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Quincy got better though she still feels a bit weak.

Walking into the hall with her friends, she searched for Reece with her eyes but he’s nowhere around.

“He didn’t come for gymnastics?, Why?, I miss him” she thought and stood still.

” Hey Riri come on!” Izzy beckoned and she was about to move when Genova came in with Craig.

? He’s handsome in the blue singlet!

? His biceps!

? OMG my Genny!

? I wanna date you!

? I love you Genny!

? Is it me or who also noticed that Craig is hotter than Reece

? Absolutely, Craig is a total candy.

? I love Craig!

Quincy turned around to see them, she gulped emptiness when she saw Genny.

He saw her and before she knew it, he’s already in front of her.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked.

“Huh?, Oh….yeah” she replied senselessly.

He came closer and felt her temperature by touching her forehead.

? Is Riri crazy?

? No I think Genny is the crazy one, how could he touch that uglyface

? Unbelievable!

Quincy quickly stepped back and he withdrew his hand.

“Your temperature is ok” he said

“Yes, I’m really fine” she said, avoiding his eyes.

Craig pulled Genova away and smiled at him when they got to the push and pull.

“Is it what I’m thinking?” He said suspiciously.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Genova replied.

“Why are you always getting involved with her?” Craig replied.

“I dunno” Genova sighed before looking around.

” Looking for your brother?” Craig asked.

“He left I guess” Genova said.

“Yes,he left this morning” Red said, passing by.

Genova remembered how he beat him up at the restroom yesterday and when he also remembered how he made Riri fall, he felt like beating him up again.

“See you guys around!” Red winked and left.

“He’d have been better as a dog, maybe when God was creating, he ran away from the dog unit and joined the human unit by mistake” Craig said and Genova giggled.

” You’re not different, you escaped the parrots unit to join the human unit too” Genova said.

” Jerk” Craig laughed.

” And why do you think Izzy and bloody Linabae accused us of pushing ugly Riri into the pool yesterday?” Polly suddenly asked, riding the slides with Trinidad.

“Someone definitely pushed her into the pool, Red said he’s not the one, if he did it he’d have told us” Trinidad replied.

” I know right?, So she has one more enemy besides us,who could that be?” Polly said, looking around the hall.

“It’s hard to get” Trinidad replied.

“I just need to check the CCTV footage beside the pool” Polly smiled.

” Let’s do that” Trinidad replied, looking at Genova.

Since she met him by the door of the study room yesterday, she has been restless.

Polly turned her face back to herself.

“Don’t tell me you’ve started crushing on my Genny, I’ve given you Red, you can crush on Red but definitely not my Genny” she said.

” Of course, I won’t dare crush on Genny” Trinidad replied and Polly slowly let her go.

” Better” she smiled.

” We look compatible right?, Match made from heaven” Polly bit her lip, looking at hot Genova.

” Of course, I envy your compatibility” Trinidad replied.

” After Quincy Norbert, he’s the one I love next” Polly smiled.

“I’m aware, Quincy Norbert and Genova Alejandro are the two people you love, you don’t even love me” Trinidad replied

” Ion love you but I like you” Polly said and Trinidad smiled.



The afternoon was spent writing assignments .. example of such people are Quincy and her friends .

Some played games or watched movies.

Some spent it in the flower garden, having fun.

They decided to have a pool party this night and the pool is already filled with students.

Girls in their trunks or bikini, guys in their short pants.

Everyone looks s*xy tonight.

Quincy refused to wear a bikini or trunk, probably all the guys here will faint if she tries that.

Her curves will make them loose consciousness especially in a bikini.

She sat on a chair, holding a cup of fruit juice which she sipped from.

Reece is still not found, maybe he left but why?

He didn’t even tell her. And why did he leave after kissing her and hearing her confess?

No answer offered itself for that.

She feels better already and Kimberly kept calling, asking about her health every minute but she didn’t tell her about the pool incident.

If she did that, Kimberly will surely be here by now.

“But who pushed me in the water?, The three devils denied it so who?” She wondered inwardly.

The loud songs made her come back to her senses.

All the songs that has been playing since they started the party are SUGAR BOYS songs but when MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Maria came on, she stood and sang along.

Yogeul hado meogeo chehaesseo, hado
Seoreowodo eojjeogesseo I do
Modudeul miwohaneura aesseonne
Babi deona

Izzy joined her and took it from there..

Oerowose oeotteokae
Miummajeo samkyeosseo
Hwanael himdo eopseo
Yeoyudo eopgo
Mwo geuri anikkowa
Gadeon gil geunyang ga
Waedeul guerae seoreopge

Bae joined them and they sang the chorus together

Maria Maria
Neol wihan mariya
Binnaneun bamiya
Neol goeropijima
O Maria neol wihan mariya
Mwo hareo
Imi areumdaunde

Yeah, oh na ah ah
Yeah, oh na ah ah
Yeah, oh na ah ah
Yeah, areumdawo Maria..

