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She won’t stop kissing the handkerchief in which Reece signed his autograph, she’s crazy obsessed with it and takes it everywhere.

She came out of the car with Kimberly and kissed the handkerchief again.

“Gosh!, I love him” she gushed excitedly.

“I promise not to say sorry when it lands” Kimberly said.

” What’s landing?” Quincy replied.

“Nothing” Kimberly said and noticed a new red car in the garage.

“Wait… this is not yours” she said.

Quincy looked at it. “Of course” she said.

The door opened and Antonio Norbert came out.

Quincy was shocked, surprised and happy at a time.

“Appa! (Dad!) She screamed and rushed to hug him.

“Quin?, Is this really you?” He said, not believing his eyes.

“I just had to transform” she replied, breaking the hug.

Antonio removed her wig and glasses, her original hair dropped down her shoulders.

“It’s really my daughter” he smiled.

Quincy hugged him again.

” Bogo sipeo appa ( I miss you dad ) she said.

Antonio stroked her hair fondly.

“Speak what I understand will you?” He replied and she giggled.

“I mean…I missed you dad” she smiled

“I missed you more, that’s why I came” he replied.

” You specially came to see me or you came for business and branched here” she said suspiciously.

” Trust me, I came for you” he replied.

” I love you so much dad…let’s go in” she said.

” Good day sir” Kimberly greeted.

” Kim, thanks for taking care of her….I owe you a lot” he said and Kimberly smiled

” She needs a lot of care like a baby, I’m ready to give it since you asked for it sir” she replied.

Antonio went in with Quincy and looked around.

“Just what you like” he said

“Sure dad, it’s cozy right?” She replied.

“Yeah, I want to eat dinner with you, get dressed we’re going out” he said and Quincy jumped happily.

” Just a moment dad” she said and rushed upstairs with Kimberly.

” Help me dress up, I must look as simple as possible, I’m eating dinner with my pappi” she winked and Kimberly helped her into a free nude coloured gown.

She applied light makeup before picking her purse

She left the house with her dad and they went to a private restaurant where they sat and ate, chatting along.

“So… how’s the hunt so far?” He asked and she quickly clicked on Reece’s picture on her phone, she showed Antonio.

“He has the eyes of a flirt, his face looks mischievous, ion like him” he said and Quincy frowned.

” Everyone says he’s a flirt but I see him differently. He’s a celebrity, yet he talks to me despite my camouflage ugly appearance, he’s sweet and cool trust me” she replied

” Everyone says he’s a flirt?, Antonio said.

“Well…yes, but he’s not” she defended.

“There must be a reason why everyone says that, you got here a week ago remember?, You don’t even know him well, Be careful” Antonia replied.

” Dad…

“Just because you want a stable love life doesn’t mean you have to act desperate Quin, be really careful… please…I love you very much and I don’t want you to cry anymore, you’re the only one I have” Antonio said seriously and she smiled.

” I’ll be careful… we’re going for vacation tommorow” she said.

” Have fun, I won’t be going back till Wednesday but I guess I won’t be seeing you again before I go,… Stay away from cold water….I don’t want you to get sick” he said.

” Saranghe appa (I love you dad)” she said.

” Nado saranghe ddal (I love you too daughter)” he replied

“You can still speak Korean, stop pretending!” She laughed.

” Silly girl” he laughed too.



” Congratulations on your concert” Max said Immediately he stepped into the house.

He wasn’t around since three days ago, he’s just returning from a business trip.

“Dad” Genova smiled, walking to meet him.

He hugged him immediately he got to him.

“adeul (son)” he smiled.

“How was your trip?” He asked, breaking the hug.

” It went well, congrats on your concert once again, heard it was a blast” Max said.

” Yes dad, it was bomb” he replied .

” Dad!” Reece said, just coming downstairs.

He came to give him a hug too and Hanna showed up.

“Yeobo (honey)” she smiled, hugging him next.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I missed you” she replied and he only smiled.

“I’ll walk you to your room dad” Reece said.

“No don’t worry, Genny come with me” he replied, leading the way in.

Genova followed happily while Reece fumed.

“That bastard” he said.

Hanna held him.

“Don’t be too harsh, he’s still your brother” she said.

” I hate him” he replied and left.

Hanna sighed and walked in too.



