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? babysitting
Crazy ?

By oluwatosin ✍️

Chapter 2

‼️Do not copy ‼️

Royal glanced at his outfits and they completely wet…

He sneered in anger.

“Sir we can help”
A guard suggested.

“Where were you when they entered my room should know they are perks…”
He shouted.

“We are sorry.. probably sleeping sir”
Martin,,one of his guards said and bowed.

“And you even have the gut.. boldness to say you’re sleeping”
He slammed his forehead..

“Go to the company and tell Manager Kim to attend to the dealers..and also my visitors”

“I won’t be leaving the house today,,go!!”
He sounded angry.

The guard left with his little-wet briefcase.

“No body must come into my room …okay.. not even the kids”he said to the standing guard and left for his room.

“I need a babysitter”he thought.


Laylani sat with Leslie at the cafeteria..they had only a juice pack each..

Here comes Catalina…the school hot bully..though her father’s not the owner of the school..but being the Governor’s daughter..the fear and respect is still there for her…

Buh not with Les and Lani..
They are so stubborn and snobbish…

Cat banged their table..

The students in the cafeteria focused on them like watching TV..

√another one√

√ Cat the hottie √

√ am sure Les and Lani is going to fight back this time √

“Are you blind not to see we are sitting here…
Lani lashed out rudely.

Leslie rolled her eyes..
Catalina smiled..

“I want to sit here…with my friends..can you stand up please”
Catalina said arrogantly..

“Are you talking to us…has your brain overworked today…are you okay”
Les asked glaring at her.

?️Set the cameras ?️

?️This must trend in the school blog?️

?️Twins of trouble ?️

?️TOT is not a small name?️

“Looks like your ears aren’t worki…..

Before Catalina could complete her statement…

Laylani landed a hot resounding slap on her left cheek..

?This is crazy?

?Uhssshhhh…that hurt my soul?

“Guess you enjoyed that…next time don’t toy with TOT… Twins Of Trouble doesn’t play with cats like you…bitch”
Leslie hissed and they walked away from the cafe…

Catalina fumed in total anger coupled with the slap..

No one has never slapped her..not even her parents..

She stormed away angrily smashing plates and drinks at the same time.

? Bless social medias with this please ?

?I love to see them fight ?


Prisha sat with Merle in the bus…they are both discussing….

The bus contains the ladies that was looking for a babysitting job and they are going for interview in Royals Mansion..

*Can’t wait to see his handsome face*

*I heard they are four*

*I hate pesky kids..hope they are calm and gentle ?*

*I saw their pictures last week..Soo cute*

Murmurs every where in the bus..

“Are they calm and sweet kids huh”
Prisha asked curiously.

“What!!!so you haven’t hear TOT…you are new in turn girl…heard they are so gentle”
Merle said dreamingly.

“Meaning of TOT…ion understand”prisha said.

“Same here..I don’t know the meaning..we can just ask one of the girls here”
Merle said and tapped a blue short dyed hair girl ..

“Whattttttttttt!!!! Are you tapping me with that rough hand..stop.. you’re dirty”
The lady said and Merle widened her mouth unable to close it…

She glanced at her hand countless times.

“Hey dog…you should learn manners…you don’t look at the mirror…youve got a sphere shaped face..looks like a old apes ?”prisha blasted and the whole ladies bursted into laughter…

The girl was embarrassed and she faced the floor.

Merle muttered..

“It’s nothing babe…this girl is too bad just an innocent girl”she smirked and Merle giggled.

Royal’s mansion ?
A white Porsche drove into the compound..

It stopped and the twins came out of it..the driver drove it to the garage after the twins alighted from the car.

“Home sweet home”
Khai said and threw his backpack at a guard…

“Soo annoying”the guard said to himself..

“I need a refreshing drink..
Laylani said and they all went in….

On entering..they met group of girls standing at in the living room..

Prisha eyes brighten up…

“What are you all doing here”
Kaylani folded her arms.

“We are….

“Is dad holding a slût party”
Leslie said and checked them out one by one..

Royal said from the stairs…

“Dad what’s the meaning of this??”
Khai asked pointing at them like piece of trash.

“I want to get a babysitter for you guys.. let’s interview them..

“Hell no!! We are not babies..’
“We don’t need a babysitter”
Laylani snapped.

“Rude kids snapping at their dad”
Prisha thought.

“You need a a babysitter…am still yet to recover from today’s shock…you guys set my morning with a bag of water..I was wet all through”
Royal groaned..

“You need a crazy babysitter”
He said firmly.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.