They all moved along with the vibes, dancing to the song happily.

Genova came out of the mansion, he’s wearing his normal clothes without any intention of swimming.

The first thing his eyes caught was her.

He stood still and stared hard till Craig tapped him.

“Are you cheating on me?, I told you you’re mine” he said

“You’re crazy” Genova replied and continued staring.

Bae sighted Craig and came to him, wishing he’d compliment her bikini.

“Hey” she waved.

“Whoa, you look hot in the bikini” he said and she smiled shyly.

” Thanks, you’re not swimming?” She asked.

” No, my sweetheart is not swimming so I’m not” he replied

Bae smiled when Craig locked Genova’s neck in his arm.

“Thanks for saving our Riri from the pool yesterday” she said.

“It’s nothing” Genova replied.

” You saved her?, You didn’t tell me?, I’m hurt” Craig pouted.

“Whatever!” Genova replied.

“Mean sweetheart* Craig replied and Bae smiled at his cuteness again.

He’s just too cute!

“But Izzy is hiding something from me, something happened between us on the orientation day which she’s not ready to tell me, can you please find out?, Just get it out of her mouth somehow” Craig said, holding Bae’s hands.

Merely feeling his hold, she felt butterflies.

“Huh?” She said.

“Persuade Izzy somehow please” he said.

“I’ll try” she replied.

” I’m counting on you please” he smiled.

“Of course” she replied with a smile too.

” I’m going to sleep, we have to go back to Gangnam early tommorow so we can catch up, we have Mr Bong’s class by 9 remember?” Genova said and went in.

” Bae I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart wait for me!” Craig shouted, running after Genova.

Bae smiled, watching him till he’s out of sight.

“He’s too cute swears” she said.



The drive back to Gangnam started as early as six in the morning.

Definitely all the students feel bad that they’re leaving already, the vacation was too enjoyable.

“I wish we could make it a monthly thing, Molly you can persuade our department directors right?, We should go on a two days vacation every month” Polly said.

” Ion have time for that” Molly replied.

” You always give replies that makes me feel like slapping you” Polly sighed.

Quincy stole glances at Genova throughout, thinking about ways to say thanks till they got to school.

“You guys can leave your bags and go for classes, come for them when you’re done” Molly said and they all alighted from the bus.

They walked into the school in groups but one noticeable thing is that everyone is laughing.

Students gathered everywhere, checking their phones and laughing loud.

“Feels weird” Izzy said.

“The blog!” Trinidad said, looking at her phone too.

She started laughing so loud.

Everyone started checking and laughing.

Quincy was lost, thinking about Reece while everyone checked.

Bae and Izzy couldn’t believe their eyes

“It happened again, jeez!, Reece!” Craig said.

Genova stood dumbfounded.

” Riri what’s this” Bae said, showing her the phone

Quincy came back to her senses and looked around to see everyone staring at her while murmuring.

She looked at Bae’s phone and saw a voice note tagged “UGLY RIRI’S CONFESSION”

Bae increased the volume and it played.

She got the greatest shock of her life when she heard her confession to Reece yesterday at the flower garden.

Her eyes widened and she started shifting back.

“No…not true” she whispered, looking at the mocking faces of the students around.

? She’s shameless

? Confessing for our Reece?

? When did she get here?, She’s going ahead of herself.

? She’s desperate.

? She’s something else.

? She disgusts me..eew!

“No…” She said again, still shifting back.

The next thing was chilly water from upstairs, it landed on her and she started shaking badly.

Polly got the waste bin and went upstairs and poured the content on her from there.

She threw down the bin and it landed on Quincy’s head.

Everyone laughed and jeered.

? Shameless Riri!

? Shameless Riri!!

They screamed.

Bae made to go get her but black liquid like oil was poured on her from upstairs then the students started throwing eggs and empty juice bottles at her.

Tears soaked her face already, her heart got broken once again.

No, it’s not broken…it got smashed and trampled on.

She stood there dumbly, crying and letting them do all sort of things to her.

“Uglyface confessed!”

“Shameless confession!”

“Shameless Riri!”

They kept throwing water, oil, eggs and all sort of gross things.

“Reece…why did you do this to me” she thought, crying more .

“Stop!!” Genova’s voice said loudly and everyone went silent, looking at him

Quincy slowly looked up and their eyes met, she immediately ran out of the place and continued running out of school.

“Riri! ‘ Genova shouted, running after her.

As she ran, she got a text on her phone.

The buzz made her check, it’s a text from Reece.


She threw away her phone and Genova caught up with her.

He held her arm but she broke free and continued running out of school.

“I regret the day I started falling for you… Reece Alejandro”.



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