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ANGUISH – Episode 30




📖episode 30📖

💔 Phoebe’s POV💔

I woke up with sweat dripping from my body and then I knew it was a dream.

Thank God,it was a dream. I stood up and walked to my door. I locked my door. I walked back to my bed,I layed on it but I stood up again and I said a short prayer before sleeping

(The next day)

(At school)

Fiona and I were walking to the library but we stopped when we heard someone calling me.

I turned to look at who it was

“Godson” I said

“Hi phoebe,hi fiona” godson said

“Hi godson” fiona said

“Godson,I hope there’s no problem” I said

“No,no . no problem at all. Just wanted to tell you something” he said

“What about?” I asked

“The place isn’t conducive enough. Can I have your contact so that I can call you so that we can go somewhere calm” godson said and I looked at him with a eye closed

“I mean no harm” he said

“OK” I said smiling before giving him my contact

“Thanks. I’ll call you” he said running off

I looked at Fiona and I saw her smirking

“What?” I asked

“That guy likes you,you know right?” She asked

“No,he doesn’t” I said

“Come on,it’s written all over him. I bet he wants to ask you to be his girlfriend” fiona asked

“Don’t just drive into conclusion” I said

“OK. That’s exactly what he wants to say. So if he ask you, what will be your reply?” Fiona asked

“Let that time comes” I said smiling

“I know you are confused on whom to choose between Michael and godson” she said

“Michael?” I asked

“Are you for real? Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed. you are so funny” fiona said walking away and I ran to meet her.

(Minutes later)

Fiona and I were walking home when a car stopped in front of us. Four girls came down from the car. I recognize one of them to be Michael’s girlfriend.

“Phoebe or whatever they call you,we meet again” claire said

“She is so ugly” one of them said

“Hum…. Have you looked at the mirror?” Fiona asked

“What did u say?” The girl asked

“I am not surprised that you are angry because the truth is always bitter but just so you know,the dictionary saw you and was motivated to create the word ‘ ugly’ ” fiona said

“What? Did you just call me ugly?” The girl said

“This girl is insulting” another girl said

“Eucharia,Sonia. We are not here for this” Claire said

“She just called me ugly” eucharia said

“That’s not why we are here but if fiona tries to talk again,I will deal with her” Claire said.

Fiona wanted to say something but I stopped her

“Well,phoebe. I came to warn you to stay away from Michael or else….

“Or else what? He broke up with you. Why can’t you just forget about him? He doesn’t want you. You are too proud” I interrupted claire and she slapped me but claire received a slap from fiona and Claire’s friends gasped

“Did you just slap me?” Claire asked holding her cheek

“No,I just kissed you. I thought you were a classy,smart girl. So you stopped us just because of a guy. See claire or whatever they call you,if you touch my sister again in your life,I will beat you mercilessly. Including your ugly friends. Apes!!” Fiona said

“I will get you arrested. I will tell my father to deal with you” claire said crying

“And I will tell my mom to bail me out because she is a lawyer” fiona said mimicking Claire’s voice.

“I will deal with both of you. Girls,let’s go” claire said and they zoomed off

I looked at Fiona before laughing.

“Please stop. I seriously hate what you are doing. Don’t make them think your quietness means you are weak. Respect is reciprocal. If they respect you,respect them. If they disrespect you,disrespect them. If claire slaps you,punch her and trust me,she won’t come close to you again” fiona said angrily before walking out.

“Fiona” I called her but she didn’t reply

( late in the night)

I actually apologized to fiona and promise to have self confidence and she forgave me . she said something in tears. She said she hates to see me being intimidated. I love her!!!

She is actually sleeping in my room today. She went to take a quick shower. While she was in the bathroom,her father walked in.

“I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to have you tonight” he said. It’s just like my dream. I guess he doesn’t know his daughter is in here. It’s actually 1 in the morning. The shower isn’t on. He climbed the bed and tried to kiss me but I object. he slapped me and held my two hands.he tried to kiss me again but I screamed. He slapped me

“If you scream again,I will kill you. I’m going to sleep with you and that’s final. If you stress me again, I will go straight to your aunty and tell her you have been seducing me” he said

“And what if you were caught red handed by me?” I heard aunty queen say and her husband jumped down from the bed in surprise.

What’s gonna happen next?

Who called aunty queen?

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