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The attendants at Lotte department stores were overjoyous when Quincy showed up with Bae for a shopping spree

The store is one of the biggest in Seoul , idols patronize it madly cos of it’s unique exotic brands.

“Welcome miss!”

“Welcome miss” everyone wanted to greet.

Quincy toured store with Bae, the attendants followed behind to pick whatever they choose.

Bae loves virtually everything and won’t stop picking, she loves shopping.

“Just pick everything then” Quincy said and she smiled.

“You might like these miss, it’s from the brand you love so much” the woman said, presenting two necklaces, no difference.

“It’s adorable!” They both said at once.

Three minutes later, they’re already wearing it.

“Whoa!, Pretty” they gushed, checking it out in the mirror.

“We should wear same dress to the concert tommorow don’t you think?” Bae asked.

” I won’t be able to attend” she replied.

” What!”

” Hi” a familiar voice said from behind and they both turned out see Reece, smiling handsomely.

Quincy’s eyes brightened.

“Hi” she replied, trying to caution herself.

“What are you doing here?” Bae questioned.

“We’re in Lotte, shopping happens here” he smiled and Bae smirked.

” Whatever”

” I saw your picture for the first time yesterday and I was amazed, you’re beautiful” he said and Quincy blushed, turning to a ripened tomato, her cheeks heated up.

“Thanks” she replied shyly.

“Flirt” Bae muttered.

“I’d be foolish to flirt with her, she’s too pretty to flirt with” he replied and Quincy blushed more.

” I became a big fan since yesterday, I’m…

” Reece Alejandro…pka Ree, Genova’s twin, SUGAR BOYS, I’m your fan, you’re my bias” Quincy interrupted and Bae pinched her but it didn’t work.

” Whoa!, I’m lucky to have you as my fan… should we sign autographs for each other?” He asked.

” Sure” he replied and they did on each other’s handkerchief.

“I can have your number right?” Reece asked.

“Oh..sure” she bit her lip and they exchanged lines.

He left after that and Bae looks angry

“I was giving you signals but you ignored totally, you know he’s a student of Maybelline right?, He’s a great flirt, look him up online you’ll see my point” she said.

” I’m not getting married to him so calm down” Quincy smiled, entering another column.

” She’s so clueless” Bae muttered.



Thirty minutes to now, SUGAR BOYS will be performing, fans are still pouring Into the big hall which looks exemplary already, it’s too gorgeous.

The interior decors are crazy, the hall looks like the home of meteors

The walls…the upper body and the ground were made to look like the sky on a moonlit night with a lot of meteors and stars around the moon.

It left fans speechless as they came in.

The whole hall will soon be filled.

Polly stood anxiously, one will think she’s the organizer, she’s too anxious to see her crush.

Red is right beside her, he won’t stop staring at her.

Molly came alone while Bae came with Craig, Izzy and Rihanna since Quincy insisted on not coming.

She’s difficult to understand these days.

Everyone is excited and SUGAR BOYS songs is playing in the background already.

The hall is noisy, fans won’t stop chatting excitedly.

It’s some minutes to the performance already.

“Who also can’t wait to see my bestie?” Craig said.

“Me, I love his vibes on stage” Bae and Izzy said simultaneously.

They all faced Quincy who hasn’t stopped picturing Reece’s face since their encounter yesterday.

“Riri!” Bae called and she woke up.

“Huh?” She said.

“She’s totally lost” Craig said.

“You can’t wait to see Reece too right?” Bae asked

” I prefer Reece and you know” she replied and Craig grunted.

” And the time is here!” The man on stage said, his voice blarring through the whole hall.

” We can’t wait!!!!” Everyone screamed, waving the SUGAR BOYS fan in the air.

It’s a fan coloured blue and pink with colourful shinny confetti’s allover the body, SUGAR COATED was written boldly on it’s both sides, it’s shinning brightly in the dark.

“ANJELLS ARE YOU READY!” The man shouted.

“Of course!!!!” They screamed.

