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( S£xy Riri… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.




Quincy just landed in Korea and and despite the fact that she used mask and shades, her fans are waiting to welcome her already.

Almost everyone has a board in which “welcome to Korea Quincy” was written.

She stood and watched from afar, Kimberly smiled beside her.

“You can’t escape signing autographs miss Quincy” she said.

” I’ll just sign one or two” she replied and continued her walk with the guards behind her.

Just like Kimberly predicted, fans swooned around her, asking for autographs and pictures.

She signed just three autographs and took no picture before getting in the car with the help of her guards.

“That was close” she inhaled, taking off her mask and shades.

“I wonder how they recognize me with my shades and mask” she further said.

” By your hips and ass , they shall recognize you” Kimberly said and Quincy chuckled.

” Whatever, I’m missing dad already” she said, remembering the show she put on just to get his approval.

She cried a lot and in the end, he had no choice but to say yes though it’s hard.

Living two lives…. one as Rihanna Norbert and one as her real self…. Quincy Norbert is dangerous.

“Life without risks is risky” was what she had told her dad.

” We’re here already” Kimberly said as the car stopped in front of a beautiful big mansion.

” This is Gangnam right?” Quincy asked.

“Sure, there’s one cosmos estate down the street but you’ll need privacy for your mission, that’s why I didn’t get you a mansion there” Kimberly said.

” I love it here” Quincy smiled and went in with her.

” Can’t wait to see Linabae again” she said.

“Your model friend?, That pretty stern one, she’ll be so happy to have you here, but are you gonna tell her about your plan?” Kimberly asked.

“No, it’ll be between just you and I” Quincy replied.

” Is it right?” Kimberly asked.

“Of course, just let me do my thing my way” Quincy said

“As your lordship pleases” Kimberly bowed and she smiled.

They finished taking a walk round the big house and Quincy entered the first room.

“I’ll come out soon” she winked and closed the door.

The wig, the big ugly glasses and her big skirts and shirts are all ready so she tried them on.

She rolled her hair and put on the wig then dressed in a big skirt and shirt, she went to the front of the mirror and smiled, exactly what she’s expecting.

Shocking transformation…the skirt swallowed her shapes and the shirt engulfed her burst, the wig made her look like an ugly frump.

She went for the next one, she added blush… excess blush to her cheeks and that transformed her more, then she used the big glasses….. perfect!

She came out of the room and Kimberly gasped.

“Where’s Quincy?”

“She’s in the room” Quincy replied.

“So this is your part two… Rihanna Norbert” Kimberly said

” Sure, can’t wait to start Maybelline on Monday, I’m majoring in business administration” she replied and went into the room again, she changed back to Quincy and came downstairs with Kimberly.

“The maids should have arrived by now” she said.

“They’ll arrive soon” Kimberly replied and the doorbell rang.

” Visitors already?”Quincy said as Kim went to the door.

She opened the door and Linabae appeared.

“OMG we just finished talking about you” Kimberly said, leading her in.

” Bae!” Quincy screamed, hugging her so tight.

“I decided to give you a surprise visit” she replied.

“It worked, I’m overly surprised Bae, I missed you” Quincy replied, breaking the tight hug.

“It’s been how many years now?” Bae asked.

“Twelve years ago… since Mom died I haven’t stepped Korea” Quincy replied and Linabae hugged her again.

” I’m glad to have you back, I’m so happy” she said.

“I’m glad to be back too” Quincy smiled and they broke the hug again.

” You’ll attend Maybelline with me right?, Admission is still ongoing, you can still obtain the form today and register, then go for exams tommorow, before the end of tomorrow the results will be released and I’m sure you’ll be enrolled, you’re brilliant Quincy so on Monday we’ll be in school together” Bae said at once

” No” Quincy replied and Bae’s arms dropped.

” But why?”

“I came to Korea to have fun this year, I’ll start college next year”

“That’s unfair, I was already dreaming of wearing matching dresses to class with you everyday, I’m hurt” Linabae said, sitting down.

” I’m sorry Bae, I’ll just…. have fun like I said…we can always have fun together after your classes and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of shoots to do together” Quincy said.

