👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺

[ Soul mate❣️]

Episode one

🌷 Lucas knights 🌷

” Mom, I need to go now”.

I said sliently as the guards rolled my luggages outside probably going to put it in my car.

” Son, make sure u run the business faster”.

Okay. I said and smile at my parents.

” My dad hug me for the up tenths time, before I walked out going to my car, I hop inside the car and wave them while the driver drive out the mansion going to the airport”.

Am Lucas knights one and only son of the knights family.




Son of the Trillionaire in the all universe in American.

Am going for a business trip in Korea.

” Minutes later, the car parked in front of the airport, I walked inside the airport, I was dressed in a round neck shirt, and trouser with a white shoes canvas”

“I’m mediately, ladies started shouting on top of their voice, screaming “.

Wow, Lucas!

His very cute!

His wrist band worth trillions !

Oh my geez!

I wanna touch him.

” I waved them and walked inside the my personal plane, going to Korea”.

My phone rang immediately, and it my girlfriend name cherry.

I disconnected the call, and turned it off.

✈️At the Korean ✈️

We got there around evening, am kinda tired.

“I got inside the mansion, it was much bigger, I laid down tiredly on the couch”.

Suddenly my stomach make a sound.

I remember I could barely touched my food.

” Just thinking about the business trip”.

” I walked towards the mirror, and remove my gold, my clothes and shoes”.

I walked inside the restroom, and turned on the shower.

It was cool, chill .

” After taking my bath, I got to my room and dressed up, I need to get some stuffs”.

I said and pick my car key, going outside.

“I got there and met them the guards on a straight line.”

” I need just two guards to follow me, I said cranky and move to the already opened Mercedes Benz”.

❣️ Nadine Meg ❣️

” Nadine, Nadine take this token amount of money and go to the market to buy some food stuffs.

“I groaned tiredly, ok mom”.

“Am damn tired, just need enough rest “.

Am Nadine Meg.

Very pretty!

Sexy! In terms of sexy.


A 22 yrs old lady.

Still searching for a job.

My mom never talked about my dad,if I ask her she always says I should forget about that.

“Well I know one day I will know my dad, I said and walked out of the small house”.

❣️ Lucas knights ❣️

“Stopped the car, I yelled at the driver who was driving speedily to the store, I saw something that grips my attention and I must touch it”.

“The guards pushed the door open, while I come down and walked to the woman selling fruit, it was Apple that makes me to come down from the car”.

” I groaned feeling frustrated about my foolishness, I wanted to go to the car back when a lady mistakenly pushed me back, like holding me from making her fall down”.

” Some parts of her hair were covering her face, not letting me to get access to her face”.

I used my hand to pick a stand of her hair…

“The sight I saw make me lose my tongue, brain”.

” It was like a nut was lose from my brain making my my heart to melt instantly”


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