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(She made him love again ♥)

Written by: Rahma M.

⚠ Don’t copy or repost ⚠

Episode 2

Stephanie looked down and saw Gideon coming out of the pool. Darrel gave him a towel and he dried his body with it.

” Darrel is she ready” Gideon asked giving her back the towel. ” yes sir, but she is a local girl, forgive me master” Darrel said bowing.

” that’s why I made you her personal maid. Teach her all she needs to know and don’t forget the house rules” he said

” yes master” she replied and left.

Stephanie left the window and climbed the bed, she was feeling tired and sleepy.

She laid on the bed admiring the bedside lamp which had the shape of a moon. Few minutes later she fell asleep.

Gideon walked into the room and locked the door. ” she slept off already” he muttered and joined her on bed.

Stephanie felt a hand going up her thighs. She screamed and jumped out of the bed.

Gideon looked at her confused. ” what are you doing” she asked, her heart thumping fast.

Gideon smiled. ” it’s our wedding night” he said and pulled her back on bed. ” stop it” she cried and pushed him away.

” am trying to be calm with you, don’t let me change my mind” he said. ” I don’t want to…..” She said already crying.

Gideon slammed his forehead frustratedly. What kind of problem have he gotten himself into, he is stuck with her for months because he isn’t sure they would last for a year.

*At the dinning table*

Gideon was eating quickly, he was late for work. Stephanie was busy acting clumsy, she couldn’t use the cutleries.

” Darrel, teach her how to use them, am off to work” he said and walked out. Darrel looked at Stephanie and shook her head in pity.

Darrel showed her how to use it and few minutes later she was already good. Stephanie ate her food slowly, she knew her husband was still angry with her.

After she was done, Clarissa came to clear the table. ” where are you from, you don’t even know how to use a cutlery, I wonder what else you don’t know how to do” she said mockingly

” Clarissa, keep shut. Remember you are talking to the master’s wife” Darrel said.

” yes i do, its just that…..”
” Clarissa leave here” Darrel said

Stephanie bent her head sadly. “Don’t mind her, Clarissa is like that at times” Darrel said and Stephanie nodded.

” so can you tell me about yourself” Darrel asked. Stephanie told her about her life. ” oh no, am sorry, am Darrel, am twenty two years old

My parents died when I was eighteen. That was when I started working for master. He is very kind but I wonder why he changed all of a sudden” Darrel said.

” okay, am I his first wife” Stephanie asked and Darrel laughed before replying her.

” nope, if am not mistaken you are the fifth” Darrel said.
” are you serious, where are they” Stephanie asked surprised.

” divorced, all of them ran away” Darrel said
” that’s bad”

” yeah and they are some rules that you must follow in this house. No one dares to go out of the gate except with master’s permission.

When he is in his mini office which is just after the bedroom. Don’t go there, he doesn’t like disturbance.

Do anything he asks you to do without arguments” Darrel said.

” what boring rules” Stephanie blurted. ” did he do anything with you last night” Darrel asked.

” no” Stephanie replied.


Ariel sat on a chair fileing her nails, Gwen was busy washing while Darrel was helping Clarissa to style her hair.

” I wonder where master saw her from” Clarissa said ” I too, but she is beautiful” Gwen replied

” I think I must be older than her” Ariel said ” why wouldn’t you learn to mind your business for once” Darrel said.

” that’s exactly what we are doing, she is part of our business because we are serving her, I pity you Darrel,

I think you will even teach her how to satisfy master” Ariel said

” but it isn’t her fault, she was sold by her step mum” Clarissa said.

” I wonder why master goes out looking for a lady while am here, Darrel am I not sexy enough” Gwen said and the rest laughed

” there’s a difference between fat and sexy” Darrel said and Gwen frowned.

Stephanie walked round the house, she went to the kitchen and took a strawberry from the fridge.

” I should leave her before someone sees me” she said and turned to leave but she bumped into Clarissa.

” sorry ma’am” Clarissa said and she nodded. ” do you need anything” she asked. Stephanie shook her head.

Clarissa eyed her suspiciously, why isn’t she talking, her mouth was full and it looked like she had something in it.

” you can eat anything you want, they are all yours” Clarissa said and put some chips in a plate

” eat them, its delicious” she said giving the plate to Stephanie. ” thank you” Stephanie said and left the kitchen.


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