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ANGUISH – Episode 29



😭 anguish😭

📖episode 29📖

💔phoebe’s pov💔

I was surprised to see Fiona’s father.

“Sir,what is the meaning of this?” I asked

“Shut up. Just wanted to clear my doubt” he said as he looked at me lustfully

“Please sir,don’t do it again. I don’t like it” I said

“Come on shut up,are you a kid? You should be happy that I’m helping you massage your body” he said as he tried to touch but I slapped his hand

“So,stop this nonsense” I said and he laughed

“See as far as you are in my house I will do whatever I want with you but if you try to disobey,I will throw you out. Stupid girl” he said as he turned to leave but he stopped and turned to face me.

“If you like, tell your aunty,I will tell her you tried to seduce me. Now make me lunch” he said before leaving

What kind of life is this? I was happy I left aunty loveth’s house but I didn’t know I was moving from frypan to fire. God please help me out of this one.

In no time, fiona walked in

“Phoebe,are you okay?” She asked

“Yes..yes,I’m fine” I said faking a smile

“Are you sure?” She asked

“Yes… Yes I’m okay but your dad Won’t be happy to see you here?” I said

“Oh please,forget about him. Let’s cook” she said

( few minutes later)

“Let me quickly serve your dad” I said even though I never wanted to

“No,don’t worry I will do it” fiona said

“I can do it” I said

“No,I insist” she said taking the food from me and she walked out of the kitchen. It was as if she knew what happened

( the next day)

(At Michael’s house)

“What? He did what? ” Michael asked angrily after I told him everything Fiona’s father did

“Is he mad? For goodness sake,he is old enough to be your father . my God ,that man is insane” michael said

“I’m living in fear in that house” I said

“He wouldn’t try anything . if he dares,I will deal with him. Does Fiona know about this?” Michael asked

“No” I replied and he walked closer to me and he held my shoulders

“It’s going to be fine,okay o” he said and I shook my head. He hugged me

Someone opened the door with full force and a girl walked in;

“You boyfriend snatched!” She said and I wonder who she is talking to

“So Michael, you left me because of this poor thing,this born by mistake,this lowlife” she said

“Claire,get out of my house” Michael said

😉😘 Michael’s POV😉😘

“Claire,get out of my house” I said angrily

“Not without teaching this orphan,the lesson of her life. Does Michael look like any of your stupid late parents?” Claire said and I slapped her.

“What? Michael,you slapped me? Because of this thing,the both of you will pay dearly for this” claire said and she walked out of my room

I turned to look at phoebe . her eyes were already ready

“Phoebe,are you okay?” I asked

“Yh. I’m fine” she asked

“I’m sorry about her” I said

“Oh it’s nothing. She was protecting her boyfriend. After all,she said the truth. I’m an orphan” she said

“No,no. She is not my girlfriend” I said
“Michael,you don’t need to tell me that. Why are you telling me? Well I have to go” she said and she picked her bag. She tried to leave but I held her.

“Phoebe,she was my girlfriend but not anymore . please believe me. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave. Forgive me” I said and the tears she has been holding fell from her eyes. I hugged her so tight. I can’t stand her tears.

💔 Phoebe’s POV💔

( few days later)

I bought out my parents picture and I told them everything that has happened including Fiona’s father. He keeps telling me that he is thgoing to have me and that’s the major reason he hasn’t travelled. He keeps giving his wife,aunty queen different excuses.

Oh,I hate that man.

“Is that girl really Michael’s girlfriend?” I thought

“Why do I even care? It’s none of my business” I said to myself

After making my bed,I lay flat on my bed and in no time I drifted to sleep. Some minutes later,I felt someone touching my thighs,I looked at who it was and it was aunty queen’s husband. He closed my mouth and pushed me to the bed.

“Let’s see how you are going to escape from me now” he said

What’s gonna happen next?💔😞😔


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