” Can’t wait for this year to end, next year should come quick I want you in school” Linabae said.

” I can’t wait too….but how’s Maybelline?” Quincy asked.

” A school for rich rude spoilt whiny brats…. They’re so full of ego especially polythene” Linabae replied.

” Who’s polythene?”

” Her name is Polly but I call her polythene, one of the twin daughters of chairman Kang, she’s a great bully believe me…call her any bad name in the world…she is… just because her dad is one of the two major contributors of the school” Bae replied.

” Ion care about her, aren’t there hot guys in there?” Quincy asked curiously and Bae smiled.

” Of course there are, Maybelline has the highest number of hot guys and girls in the history of colleges…. talking about hot guys, SUGAR BOYS are the main gist….twin sons of chairman Alejandro”

” Wait…the popular hot rich singers?, I love their songs so much!” Quincy smiled.

” Then you’ve listened to their latest song” Linabae said.

” SENSATIONS?, of course….. If you’re a river, I’d love to swim, if you’re the air, I’d love to breath forever, if you’re a plane I’d love to fly, wherever you are I’d love to be, your habitation will become my addiction, can’t stop the affection, can’t stop the sensations, it kept rushing into me… Eating deep into my body and my soul, the sensations….pure sensations, SEN_SA_TION” Quincy sang and Linabae clapped.

” You’re a real ANJELL (fandom name of SUGAR BOYS)” Bae said.

” Of course, and I love Reece’s voice more, I think he’s cuter too” Quincy said.

” I love Genova’s voice and charisma, ion like Reece for an unknown reason” Linabae said.

” Whoa, you don’t like my bias” Quincy said

“I like Craig instead, you know Craig right?” Bae asked.

” Craig Silver the model?, Of course, heard he’s Genova’s only friend, so he attends Maybelline too” Quincy smiled.

” Yeah, he’s handsome and has got crazy visuals” Bae winked

” First time I’ll be hearing you talk about a guy like this, something smells fishy” Quincy said and they laughed.

“You talk as if you’re coming to Maybelline…well I can’t wait for their concert next week, they’re performing sensations, let’s go together” Linabae said.

” Of course” Quincy smiled.

” And we’re all studying same major… business administration” Linabae said.

” Crazy coincidence” Quincy said.

” It’s the department with the most numerous students since most of us have parents who have companies we have to take care of in future…ok ion want to gist you anymore, it’s your time to gist me, how’s life in Australia?” Bae asked.

“I love you” Quincy said.

” I asked for gist not love” Bae said.

“Ok listen” Quincy smiled.



The chilly Sunday morning came with splitting headache for Genova, he gets headache frequently though he doesn’t know why.

He managed to scramble out of bed and and entered the bathroom, he went under the shower and without trying to take off his clothes, he turned on the shower and allowed the water to pour down his head to his body.

He stayed for almost ten minutes and felt better, he took off his wet clothes and entered the tub for a proper bath.

While in the tub, he got a call from Craig.

“Hey” he said after clicking green.

“Are you ok?, You sound like you just got vomited after spending seven years in the belly of a black Amber snake” Craig said.

” You have a death wish?” Genova said and heard Craig giggling.

” Seriously you sound weak” Craig said.

“The headache again but it’s gone, maybe the lingering aftermath” he replied.

” Oh sorry, use the pills” Craig suggested.

“I don’t want to…I hate the smell and you know” Genova replied.

” Use it please” Craig insisted.

” I don’t want to”


“I won’t”

“Ok do whatever you like, see you in school tomorrow” Craig said and hung up.

” Psycho” Genova smiled and spent more minutes getting clean before stepping out.

He got dressed in his room and went downstairs where he met Hanna and Reece in the dinning room.

Reece is eating and Hanna is busy stroking his hair. It’s not the first time he’ll be feeling inferior, it happens most times.

Hanna treasures Reece more, it’s obviously obvious and anytime he sees such scenes, he becomes sad.

Every child wants to be treasured and he wants that too…he wants it badly but Hanna only sees Reece.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.