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“Kumbe! (Cheers!)” The three accomplices shouted as Polly mixed the soju bomb.

“Wait till I finish mixing before cheering” Polly said, pouring the soju into their cups.

She added beer afterwards then dropped ice cubes in it.

“Ready!” She said and each took their cups

“Kumbe!” They clinked glasses and drank.

“How refreshing” Trinidad smiled.

“Polly I love you” Red said and Polly smiled.

“I know” she said she Red smiled.

“Today is my happiest day since I started attending Maybelline” Trinidad said.

“Me too” Polly said.

“I’m just glad they’re unconscious, how many days will it be?” Red said.

“Ion know, and ion care” Polly licked her lips.

“Saturday is Quincy Norbert’s first shoot in Korea, wait!, Were you nominated as one of her partners?” Trinidad asked.

“I was….but I lost, I’m still a rising star you know…but I must go to the studio she’ll be using, I must meet her I swear, I’ve never loved anyone all my life…not even my twin or dad…but I just love her like she’s my sis, that feeling you know…I feel so connected” Polly smiled.

“Seeing you smile while talking about her, she has a big spot in your heart” Red said.

“Polly loves her so much” Trinidad said and her phone rang but she ignored it.

“It’s your f*cking mum” Polly said.

“Ion want to talk to her” Trinidad replied.

“You like ignoring her calls, are you keeping something?, I’ve not even met her for once, I wonder if she’s beautiful like my late mum” Polly said.

“I’m just..not in good terms with her” Polly replied.

“Since Trinidad is not attending the concert next week, why don’t we go together Polly?” Red asked.

Polly sipped from her drink .

“Oooo….k!” She winked.

“Really?” Red smiled.

“Yeah, but I’ll just pass time, don’t get weird idea, I’ll forever be in love with only Genny” she replied

“I’ll wait till you start loving me..I promise” Red said.

“Joke” Polly said and Trinidad giggled.




“It was you, right?” Molly said when she met Polly by the stairs.

They’re both dressed for school.

“Me what?” Polly glared .

“I wanted to keep quiet and not ask you, that’s why I’ve been silent about it since Wednesday but I can’t keep it in anymore, you did that to Izzy and Riri right?” Molly said.

“So…” Polly said and raised her hand to Molly’s cheek, she rubbed it slowly.

“What if I did?, Are you gonna report me to dad?” She smiled

“You weren’t like this before mum’s death, why did you suddenly change Pollyanna” Molly said.

“Oh Mollyanna, I just wanted a little change and I went for it, don’t take it too personal” Polly said with a pitiful face and waited to see Molly’s reaction.

Molly stared on blankly and Polly laughed out loud.

“Piss off” she glared after the laugh.

She walked out angrily.



Genova was about to enter his car and drive to school when Reece attacked him from behind.

He turned him back and slammed his back on the car.

“I’m still asking, why the hell did you make me fall on Wednesday?” He questioned.

“Cos you deserve it” Genova replied plainly.

“What!, You impolite punk!, Apologise to me… apologise!” Reece demanded loudly.

Genova smirked and looked away for a while then he faced Reece again.

“Sorry” he said slowly.

Reece let him go and he adjusted his shirt.

“For not breaking your legs completely” Genova further said and Reece’s eyes widened.


“Baby singer” Genova said and got in his car, driving off immediately.



The doorbell made Kimberly leave what she was doing.

She walked to the door and opened it only to meet Linabae.

“Bae..” she smiled awkwardly.

“What’s up Kim?” She smiled, coming in.

“I’m fine, Quincy didn’t inform you that she travelled?” Kim said

“Travelled?, When?, To where?, Why?”.

“She travelled to Switzerland just yesterday”

“Switzer… yesterday?, Her shoot is tommorow” Bae said

“She’ll be back before the end of today, I never knew she didn’t tell you, she had to attend a conference in place of her dad over there, it was kind of urgent and she rushed a lot, maybe that’s why she forgot to inform you” Kimberly said and Bae sighed.

“Then why is her line also off?”

“Maybe she wants no disturbance” Kimberly replied.

“I’m hurt” Bae said.

“I’m sorry on her behalf” Kim said.

“Oh no it’s fine, she’s mine anyways, I’ll just keep my anger till she lands” Bae smiled.



