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Max came back from work and met only Hanna and Reece at the dinning room, eating dinner.

He walked worriedly to them and Hanna stood.

“Welcome honey” she smiled, trying to pull him to sit.

“Why is Genova not here?” He asked.

“Do you only care about Genova?, Can’t you see Reece’s bruised up face?” Hanna demanded.

” You only care about Reece, I’m not allowed to care about Genova?” He replied and Hanna snickered.

” Your Genova made Reece’s face this way all because of a girl and you expect me to care about him?, Joke” she scoffed.

” A girl?” Max replied.

” The trending girl SHAMELESS RIRI, he assumed that Reece posted the voice note when Reece actually knows nothing about it, he’s just so evil” Hanna replied.

” He’s someone I know very well, if he’s not sure that Reece did it, he’ll never do this to him” Max replied.

” Oh…so you’re taking sides with that evil boy?” Hanna replied.

” My son is not evil!, And you Reece, are you really innocent?” Max asked, facing Reece.

” You love him that much to the extent of doubting me?, I hate this!” He replied, dropping his fork.

He walked in angrily.

Max looked at Hanna angrily before going in, straight to Genova’s room.

He opened the door and met him wearing his headphones as usual, eyes closed, sitting on his bed.

“Genova” he called and he quickly opened his eyes.

” Dad” he smiled, getting down from the bed.

He came to Max and Max hugged him.

” I trust you” he said and Genova smiled.

” You heard about it?’ he asked.

” Of course SHAMELESS RIRI is the most trending news in Seoul right now” Max replied, breaking the hug.

” He did it, he told me that by himself” Genova said.

” I know how evil he can be, I trust you….but for the fact that you beat him up cos of what he did to the girl, is the girl someone special?” Max asked.

” Does she have to be someone special before i hit Reece for doing bad?” He replied and Max smiled.

” I’ll go shower right now, I’ll come get you when I’m done, we can go eat dinner together” he said.

” I’ll be waiting” Genova smiled and Max started leaving.

” Dad” Genova suddenly called and he turned back.

“Reece…. he’s really my twin right?, And mum… she’s my mum….sure?” He asked

Max smiled and came back.

” Why did you ask?”

“Just that… it’s becoming harder and harder to believe these days” Genova replied.

” Have you ever seen me with another woman besides Hanna?” Max asked.

” No… sorry for doubting” he replied and Max pat his shoulders before leaving.

Genova sat back on the bed, thinking about his suspicions.

“Quincy….Riri….” He mumbled and lay down.

“She’ll definitely have a swollen red face right now, guess she’ll cry for days” he thought worriedly.



Ask anyone the most trending news in Seoul especially inside Maybelline, it’s SHAMELESS RIRI.

It became a trend everywhere and Riri’s pictures were pasted around the campus, SHAMELESS RIRI was written on it .

Bae came down from her car with Izzy and the first thing they saw is the pictures in front of the school.

“Polly and her dogs at work” Izzy said and started removing them with Bae.

Their arms almost cramped up cos it’s much, it’s everywhere but they kept removing.

Genova and Craig got to them and Bae inhaled.

“What do we do, this won’t die down anytime soon” she said.

” It surely won’t, I wonder how she’s faring, I was unable to sleep last night” Izzy replied.

” Same here” Bar said

Genova didn’t sleep a wink too, all he thought about was her till daybreak.

“She’ll still be on a crying spree I’m sure” Craig pouted.

Izzy and Bae kept removing the posters and a shrill laughter made them stop to see Polly and her minions behind them.

“You think removing the posters will make it end?, Don’t be dumb it’s even in the news, Riri became a celebrity overnight” Polly laughed.

“Did you really paste these posters?” Genova asked.

” I didn’t” Polly replied flatly but Genova moved closer to her.

“You’ll even lie to my face?” He said.

“I always admit what I do cos I’m not a chicken!, And I’m saying I didn’t paste these posters!” Polly yelled angrily but calmed down Immediately.

“Sorry for yelling at you but I really didn’t” she said.

Red and Trinidad stepped in.

” We got to school ten minutes ago, is it possible for us to paste all these within ten minutes?, It’s allover every wall in this campus” Trinidad said.

” Get lost, stop accusing blindly” Red said.

Polly smiled and stepped forward.

“We didn’t do it, but I know who did” she said, smiling knowingly.

She went even closer and whispered Into Genova’s ears.

Genova looks shocked, how his eyes dilated verified that.



Polly is just returning from her evening workout round the estate with Kai.

She dropped Kai on one of the couches and made to go upstairs and take a shower but she sensed Molly is in the study.

Their study is just beside their dad’s.

She entered the study and Molly is really there, reading.

Polly smiled and walked closer to her, she grabbed her book suddenly and Molly stood to face her.

“I’m in no mood for your madness this evening so give back my book” she said.

Polly hid it behind and smiled.

” Should we read together?, Miss saint?” She said.

” Give back my book I have to read!” Molly shouted.

“It’s amazing how you always manage to fool everyone by playing saint, but I’m not disappointed, you’re just like me…..wait no…. you’re worse than I am cos I’m not two-faced” Polly said.

” What the hell are you saying!” Molly said loudly.

” Everyone knows Polly is a semi-devil, everyone knows Pollyanna has a bad personality, and to everyone in Maybelline college, Polly Kang is worse, and I’m fine with it cos it’s my personality but the one thing I hate is being a devil but hiding under the disguise of a saint, that’s exactly what you are” Polly said seriously.

” You’re crazy!, Get lost!” Molly yelled, sitting down.

“The pool at the vacation…I mean… Riri, you pushed her into the pool right?” Polly said and Molly looked at her shockingly.

“Yeah I found out, you pushed her and Genova saved her, he gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation because of a b*tch like you!” Polly yelled.

Molly folded her fist.

” No one noticed cos hell!.. you’re known by everyone as miss goody shoes, covering up the fact that you’re a two-faced b*tch!….. and early this morning you went to campus to paste Riri’s picture around, I saw you” Polly said.

Molly stood and made to go out but Polly grabbed her hair.

“Do you like Reece or is it Genny?” She asked, pulling her hair.

” Let me go!” Molly said.

“You can have Reece but not Genny” Polly said.

” I love Genny!!! ” Molly screamed, breaking free.

” What!”

“Yes I love him, do you know how it felt to see him always standing up for her?, I almost went crazy when he grabbed her and saved her from falling from the stairs, he even asked if she’s ok…. Ion like her!!! ” Molly screamed.

Polly slapped her immediately.

” Polly! ” Chairman Kang yelled, coming in.

She looked back and he made to slap her but she held him.

“I won’t allow you to slap me anymore…. You both are just the same, acting saint but actually devils!” She screamed.

Chairman Kang stood stupefied while Molly watched her speechlessly.

“na noh meewo!!! ( I hate you both!!!)” She screamed and hit the shelf beside her heavily.

It fell on another and the shelves kept falling on each other as she left the place, slamming the door angrily.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.