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( S£xy Riri… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.



Australia, 7pm**

It’s Jameson’s birthday, the first birthday Quincy will be celebrating with him so she’s too overwhelmed, she can’t wait to get to his house and hug him then which him a blissful birthday.

Merely seeing him makes her happy and she can’t wait to kiss him too, that’s one of the most important.

They started dating two months ago and it wasn’t surprising that she fell deeply for him very fast. He’s sweet and lovely.

Though he’s below her standard, he’s a final year college student who still rely on his parents for his upkeep but she doesn’t mind, she’s ready to do anything for him.

She entered the house happily, she’s the one who got him the house too, even his car.

“Happy birth……

She was cut short by what she saw in the house.

Jameson is sitting on the couch, making out with another girl.

The flowers she brought fell from her and her purse followed.

Still , they didn’t stop, they refused to acknowledge her presence and continued kissing and caressing in front of her.

She blinked and tears rushed out of her eyes.

“James… Jameson” she stammered in shock.

Jameson looked at her with a smirk and waved her off with an hand before reattaching his lips to the girl’s.

Quincy covered her mouth with her palm and rushed out of the house in tears.

She got in her car and drove roughly down the road, crying heavily as she did.

This is still April and yet, she’s passing through heartbreak for the second time this year already.

Too bitter a pill to swallow, her heart is like a ball, getting played by guys always.

She got to a point and stopped the car, she came out of it and bent beside it, crying so much.

Worse still, it started raining, the rain poured angrily on her but she stayed.

Her life is in ruins already anyways, an heavy rain means nothing right now.

She just got heartbroken again, how could Jameson be so callous?

Maybe it’s not his fault, maybe it’s not the fault of all the guys that has been jilting her, maybe it’s her fate, her cruel fate.

Fate is determined to break her devastatingly.

When life offers pains, they say make pleasure out of it but in her case, she kept getting pains out of pains.

She cried her guts out in the rain for almost an hour before getting back in her car.

With shaky hands, she brought out her phone and clicked Jameson’s number.

Her tears fell on the screen as she clicked delete.

Being a popular rich model is not all, being curvy and having killer shapes is not making sense anymore, she also wants love, she wants to be loved genuinely but it’s not happening.

She threw her phone angrily out of the window and drove home sickly.

She got home and refused to answer her guards and maids who were asking why she was drenched in the rain, her dress was all dampened.

She had a warm shower when she got to her room.

She came out of the shower and put on a big sweater on joggers.

She sat in front of the mirror and checked herself out.

“I’m beautiful…” She said, touching her face.

“I’m curvy” she whispered, rubbing her hips

“I’m rich” she mumbled, looking at her posh room.

“I’m a popular model and I have a rich father then why is love hard to find for me why!” She screamed to herself in the mirror.

She stood, breathing heavily. She scattered her hair all-over her face and sat back.

“I want to be loved too, I want true love badly” she lamented sadly.

She went mute for almost thirty minutes, she just kept staring at herself blankly, lost in thoughts.

She suddenly spranged up and a wide smile spread on her lips.

“Will I be able to do it?, Of course… Yes…I want this desperately so…yes…yes!” She smiled.

” Quincy Norbert, you can do this, you can definitely do it” she smiled and someone knocked.

” Kimberly is that you?” She asked.

“Yes beauty” Kimberly replied and came in.

Kimberly is her manager.

“You came at the right time” Quincy said.

“What’s up with you?, Your maids reported that you came home drenched?” She asked, checking our her temperature.

” Kim I’m fine ok?, I need to relocate to my mother’s land by weekend” she said.

” Korea?, Why?” Kimberly asked.

” To be sincere, Jameson did what guys do to me too” she replied and Kimberly gasped.

” What the…

” Ion want to talk about it anymore, just get me an ugly old fashioned curly wig and old fashioned glasses, and I need to shop for big clothes that’ll cover my curves and shapes too before I relocate” Quincy said.

” It’s not what in thinking right?” Kimberly asked.

