BAD GIRL IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 1

Bad Girl In Love
{I hate that I love you}

Talia Perez
Lia ! Drey we have to leave now!” Mom said as she rushed into our various room packing our stuffs.

” What’s going on mom why the hurry ?” I asked confused.
” No time to explain to you have to take your brother and leave now before he gets to you” she said scared and handed me some things in a box.

” Mom I don’t understand what’s happening where’s Dad ?am scared ” I said and glance at drey who was still sleeping peacefully.
“Your dad is downstairs talking to the visitors”

“Please for once in your life Lia trust me on this . In the box there’s something you have to protect with your life because they’ll definitely come for it ” she said and carried drey and led us through a secret passage way.
“If anything happens to us always remember this name Cortez alecjandro . don’t let him get his hands on this no matter what” she added.

She handed drey over to me as soon as we got to the other side of the fence .
I could hear faint sounds coming from the house.

“Take care of yourself and baby drey , I love you both ” she kissed drey and the forehead and ran back to the house.
I hid behind a rock when I saw two armed men coming towards where I stood.
I was scared to the bone.
U stood there and watched from over there.

They shut mom in front of me .
I held my mouth tightly preventing myself from shouting.
Tears roll down my cheeks
Soon the whole place became quiet as they all left , I took drey who was just two years old and went back to the house.
My parents laid in the pool of their blood.

I blinked my eyes rapidly as I stood up. Kept having the same dream for years now even though it’s been awhile since the incident.
I took the bedside telephone and dialed alda’s line .
Alda is my personal assistant and friend too.

Good morning ma’am you’re finally awake” she said as soon as she picked up the phone.
Yeah morning what’s my schedule like today ?” I asked as I used the back of palm to rub my eyes.
You have a meeting with Mrs knights ”

Cancel . Tell her am busy and should reschedule.” I said with so much superiority.
What about the truce With Carlos inc.” she added.

Tell them am not interested and also what about the arrangements for my trip to LA?” I asked.
Everything is set ma’am I also got you a nice building .you should be leaving in two days time” she said but I wasn’t satisfied.

I don’t want a single building I want the whole estate and i want that done in the next 24hrs” I said and
One more thing ma’am Cortez foundation and empire in LA wants to strike a deal with our company” she added .
Now this is the kind of news I love to hear.

Oh quite impressive . Put a call across to them now and make them set up a meeting tomorrow ,change of plans am coming to LA tomorrow morning” I smiled.
Okay ma’am will do that now” she said.
Good” I hang up.
And I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m Talia Perez, the richest lady around , all other minor companies want to form an alliance with mine.

My kid brother Andrey is a top fashion model and cute too . He’s my precious stone and the only family I have left.
Reasons why I want to be in LA will soon fall in place.

I got dressed ready to hit the gym. When drey came knocking.
“Good morning sis ” he grinned from ear to ear.

“Morning pigeon legs ” I Smirked.

“Oh please stop calling me that ,I won’t want my friends hear that ” he rolled his eyes dramatically.

” What If I invite them over including your ugly girlfriend and tell them how you can’t sleep at night if your stupid doll isn’t beside you huh ? ” I winked.

He huff loudly and glared hard.
” You wouldn’t dare” he said in between clenched teeth.

“What’s his name again ?? Erm ohh mohmoh who would name his teddy such stupid name ? Andrey did ” I added to make him more angry.

” You’re so impossible. am outta here” he scoff and walked away.
I just love teasing his ass.


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