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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by : Rahma M.

⚠ Don’t copy or repost ⚠

Episode 3

Liam came out of the bathroom with a towel, drying his wet hair. He walked to the wardrobe and took a T- shirt.

The door opened and Darrel came inside. He smiled, she is the only one who comes into his room without knocking.

” baby, at least knock” i cooed
” really”
” yes, what if I was n@ked” he said

” that would be nice” she pouted and hugged him. He kissed her hair affectionately.

Darrel is his girlfriend and he started dating her since she came to work there.

” how is the master’s wife” he asked. ” she’s good” Darrel replied sitting on the bed.

” take good care of her and don’t teach her your naughty character” he said.

” trust me, I would” she replied and they laughed.
Later in the evening, Gideon came back from work exhausted. He sat on a sofa in the living room. ” Clarissa serve my meal here” he said.
” okay master”

” Master is back ….. go and welcome him” Darrel said to Stephanie.

” what should I do” she asked
” go downstairs, hug him, kiss him, take off his jacket and say welcome” Darrel replied

” you mean I should do all that” Stephanie cringed
” yes, go before he calls you” Darrel said.

Stephanie walked downstairs carefully. Gideon stopped eating and looked at her. She felt sparks in her heart

” welcome” she said when she got to where he was.
” have you had dinner” he asked and she nodded.

” your night bath?” He asked
” no..”

” why?” He asked. ” I wanted to…..”
” its alright” he cut in and continued eating.

She stood there wondering what next to do. ” any problem” he asked with a cold voice. She quickly shook her head and left.

Gideon finished eating and went upstairs to his mini office. He entered and placed a ‘don’t disturb’ sign on the door before closing it.

The room was neatly arranged with a lot of files on the table, he sat on his swirling chair and switched on his laptop.

He scrolled through the list of models who wanted to model for his company and came across a lady that caught his interest.

” Ariana Khan” he mumbled. She had dual nationality. Her dad was an Indian while she was born in Michigan (USA)

” wow, she’s just twenty and also pretty” he said and took his phone, copying her contact.

Stephanie sat on the bed, she just had her bath and dressed up in a blue pajamas.

” am so glad that am free from my step mum and her cruelty. I miss my school a lot.

I miss my school mates and I wish I can go back to school” she said smiling.

Although she didn’t have any close friends at school, there was one guy she spends her time with

” Khalil”

” is he aware that am married”
” how will he react to it when he finds out”
” I wish I could see him so that I will tell him everything”

Her eyelids were becoming heavy, but she tried not to sleep off. Where is Master. She left the room going downstairs to check on him.

Gideon closed his laptop and left the room.
” Stephanie, where are you going to” he asked as he saw her leaving the room.

Stephanie froze on the spot. She was scares of him. He never smiles and he is just too cold.

” you should have slept by now” he said walking towards her. ” yes, but I was looking for you” she replied

” why?”
She gulped and didn’t respond. ” Go to bed” he ordered. ” yes Master” she replied and left.

Gideon arched his brows, why did she call him master, he wondered entering the room.

Stephanie laid on the bed and closed her eyes. She felt like crying, he just ordered her to go to bed as if she was a toddler.

Gideon laid on the bed and turned, he was facing the other side, she could only see his back and there was a wide gap between them.


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