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By oluwatosin ✍️

Chapter 6?

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Prisha smirked inside and faked a puppy face one would fell for…

“Am sorry,,so sorry”
She pleaded.

Right now .the looks on Andre’s face was killing..Alex and Royal hide their laughter

“Sorry bruh”
Alex said and restricted himself from bursting into a crazy laughter.

Andre left angrily..Alex followed..

“Are you out of your mind… are you crazy??”
Alex shouted at her.

“Am sorr….

“Your sorry won’t heal his red cheek you know!!”
He yelled..

“Let this be your first and last time you scoundrel”
He yelled and dashed upstairs..

He stopped halfway and looked back…
“By the way,,,

“What did you do to my kids”
He questioned carefully.

“Nothing…I just babysit them..that’s it”
She said like a sober.

“I still don’t understand what’s happening”
Royal thought and went to his room.

“He didn’t even show me my room”
She fumed.

5 hours ago⚡
“Who are you calling”
Prisha asked Kaylani.

“What’s your business with the person am calling…I can call anybody”
She snapped..

“Honnie….am sorry okay…I was frustrated”
Prisha said with a sad face…

“You nearly killed us”
Kaylani scoffed.

“Am sorry….. Leslie.. Laylani”
She called…

“I don’t want to get fired…pardon auntie”
She pleaded..her voice so sweet..

“Okay…. we’ll just go to sleep”
Leslie said and Laylani followed upstairs.

“Thank your stars”
Khai snapped and went to his room.

“Still rude”
Prisha thought and waved it off.

“Kay…am sorry”

“Auntie…grant me three wishes in future”
Kaylani beamed.

“I want to make use of it”
She added.

“Okay sweetheart”
She said and kaylani ran to her room..

“Ahhh…that was so close”
Prisha held her chest and lied on the couch…

She drifted to sleep.

Present ?
Next morning ?
Prisha had woke up the following day and prepared the kid’s food…

She dished it into plates and served on the dinning table..

Leslie came downstairs first…
“Good morning”
She said…

“How was your night”
Prisha asked.

She responded..

“Stupid kid”
Prisha said to herself.

“The breakfast is ready”
Prisha announced..

“I’ll get the just eat up”
She patted Leslie’s hair and went upstairs through a spiral staircase.

She seem lost…I don’t even know their room”
She said.

She saw TOT indiscribed on a door…and she needs no one to tell her it’s laylani and Leslie’s room…

She called from the door…

“I’ll be downstairs in a bit…just had to dress up…good morning”
She responded from the room

“Morning dear”
She said and proceeded to the next door.

Indiscribed on the door.

“Khai – kaylani….oh khai and lan..I understand”
She said and entered the room..

“Not like they are adults…I don’t see what they’re hiding”
She said and almost laughed..

“You can’t just enter someone’s room like that”
Khai groaned from her back…

She faced him…”what are you hiding”
She blurted out.

Khai batted his eye lashes.

“The food is served..”
She said…

“By the way…. where’s Kaylani”
She asked.

“She’s already downstairs..I’ll join later”
He said icily.

“He’s quite grumpy”
Prisha wondered and left the room..

Royal’s room ?
A call came into Royals phone…he left the clothes he’s arranging and attended to it..

Becky’s picture screened as the caller.

He picked up and said casually.

“Am coming to your house hon”
She beamed…

“Don’t try to..the last time you did…you know what happened”
He blurted seriously.

“And I insist”
Becky said stubbornly and dropped the call…

“Your wish”
Royal scoffed.

Prisha knocked on his door.

“Who’s that… kaylani”
He guessed because Kaylani does that every morning.

“No..I am…

“Oh…what’s up”
He said..

“Food is ready”
She said.

“I’ll join soon…thanks”

Prisha left his door step.

At the dinning ??️
Everyone is on the dinning except Royal who’s just coming from the stairs and Prisha who’s busy with the dirty pots in the kitchen..

“Are not all not going to school today”
Royal asked coming down from the stairs..

“Just wanna take some rest dad…good morning”
Leslie spoke for them…

The nodded their head positively.

Royal was shocked…that good morning..he’s not expecting it.

The doorbell rang and Prisha left the kitchen to attend to the person at the door….

Royal looks on her were flirty…

She opened the door and Becky’s smile turned to a frown…

“Who are you”
Prisha asked..

“I should be asking what a slût like you is doing in my Man’s house”
Becky snapped…

“And who’s that bastard that’s looking for a wealthy home to stick with….a slût for that matter”
Leslie rounded up.

“See her legs like chopping sticks…her face full of cheap glams like a road prostitute”

Prisha captioned..

“Lemme talk to this two leg bended idiot….am sure God will reject you and your ugly face even if you die”
Said by who????

Ah…Becky..this is too much ?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.