” It’s exactly what’s on your mind, I’m going as a poor ugly girl, which name should I go with?, Rihanna Norbert will sound ordinary, No one will know me as Quincy Norbert the popular rich model after my transformation, I’ll live two lives down in Korea, it’ll be interesting don’t you think?” Quincy winked.

” It’s risky and…

“Life without risks is…risky” Quincy said, sitting on the bed.

“Your dad will definitely not agree to this” Kimberly said.

” I’ll convince him, it’ll only take my tears to do that, my tears is his weakness like you know” Quincy smiled, standing up.

” You’re…. something else” Kimberly heaved.

“I need a warm cup of coffee” Quincy said and left the room.

” Quincy” Kimberly smiled

The door opened and Quincy peeped in.

“F*ck Jameson” she whispered and Kimberly smiled.



Max is sitting on one of the chairs already, ready to dine with his family.

The table is stacked with ostentatious delicious looking dishes already.

Hanna came downstairs and took her seat beside him, she’s his wife, mother of his twins.

“Aren’t they gonna come downstairs for dinner?” Max asked.

” They’d surely come” Hanna smiled and Genova came down immediately.

His handsomeness is striking as usual, the blue hood looks extra hit on him.

He sat without uttering a word, wearing his headphones.

“I told you to keep your headphones away during meals” Hanna said.

” Mum who said it’s unhealthy to use headphones while eating” he replied.

Hanna sighed and he removed it, he hanged it on his neck and Max smiled.

“What about your twin?” Max asked.

“I dunno” he replied and Reece came down that moment, he has the usual mischievous smile on his handsome face.

Hanna smiled widely immediately.

He stood behind Genova’s chair, not sitting.

“Sit come on” Hanna said.

“Genova you need to rise up, that’s my favorite chair” Reece said.

” I don’t see your name branded on it” Genova replied flatly.

” Genova!” Reece shouted.

Genova stood, facing him.

“What again!, Wae!” He shouted back.

Reece sat on the seat Genova stood from, smiling satisfactorily.

“Genova you can just find another seat, your concert is coming up soon, you both shouldn’t be like this” Max said.

Genova sighed and looked at Reece.

” I’ll rather go to bed in hunger than sitting here, eating with him” Genova said and walked back upstairs.

” Reece, must you always do things to annoy him?” Max said.

” What did he do?, Hanna said and Max sighed.

They started eating dinner without Genova and Reece winked at Hanna who smiled.


Polly sat arrogantly in front of the dressing mirror as a maid brushed her hair gently.

She’s preparing to go for work out round the estate, it’s still early in the morning.

She checked the gist blog again and smiled, her role model Quincy Norbert is relocating to Korea, ever since she saw the news, she has been overwhelmed.

Quincy Norbert has always been her muse, she’s her wannabe in modelling, in fact she’s her home screen and lock screen wallpaper, she’s too hot.

She dropped her phone and smiled again.

Suddenly the brush made contact with her scalp and she gasped.

She stood and faced the maid angrily.

“I’m so sorry miss, I’m sorry I …

A slap made the rest of the pleads go back to the maid’s throat.

Polly slapped her and grabbed another brush from the table which she threw at her.

The brush hit hard on the maid’s face and gave her a slight cut, she held her face hurtfully.

“Are you tryna destroy my scalp?, Are you sure you have a brain?, Oh of course you don’t and that’s why you’re tryna get rid of mine, How can a brainless fool like you try to destroy my precious scalp how dare you!” She shouted and tried to slap her again but an hand held her.

She looked at the person furiously and glared when she saw her twin, Molly.

“This is my room, what right do you have to enter?” Polly demanded, roughly taking her hand from her.

“I heard you ranting so I decided to come?, She mistakenly scrapped your scalp with the brush?, Easy Polly, everyone makes mistakes and besides, you’re going for workout, what do you need brushing for when you can just go in a ponytail or bun” Molly said.

Polly pushed her out of the room violently and Molly almost fell.

