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Polly is sitting on the couch, watching Quincy Norbert’s walking steps videos on her page.

“Another Photoshoot next week, Wimo studios, I’ll be there and this time I must make sure I get a selfie” she smiled.

Her eyes widened when she got a notification… SUGAR BOYS fan sign event!

Next week Friday!!

“Whoa!, Can’t wait!”

“Did you take my new top from my closet?” Molly said, coming into the living room.

Polly ignored her and continued pressing her phone.

“I’m asking if you took my new to from my closet!” Molly yelled.

Polly kept ignoring her and Molly took her phone.

She smashed it on the ground and Polly stood.

“Is that my phone shattered on the ground?” She smiled, looking at it.

” My new top!, Give it back!!” Molly yelled.

“Before I decide on the kind of death you’ll experience, I’ll be kind enough to tell you I didn’t enter your room, I’ve never entered your room, ion know what it looks like cos I hate the owner so there’s no reason to enter, tell me how I’ll take your f*cking top without entering your room!” Polly screamed back.

” It’s from your brand, you might just steal it” Molly replied.

“Steal?, We get same allowance from dad every month and I’m a model, I make my money too!” Polly yelled back.

” Dad said you stopped taking allowance from him since mum’s death two years ago!, You might go broke and just steal my top!” Molly said.

” Oh, so your advocate told you I stopped taking allowance from him, you’re right, I’m currently broke but I’d rather die than enter your room” Polly replied.

” I know you took it so give it back!, Give back the top!” Molly screamed.

” I didn’t take your top!!!” Polly screamed back.

Molly walked upstairs to Polly’s room angrily.

Polly followed her and when they got there, Molly opened her closet and started throwing out all her clothes, looking for the top.

Polly folded her arms under her br*asts, backing the wall and waiting for when she’ll be done.

“Young miss, I mistakenly packed it with your clothes I washed yesterday” a maid said, coming in with the top.

Molly stopped and walked to the maid, she snatched it from her and slapped her.

“You have it and you’re letting me search blindly…fool!” She yelled.

Polly smiled.

” So, should we now talk about the kind of death you’ll get?” She said

” Whatever” Molly said and Polly stormed out of the room.

She went straight to the kitchen and got a knife.

“Molly, you’ll have a taste of my personality today” she muttered and ran out of the kitchen.

“Young miss Polly!”

“Young miss!”

The maids called after her as she ran up the stairs but she won’t reply.

“Molly!!” She yelled after her.

Molly looked back and her eyes widened when she saw the knife.

“Don’t come closer!!!” She screamed.

Polly took one last step to her and tried to stab her chest but all the maids held her tightly.

“Let me go idiots!, Let me go she must die!!, Leave me alone!!” She screamed loudly.

Molly was taken into her room and her door was locked before Polly was released but she went straight for the extra key.

“I’ve never entered your room but too bad today will be my first and last cos I’m gonna kill you Molly!” She said, inserting the key, she turned it but Molly luckily locked it from behind with the extra lock.

“B*tch!, Why don’t you wait!, Wait and let me end your existence and listen!…. If you’re seen anywhere around Genny, I’ll murder you, useless daughter of a criminal!” She yelled, breathing heavily as she left her doorstep.

All the maids went into hiding so she won’t pour her anger on anyone.

Polly got downstairs and when she saw her shattered phone, her anger got refined.

“Molly!!!” She screamed, running upstairs again.



The first class is ongoing already when loud screams made everyone anxious.

The lecturer stopped teaching and wondered why.

“Riri is back!” Trinidad said, checking her phone.

The video of how she came down from the cab in front of the school was posted, it’s live cos it’s still ongoing.

She’s currently walking into school while students jeered and mocked, chanting SHAMELESS RIRI around her.

Izzy and Bae rushed out of the class first, then Genova and Craig.

Riri is already on the hallway when they got out.

Students are still shouting around her but the surprising thing is that, she kept her head up, she doesn’t feel ashamed.

She’s looking at everyone expressionlessly.

Izzy and Bae tried to stop the students from shouting and give her way but they’re too much.

Genny sensed it’ll keep getting worse if care is not taken so he made to step in but Riri’s voice spoke.

“Am I the first girl to confess for a guy!’ she yelled and everyone went silent.

She adjusted her glasses and smiled.

“But because he’s a celebrity,he’s someone all the girls have a crush on, he’s your idol but I’m a lowlife, you guys treated me like an outcast, I regret doing that and I’m still regretting but can’t I regret in peace?, Stop bullying me I’m a human too! ” She screamed.

Even if a pin falls now, the sound will be heard cos the silence is killing.

“But you know what?, If bullying me and Jeering at me will boost your CGP’s then continue… Bring it on!! ” She screamed, breathing heavily.

No one made a move, everyone stared shockingly.

Polly smiled from the stair rails where she’s watching from.

“She’s bold, should I make her regret coming back?” She thought.

Molly watched hatefully, wishing she could just send Riri to the pit of hell.

“I’ll make you regret coming back” she thought.

Reece smiled too.

” Sassy” he chuckled.

Genova smiled satisfactorily.

Craig gave a thumbs up

Izzy and Bae exchanged happy glances.

” Are you guys tired of it?, I told you to bring it on!” Riri shouted again.

They all kept staring.

” Bunch of idiotic ragamuffins” she said and pushed them out of her way, coming out of the circle.

Izzy and Bae hugged her at the same time.

“Gosh I missed you!, Where the hell have you been!” Izzy said.

“I’m sorry for making you guys worry” Riri replied.

” I haven’t had one good night sleep since it happened, I missed you” Bae replied.

” I’m back now and I’m not scared of anyone” she replied as they broke the hug.

” Welcome back, hope you came with a good brain this time” Craig said.

” Silly Craig, yeah I came prepared” she smiled and faced Genova.

She has a lot to say to him but not now.

“Let’s go to class” she said, leaving with the girls.

Genova smiled.

” Hey why that smile?” Craig asked.

“Nothing, let’s go to class I love today” he replied, trying to pull Craig but Craig suddenly held his head.

“Hey what?” Genova asked.

“Oh no….my head is spinning” Craig said, trying to remember something.

The scene came lucidly and he saw everything Immediately

Orientation day!

Izzy took him to the car, he was drunk.

She placed him at the backseat.

“Never drink again else you’ll die” she glared and he smiled, staring at her tempting lips.

In his drunk state, he lost control and when she made to leave, he pulled her back and kissed her.

Her eyes became bigger and she quickly pushed him away.

“Gosh!, I love your lips, so sweet” he said drunkenly and slept off while Izzy ran away.

Craig remembered everything and laughed loudly like someone mentally unwell.

“What?” Genova asked confusedly.

Craig looked at him and hugged him.

“I’m dieing today” he whispered.

Genova broke the hug quickly.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“I kissed her!!!!!!” He screamed and fainted.

Genova quickly caught him before he’d fall.

“Is he playing tricks on me?” Genova wondered and let him go.

Craig fell on the ground.

“Meet me in class” Genova said and left but he hasn’t taken up to three steps when Craig woke up.

” Genny you’re wicked!!!, Oh I kissed her” he said and passed out again.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.