“The only two handsome guys in Korea!!, the voice of the ANJELLS!!, the magical lyrics!!, the sugar coated voices!!, the perfect faces!! …

The hall went crazy with screams and the sugar fans kept flowing in the air as the fans almost screamed out their guts.

“I give the stage up … For SUGAR BOYS!” he said and everyone went nuts as he left the stage.

The place turned to total paradise when the lights went off, only the dim moonlight from the improvised ones were on, the only bright light in the hall is the stage light.

The stage door opened and sweet smelling flames dominated the stage.

The fans are still screaming nonstop.

The flames spread on the stage and everywhere went quiet momentarily.

Then the flames started clearing off. Just a bit before it’ll clear off completely, more than ten spotlights came on, revealing the two perfect faces.




? YAY!!!!


Polly was at the verge of going crazy when the spotlight hit Genova’s face.

“My future husband!!!” She screamed.

“SUGAR BOYS ANJELLS!” Genny screamed, smiling charmingly, trying to look s*xy, striking an hot pose.

? We love you Genny!!!!

“ANJELLS WITH SWEETNESS!” Reece said , making several flirty eye contacts

? We love you Ree!

They looked at each other and took fast strides to meet, they hugged and Reece Started the intro.

? I want nothing else but you

? I crave for you, day and night

? I really wanna be your fire in the dark, be your light at night

? Just let me love you, that’s enough

? Love is a b*tch, yeah I know…. love love love…the sensations, drives me crazy

? Love love love….the sensations, makes me want you more*

? L-O-V-E, … SEN-SEN-SA-TIONS….I want it to be you…. It’s you*…

GENOVA AND REECE ____ ? And If you’re a river, I’d swim till forever, if you’re the air, I’d breath and ever, if you’re a plane I’d fly you to the moon, wherever you are I’d love to be, your habitation will become my addiction, can’t stop the affection, can’t stop the sensations, it kept rushing into me… Eating deep into my body and my soul, the sensations….pure sensations, SEN_SA_TION”

GENOVA____ ? Be my addiction , please look into my eyes

? They’re holding immense affection for you.

? You beatify my dreams, you make my Imaginations perfect.

? Looking at you now, I want you more, I just can’t let you go.

? Not when the SENSATIONS is driving me crazy.

? Saranghe, I love you…bogo sipeo, I missed you…. come into my arm, I long to wrap them around you…. I want you..

GENOVA AND REECE_____And if you’re the river, I’d swim till forever….


The fans started screaming towards the end of the performance.

It ended blissfully and the fans were still shouting as they left the stage.

Quincy suddenly got a text.

**Come through the backdoor to the dressing room, I’ll be waiting… REECE**

She left without telling anyone and when she got to the door, the guards let her in.

She walked around the confusing place till someone pulled her into a room.

It’s Reece, his hotness is hitting madly on her.

“Ree” she smiled and he pushed her to the wall, her eyes widened when he started leaning in.

She closed her eyes and was expecting his lips on hers anytime.

Reece smiled, looking at her lips. “I can never” he thought mockingly.

He kept leaning in, pretending he’ll kiss her.

Genova came in and met them that way, he decided to ignore at first but he later decided against it.

He took off his headphones and threw it at Reece who quickly let go of Quincy.

“Do you have a death wish?” Reece said angrily, rubbing his head.

” Have you ever killed?” Genova replied and Reece walked briskly to him.

He punched his face and Genova returned it immediately.

Quincy rushed to the scene and stood between them.

“Stop this Genny” she said, facing him , blocking him from Reece.

Genova smiled and wiped his bloody lips with his palm.

“You’ll soon google search how to cry…. trust me, dummy” he said and started leaving

Reece kept smiling.

Genova stopped and looked back

” And I promise not to meddle anymore, I’ve done more than enough” he said and left completely.

” Reece are you ok?” Quincy asked, facing him.

“Sure” he replied, hugging her with a devilish smirk on his lips.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.