“Are you sure she’s perfectly ok?” Craig asked the doctor after he finished checking Izzy.

She woke up some minutes ago

“She’s perfectly fine, though she needs rest, enough rest” he replied and Craig sighed before looking at Riri who’s still unconscious.

Linabae and Kimberly are beside her.

“She’ll be fine too” doctor said.

Bae sighed and smiled shortly.

“It’s surprising that you turned out to be her guardian, I never knew you have a relative in Korea, I thought you’re a complete Australian, are you a Korean-Australian like Quincy?” Bae asked.

“No, Riri is actually a… friend but I’m older, that’s why she sees me as her guardian since she lost her parents” Kim replied carefully.

“ Quincy arrived last night and didn’t even call me, yet she went for another showcase in Busan, I guess I won’t be seeing her till the evening….at the studio” Bae said.

Kimberly only smiled, looking at Quincy on the bed.

“Jebbal (please)” she whispered, hoping she’ll wake up already.



It’s an hour to the shoot already and Quincy is still unconscious.

Izzy went for air at the back of the hospital.

Kimberly checked the time and panicked more.

“Oh no, Quin please” she said.

She started pacing around, fidgeting obviously.

“This isn’t happening… Quin” she said fearfully, checking the time again.

“Kim” Quincy’s voice called and Kim stopped.

She slowly turned back to see Quincy sitting up on her bed already.

Her eyes widened. “Quincy!”



“Quincy is not here yet?” Linabae asked the first model she met after coming out of her dressing room

It’s thirty minutes to the shoot already.

She’s dressed in her red clingy gown already, her hair was curled and left to fall on her back and shoulders.

She looks different totally.

“She’s not here yet, I’m scared she won’t be able to make it” the girl replied.

Bae tried her line again and surprisingly, it rang and she picked.

“Where are you Quin?” She asked urgently.

“I’m on my way” she replied.

Bae hung up and Craig came out of his dressing room, looking so hot.

His red suit fits him like damn!, Full bangs was given to his hair and his lips sparkled, his face looks perfect and she palpitated helplessly.

“Bae” he waved, walking to her.

“Hey” she waved senselessly.

“Is she not here already?” He asked

She was about to talk when loud screams took over the whole studio

? She’s here!

? Quincy came!

? OMG the backside!

? Quincy is hot!

? No she’s a goddess!

? How can a girl be freakin’ foxy!

? Jeez!, She’s curvy!

? She’s beautiful!

Quincy made her way into the studio in the company of Kimberly.

She’s wearing a fitting white net gown, it’s backless but she’s wearing a jacket to cover up, her shapes and curves were perfectly revealed.

The cold look on her face added to her aura of uniqueness.

“Oh my gosh” Craig’s eyes widened as he stared.

Everyone stared, no one will dare ignore such beauty with shapes.

She hugged Bae when she got to her.

“I have a lot of explanation to make, after the shoot” she smiled charmingly.

“You better” Bae replied.

“Hi” Craig said.

“Hi Craig” she replied.

“Whoa, you know me?”

“Sure, Bae told you a lot about you” she replied and Craig smiled as they shook hands.

She smiled at the other models present and the director offered to lead her in.

“Hi Quincy!” A voice said from behind and looked back to see Polly.

She’s dressed richly like she’s coming to see the president and she has a big smile on her face.

Quincy never talked.

“I’m your biggest fan miss Quincy, I love you so much and I want to be like you, I’m your number one wannabe, I really wanna be like you” she rushed

“We’re losing time, go get dressed Quincy” the Chief director said.

“Sure” Quincy said and entered the dressing room.

Polly smiled and adjusted her gown.

“At least I got to meet her”.



Reece is home alone in the practice room, trying to sing the lines of SENSATIONS alone but it’s impossible.

Without Genova beside him, it’s always impossible to get the lines of their songs right and that has become a great bother.

He left the booth and fell on the chair, picking his phone.

An hot gist popped up on his news feed and he clicked only to see an hottie.

He sat very well, staring at the picture.

“This is the popular Quincy Norbert?, Damn!” He said, staring at her.

The picture was snapped in front of Ginger studios some minutes ago.

He stared from her face to her hips then her burst.

A video of her walking steps was also posted… it’s a killer!

How her hips move when she walks.

He stood and his eyes went back to her face on the picture.

“She’s pretty” he muttered.



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