hosting an all night party for her, each department will have something they’ll do to help or entertain, and this department got stuck in the dance and singing” Mr Bong replied.

” WHOOPPEE!!!, I must dance” Bae said.

” It will be very grand cos the school is planning to welcome her in a grand way, so SUGAR BOYS, The school was able to get into Big Hit… You guys will be performing with TXT” Mr Bong said.

” Joke” Reece muttered.

” I’m serious, don’t act like you don’t know that this is the biggest and the most influential college in South Korea, you guys will be meeting with them next week, the school will schedule a meeting so you guys should get prepared, ok enough of the gist, I’m off” he said and rushed out of the class.

The students continued screaming so loud.

” It’s like a dream, pinch me” Genova said and Craig drew his cheeks.

” It’s f*cking real bro” he said.

Genova smiled widely.

“So the singing part has been cleared, the dance will be handled by the girls” Molly said.

” I should be the number one in the list, i wanna dance” Bae said.

“Me too” Izzy replied.

“I’m somehow interested in dancing” Polly said.

” I’ll dance” Quincy said.

” So are we dancing disco or K-pop?” Izzy asked.

“K-pop all the way, LALISA by Lisa” Bae said quickly.

“No, MARIA by Hwasa” Izzy replied.



They started arguing and Genova had to leave the class.

Quincy noticed and went after him.

He entered the empty class at the end of their block and sat, placing his head on the table, his headphones is on.

“I’ll get some sleep before Craig will find me again” he said, closing his eyes but the door opened immediately.

” And here he comes, Craig please just uninstall yourself from my life” he said without looking back.

” Sorry ” Quincy said and he recognized the voice immediately.

He looked back swiftly and was too surprised to see her.

“Riri?’ he said.

” Yeah it’s me” she replied flatly, walking to him.

She sat on the chair beside him and went silent for a minute.

“I’m sorry if I intruded your privacy” she said.

“No, it’s nice to have you here” he said, stylishly studying her facial features .

“You know, if there’s anyone I need to thank nonstop, it’s you….you warned me severally but I was blinded by lust, I didn’t listen” she said.

Genova kept looking at her while she stared into space.

“I’m sorry that you got hurt because of me and… sorry for making your warnings useless, sorry for being a dummy and sorry for being gullible, sorry for thinking wrong about you, thanks for always saving me too” she said at once.

” It’s ok” he replied.

She brought out a bottle of juice from her sweater pocket and pointed it at him

“My sorry and thanks” she said and he smiled before taking it.

” Why the smile?” She asked.

” You’re something else, saying a lot of sorry and thanks with just a bottle of juice, just a bottle?” He replied.

” Should I have bought a pack?, You’re unbelievable too” she replied.

He kept looking at the juice.

” You don’t want?, Then bring it” she said and tried to take it but he hid it behind himself.

“No” he said and she smiled.

“Did you cry a lot?” He asked seriously.

“Of course, I was on a crying spree for one whole week” she replied.

” Sorry” he said and she laughed.

“Stop being like this, I hate when people pity me” she said and stood.

” See you!” She said.

“Wait” he replied and stood.

“What?” She replied, facing him.

“We can talk more frequently like this right?, I mean… friends” he said carefully and she smirked.

” I don’t want to be a guy’s friend so…no” she replied and left immediately.

Genova fell back on his seat, running his thumbs on the juice.


It seems the all night party cleared off everything about Riri.

Everyone is talking about the party and a lot can’t wait to see Mrs Maybelline in person.

Riri sighted Izzy and Bae on their table immediately she entered.

She’s walking to them when Molly appeared.

“Hey Molly” she waved.

“Hey” she replied curtly and left.

Since the incident at the cafeteria, she has been avoiding her.

She went to her friends and Bae went to get her meal by herself.

“Bon appetit” she smiled and Quincy chuckled.

“So the three of us are dancing, but on a serious note, is it Lisa or Hwasa?” Bae asked.

” Hwasa” Quincy and Izzy chorused.

” So I’m the only one who wants Lisa?, It’s unfair” Bae pouted.

” Seriously I can’t wait to meet Mrs Maybelline, heard she’s a beauty” Izzy said.

” I can’t wait too, and also my bright futures, TXT” Bae replied.

” Beomgyu” Bae said.

” Yeonjun or no one” Riri said.

” Soobin!” Izzy winked.

” Are you qualified to attend SUGAR BOYS fan sign?” Bae asked.

” Sure, I bought every of their album” Quincy said.

” Me too” Bae smiled.

” Too bad I only bought few, I’m poor you know, I’m not qualified” Izzy replied.

Bae made to talk but when she saw the necklace on Quincy’s neck, she stopped.

“This necklace” she said, looking at it.

“Huh?” Quincy said, noticing it too.

“Jeez” she thought.

“I bought it with Quincy before the vacation, it’s the only two in the store, I’m talking about Lotte” Bae said.

” My dad…got me this…he sent it through someone just yesterday” Quincy replied .

” Really?”

” Of course” Quincy smiled.

“Oh…ok” Bae said, still looking at the necklace.

The last class ended at 2 and Riri left class before Bae and Izzy.

Genova followed discreetly till they got to the front of the school where Kimberly is waiting with the car.

Quincy got in after smiling at her, Kimberly drove off.

Genny entered his car too and followed them as discreetly as ever.

They entered the street beside cosmos estate and he followed.

The drive lasted for ten more minutes till the car entered a big mansion.

Genova stopped his car not very far from it and came out, watching as Kimberly went in with Riri.

He decided to wait for a while and after about an hour, Quincy came out of the house with Kimberly.

He quickly winded up as they drove past him.

“I was right, she’s Quincy” he thought, inhaling deeply.


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