“Shut up and never interfere in my business anymore!” She yelled and left the house angrily.

Molly sighed and faced the maid.

“She’s so much work right?, She’s got a hot temperament and you know,you should be careful around her… come with me I’ll treat your face” she said.

Polly jogged round the estate enthusiastically, she slowed down when she got to the front of the Alejandro’s mansion with the hope of catching a glimpse of Genova but it’s not happening.

She stood in front of it and her dog barked playfully.

She carried the dog and stroke it’s head.

“Kai so you followed me” she said and Kai waggled it’s tail, it’s a cute white puppy.

She looked at the house again and sighed.

“I guess I’ll have to wait till Monday till I see Genova again” she said and dropped Kai.

” Let’s go back home” she said and started jogging back home, Kai jogged beside her.

A bicycle suddenly appeared and Kai ran towards it, the peddler did a lot to avoid hitting the dog and ended up falling from the bicycle though she avoided hitting the dog.

Polly looked back and her eyes widened, she rushed to get Kai and furiously removed the helmet from the girl.

“Who are you and what are you doing in this estate?, You almost hit my puppy!” She screamed.

” It suddenly came running in front of my bicycle, I avoided it and I didn’t hit it, I fell instead and wounded my arm” the girl replied, showing her the wounded arm.

Polly smirked and went closer to her, she kicked her with her sneakers and she fell flat on the ground.

“I asked what you’re doing in this estate you smelly commoner” she glared wickedly.

” I’m a pizza girl, I came to deliver pizza” she replied.

” Pizza girl in Cosmos estate?” Polly laughed mockingly.

“You must have missed your way, no one will eat your rotten pizza in this estate… leave!!” She screamed.

” But I…

“If I use my hands on you, you’ll get a swollen face within a minute”Polly intruded.

The girl stood, her knees were wounded too.

She took the fallen pizza package and hanged it on the bicycle before pedalling away.

“She irritates me” Polly muttered and walked home with Kai

Immediately she got home, she met Molly by the door.

“What did you do again Polly” she said, showing her the video of what just happened between her and the pizza girl some minutes ago.

“These f*cking bloggers!” Polly ranted.

“She obviously avoided hitting Kai but you did that to her, dad’s company is at risk if this video trends” Molly said.

” Young miss Polly, chairman Kang ordered that you should come to his study right now” Mr Jung, their dad’s secretary said.

Polly glared at no one as she walked to the study where Mr Dan Kang is waiting.

“Were you sent to bring me down?, Were you sent from the demonic world to make me suffer?, Huh!” Dan ranted loudly.

Polly rolled eyes.

” Do you know what the public is saying about the video?,… ‘Dan kang’s twin: Polly is a devil, how sure are we that she didn’t inherit it from Dan’ You ruined everything!” Mr Kang shouted.

Mr Jung came in and took a bow .

“I’ve made findings about her background chairman, she’s an orphan who lives alone and survives by delivering pizzas, she’s twenty… Izzy Roberts” he said.

” There’s only one way to shut the public up, I’ll grant her free admission to Maybelline” Mr Kang said.

” What!, Maybelline?” Polly said.

“What?’ Mr Kang said.

“Don’t tell me that smelly thing is coming to Maybelline college, Of all things you’ll grant her free admission?, For f*ck sake it’s not making sense!” Polly shouted and was replied with a slap from chairman Kang.

She gasped and held her face.

“I’m trying to clean the mess you made yet you’re acting like a moron that you are…get out!” He yelled.

” I hate you….I hate you!!, I just hate you!!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice, her veins revealing on her neck.

She kicked the desk angrily before waltzing out of the room.

“Hey what’s up?” Molly asked, meeting her by the stairs.

She hit her arm heavily on Molly’s and Molly fell.

She walked to her room, stayed in front of the mirror and heaped her hair up on her head, staring at the mirror angrily.

“Izzy Roberts, just come to Maybelline first, I’ll show you who made hell so hot” she muttered bitterly.



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