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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by : Rahma M.

⚠ Don’t copy or repost ⚠

Episode 4

Stephanie woke up the next day and didn’t see Gideon on the bed. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and took her bath.

She went downstairs and met Darrel. ” good morning ma” Darrel greeted.

” stop it Darrel” she said and Darrel laughed. ” madam, your food is in the dinning room” Clarissa said and she went to eat.

” please join me” she said to Darrel.
” I have already eaten, you can continue” she replied.

” have you seen master this morning” Stephanie asked.
” yeah, he left for work very early” Darrel replied.

” okay, I want to ask you for something”

” what’s it” Darrel asked.

” please, I want to go and see someone” she said.
” you know that isn’t possible” Darrel said.

” please” Stephanie pleaded.
” who and where?” Darrel asked.

” one of my friend. Its not that far just at snow street” she said.

” okay, I will tell Liam to take you there” Darrel said and she hugged her happily.


” where is she going to” Ariel asked Gwen. ” how am I supposed to know” Gwen snapped

” she hasn’t even stayed for a month and she has started disobeying master” Ariel said and shook her head.

” well, master knows what to do to her” Gwen said.

” stop here” Stephanie said to Liam who was driving. He stopped the car and she came out.

” please wait for me, I won’t stay long ” she said ” okay” Liam replied.

She went to the house and knocked on the door. ” Stephanie” Khalil called surprised. ” yeah its me” she cooed and he hugged her tightly.

” where have you been” he said leading her inside. ” its a long story” she replied. ” I would love to hear it but I need to get you something to eat first” he said and went to the kitchen.

He returned with a glass of wine and a plate of chips. ” thank you, has your mum gone to work”

” yeah, I went to your house last week to check on you since I haven’t been seeing you lately” Khalil said.

” I got married” Stephanie said sadly.
” what?” Khalil shouted in disbelief.

” yeah, she sold me to a rich man, Gideon Rutherford” she said.

” gosh, Gideon Rutherford?”
” yeah, do you know him ” she asked. ” no but the name sounds familiar” he said

” how is your wife” Lawrence asked. ” she’s another problem, can you believe that I haven’t touched her since we got married” Gideon said and Lawrence laughed.

” don’t worry, she will soon adjust to it” Lawrence said. ” she is still going to leave like the rest” he said.

” don’t say that, I will be leaving now, see you later” Lawrence said an Gideon continued with his work.

Few minutes later, his secretary Mara, came into the office. ” sir, a lady is here to see you” she said.

He arched his brows, he wasn’t expecting anyone or could it be Stephanie.

No! She didn’t know his office. ” did she tell you her name” he asked Mara ” yes, Ariana…”
” oh, let her in” he cut in.

” okay sir” Mara replied bowing slightly and left.
The door opened and Ariana walked in. *she is more beautiful than in pictures* Gideon thought.

Gideon couldn’t deny that she was beautiful but Stephanie was more beautiful.

” welcome, young lady”
” thank you” she replied and sat down. ” I didn’t ask you to sit” he said surprised at her manners.

” I didn’t come here to waste time, I saw your message and I decided to stop by” she said

Gideon eyed her before speaking. ” I want you to model for me, I will be releasing a new skin care product, so I want you for it” he said

” I am not a cheap model” she said and came to sit on his table, smiling at him lustfully.

” how much do you want” he asked. ” 80 million dollars” she replied and he scoffed.

” that’s cheap to me” he smirked.
” yeah I know, I just felt like helping cute guys like you” she said and touched his face.

He yanked her hand away. ” firstly, you came to sit on my table without my permission now you are touching me, is that part of your modeling work too” he asked angrily.

” I can be your model and still give you what you want ” she said. ” leave before I call my securities” he said.

” I see that you are business concerned for today, but I will be back tomorrow, make the papers ready” she said and left.

Gideon hit his table angrily and that sent papers in the air, spreading them all over the place.

He took his car keys and left ” Mara, tell the cleaner to arrange my office” he said and walked away.


” babe where are you, master just drove into the compound” Darrel said. ” we are on our way now” he said and ended the call.

He pressed the car horn loudly and Stephanie ran out. ” sorry for delaying” she apologized to Liam

” get in let’s go quickly”
” bye Khalil, see you next time” she said and hugged him before entering the car.

Darrel walked round the kitchen scared. ” isn’t she back yet” Clarissa asked ” yeah”

” didn’t you inform her about the rules, master will get angry and you know how he behaves when he is angry” Clarissa said.

Gideon walked inside ” welcome master” Darrel and Clarissa greeted. He nodded and went upstairs, few minutes later he came downstairs.

” where is she? ” he asked. ” sir? ” Darrel asked.
” you aren’t deaf, where is my wife” he asked. ” she…. went …..” Clarissa stuttered scratching the back of her neck.

” went where?” He asked. ” to visit a friend” Darrel said.
” what! Didn’t you tell her about my rules” he yelled

” I did Master” Darrel replied.
The door opened and they all turned……
Stephanie has entered hot soup oh.


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