BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 35



Talia Perez
Staying away from Ian is the best thing for me.
I just have to get rid of my stupid feeling for him.
“Why do you want me to go away?” He asked.
“Look Ian let’s not do this . Please go away and forget about me. Trust me it’s for the best. ” I said sadly.
I my heart beat increased rapidly as he approached me.
” I won’t stay away from you until you give me answers to my questions. Tell me why do decided to avoid me . Have I done anything wrong? ” He asked faustrated.
God he’s so innocent of all this but because of his father I’ll have to do what I have to do.
” Do you know how much I despise the Cortez? I hate your family and I stop at nothing until your father pays for his crimes. ” He spat.
” But I wasn’t the one that had wrong you. You can’t punish me for my father’s crimes Please don’t do this Lia. ” He said sadly.
Yes he’s right I shouldn’t punish him for what he knows nothing about but at the same time I can’t bring myself to being close to him.
Especially now that I’ve fallen for him.
I wish all this wasn’t happening , I wish he’s not my enemy’s son.
” Just go away Ian.” I tried blinking back the tears in my eyes.
“How do you expect me to go away when you successfully stole my heart. Do you even know how I felt this few days without talking to you?? ” He said trying so hard not to break infront of me.
“And do you think it’s easy for me too? For crying out loud you’re the son of my Arch Nemesis and i don’t see myself being drawn to you. If you don’t mind I have somewhere to be. ” I said and looked away so he won’t see my teary eyes.
“Why are you being selfish Lia ? You only think about yourself but you never for once thought about how am gonna feel. Am your enemy’s son therefore my feelings doesn’t matter. ” He lashed out.
I felt hurt by he’s words.
Maybe am being selfish , I’m denying myself the chance to love.
“Ian I…
” Don’t say anything Lia I just want to ask you a simple question and I need a sincere answer from you. ”
” Do you feel the same way about me Lia and please be sincere. ” He asked as his eyes had become so red.
How can I tell him that am also in love with him.
” No I don’t love you.. what’s giving you that impression that I actually love you?” I barked at him.
He felt so hurt by my words as his mood soften Abit.
” Do you love me Lia!!!!” I yelled.
” No i don’t love you Just go away!! “, I yelled back.


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