The BA students crowded the park, each with his or her bag, ready for the trip.

Craig came out of Genova’s car with him and maids dragged their bags behind.

Genova never wanted to come but Craig can be a pest, he pestered him till he gave in.

“Craig!” Bae waved from her spot and he waved back.

He saw Izzy beside her and Izzy quickly looked away.

“She definitely knows everything that happened on the orientation day, that wicked girl, yet she left me to get bits by bits of memory” he muttered to himself.

Quincy’s eyes met with Genova’s and they both looked away from each other instantly.

Polly appeared with Red and Trinidad and Molly went to her.

“I thought I said Red is not allowed, the vacation it exclusively for BA students, he’s an history student so he should excuse us” Molly said and Polly smiled.

” Who owns the vacation house?, It’s our late grandparents, and that’s why it was named THE KANG’S VACATION HOUSE, get lost” she said and left Molly standing.

Reece appeared last , dressed to kill, girls gasped at his outfit.

Quincy smiled immediately he appeared and adjusted her glasses .

He winked at only her though it was done secretly.

She smiled wider .

The long buses arrived and everyone went in with their bags

It’s two seats per row.

Linabae sat with Izzy while Quincy sat with Reece behind them.

Craig sat with Genova in front of them.

Polly sat on the other column with Trinidad beside her and Red behind.

The drive started early and the girls in the front suggested that someone should sing.

No one replied and Craig nudged Genova.

“Sing” he whispered.

“Is your brain insane?, It’s already enough that I came to this f*cking vacation, ion want to sing” he replied.

“Genny jebbaaaal (Genny pleeaase)” he pleaded, taking his hand

” I regret coming to this vacation already” he replied, taking his hand from Craig.

” Genny will sing!” Craig said loudly and everyone turned to him.

“I wish I could just kill you and toss your dead body into Han river” Genova glared.

” Genny sing!”

” Sing Genny!”

“Genny sing!”

“Sing sing Genny!

” Genny sing!!!, Sing!!!, Sing!!”

Everyone started screaming to his irritation.

He covered his ears with his palms.

“Quiet everyone” Craig said and the noise died down.

Genova glared at Craig before clearing his throat, then he started singing.

? Because of you, I lost my mind

? Because of you, I lost my senses.

? I became a fool for love, a fool for you.

? My ears only hear your voice

? My head is filled with you.

? Your sweet voice, your cute face, your thin lips, your warm hands….

? Makes me senseless for you…

? Why did you capture my heart when you knew you were gonna leave.

? Because of you, I’m broken to shatters.

? You left me tattered, shattered to bits, and now I’m left in misery….

? The misery you created.

Reece held Quincy’s hand and she looked at him.

He smiled and she returned it slowly before looking back at Genova who’s just finishing the song.

He looked at her and she gulped emptiness before he looked away.

Everyone started clapping immediately.

“That’s an heartbreak song” Linabae said.

“I sang what came to my mind” Genova replied and wore his headphones before resting on his chair.

Craig did the same and they both slept off till the end of the journey.

They got to the vacation house and alighted from the buses.

THE KANG’S VACATION HOUSE was written boldly in front of the big mansion.

It’s really really magnificent, just like a castle, it’s gigantic.

Polly and Molly led the way in and they all entered.

Seventy students went for the vacation so it’s a full house.

“No one has the right to intervene in anything I do, else…my bouncer right here will beat them blue black, right Red?” Polly said.

” Of course baby” Red replied and Polly went upstairs with him.

They’re are more than ten stairs, leading to different parts of the rooms.

“You guys are free to walk around by yourselves, check everything out before we’ll choose rooms” Molly said.

Everyone disseminated and climbed different stairs.

Quincy smiled, not surprised at all.

Her dad’s vacation house in Australia is a senior to this.

Instead of looking around, she looked for Reece with her eyes, not concentrating on the stairs she’s climbing.

Her shoes missed the stairs and she staggered, she gasped and started going down.

“Riri!” Izzy shouted.

Quincy was expecting to land on the ground any moment from then but an arm wrapped around her waist, catching her.

The familiar lavender chamomile scent filled her nose again.

She looked at Genova’s blank face and her eyes widened in her glasses.

“Kweanchana? (Are you ok?)” Genova asked.



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