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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by: Rahma M.
⚠Dont copy or repost ⚠

Episode 5

The door opened and they all turned. Stephanie walked inside ” welcome master” she greeted.

” i should be the one to welcome you” he replied. ” am so sorry….I only went to….”

” hold on” he cut in and turned to Darrel and Clarissa who were still standing there.

” poke nosers, why are you still here”
” sorry master” they said and bowed before leaving.

Stephanie knew she was in a hot soup today, he was very angry and she could see it on his face.

He walked closer to her and took the glass of water on the table and emptied it on her.

She gasped, the water was cold and goose bumps covered her skin. He held her arm and dragged her upstairs.

” master, am sorry” she pleaded but her please fell on deaf ears. He dragged her inside a dark room and locked the door.

She was scares to death, the room was pitch dark and she couldn’t see anything.

” master, am sorry, I promise not to disobey you again” she cried but no one heard her since the room was sound proof.

Gideon went to his room and slammed the door. He hated disobedience and he didn’t expect her to start breaking his rules so soon.

” after spending two days there, you will never dare to disobey me” he said

Stephanie sat on the floor, she was tired of crying and her eyes were sore. She was hungry and also thirsty.


The three maids laid on their respective beds. ” i wonder what master will do to her” Ariel said.
” you can never tell, maybe he will forgive her” Clarissa said.
” forgive what? I prayer he uses her as a punching bag tonight” Gwen said

” Gwen, the walls have ears” Ariel said
” how would you say such a thing, master might be cold hearted but I don’t think he would lay his hands on a female” Clarissa replied.


Liam sat on the couch while Darrel laid on his laps. They were watching a movie.

” baby, did you know what master did to Stephanie” he asked. ” no, poor girl, I hope she is fine”

” I think it’s my fault, I should have called her on time” Liam said.

” then you should speak to master tomorrow” Darrel said.


Gideon woke up and prepared for work. ” good morning master” Clarissa greeted as she served his breakfast.

He tasted the eggs and spat it out. ” why is this egg half cooked” he roared.
” am sorry, I was in a haste” she replied.

Darrel rushed upstairs but didn’t see Stephanie, she went outside and met Gideon about to enter his car.

” master where is Stephanie”
” forget about her” he replied. ” master please” she begged.

” Darrel she is fine, just go and relax” he said and entered the car.

Darrel went inside and began to check the rooms but she couldn’t find Stephanie in any of them.

She came to a door that had a finger print sensor on it. ” she must be in here, master is the only one who can open this door” she muttered sadly.

She knocked on the door but got no response. Stephanie stood up and rubbed her eyes
she felt like she heard a knock. The room was still dark, she got up and walked in the darkness holding the wall for support.

Her hand touched a switch and light filled the room. She sighed in relief. The room was very big and there was a piano and a chair there.

She heard the knock again. ” Stephanie its me Darrel” Darrel said.
” Darrel please help me out of here” Stephanie said
” am so sorry, I can’t, only master can open this door” Darrel replied.

Stephanie smirked and sat down, he can keeo her here but she will do something to him once he let her out


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