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ANGUISH – Episode 28



episode 28
( a year later)
phoebe’s pov
Fiona and I are finally in the university. The same university with Michael.

We walked to sit under a tree after class to eat the little snack.
“Guess who is calling?” She asked after she checked the identity of her ringing phone
“Who?” I said
“Dad. Let me quickly answer it” she said as she stood up. The mention of the name sends shivers down my spikes. The way Fiona’s dad looks at me is scary.
In no time,fiona walked back to me.
“Guess what ? He said he will be coming home tomorrow” fiona said
“God why? ” my subconscious cried out

“That’s good news” I said faking a smile
“Hey phoebe” Michael said as he walked in with his friends
“Hello Michael” I said
“Why are you here?” Michael asked
“Is that really a question? I want to eat” I said
“OK. We don’t exist” Jethro said
“Oh I’m sorry. Hello Jethro,hello godson” I said and Jethro smiled while godson winked at me
“So we will leave you girls now” Michael suddenly said
“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked
“Yh dude,what’s wrong?” Godson asked
“Nothing. We just have to go” Michael said

“OK phoebe and fiona. Talk to you later” Michael said
“Bye” fiona and I said simultaneously as Michael and his friends walked out.
Michael’s pov
“Michael,what was that about? Why did we have to leave?” Godson asked
“Yh bro,why?” Jethro asked
“I should be the one asking you what that was about, godson” I said
“What are you talking about?” Godson asked
“Why were you trying to flirt with phoebe?” I asked angrily
“Flirt?” Godson asked
“Yes. You were winking at her” I said and Jethro and godson looked at each other before laughing
“This is not a laughing matter. Just answer my question” I said
“Michael,calm down” Jethro said
“Just tell him to answer me” I said

“Well I like phoebe. I like her a lot” godson said
“What!” I said
“Yes I like her.I care about her” godson said and I laughed angrily
“What’s up with you? Why are you all furious about it?” Godson asked
“Are you really asking me that?” I asked angrily
“Yes. Do you like her?” He asked
“Just stay away from her”,I said

“Bro,stop behaving like a jealous boyfriend. You guys aren’t dating,that I know. So please stop” godson said
“Just stay away from her” I said and they laughed
“Michael is in love o” Jethro said laughing
“Michael is in love with who?” Claire said running to meet us and we kept quiet
“With who? Phoebe right?” She asked
“Why can’t you just let me be? Leave me alone! It’s over between us” I said angrily and then we walked away from her
“It’s not over until I say it’s over. I will deal with phoebe. Aaarrgh!!!” I heard claire say
phoebe’s pov
(The next day)
Fiona’s dad is already back. I don’t feel comfortable with him around. So I’ve been in my room.
“Knock,knock” fiona said
“Come in” I said and she walked in

“What are you doing here? Your dad will be angry if he sees you here” I said
“I was bored. And please,he should stop treating you like a stranger. You are my sister” she said and I smiled sadly
“Fiona,I know you are in there,come out!! In fact open the door” Fiona’s dad said and fiona reluctantly stood up to open the door

“What are you doing here?” He asked fiona and fiona kept quiet
“Now,go and make me lunch” he said and fiona turned to leave
“Wait. Fiona go to your room while phoebe should make me lunch” he said and we obeyed
I walked to the kitchen to make lunch. I’m preparing vegetable stew and rice.

( minutes later)
After parboiling the rice,I started preparing the ingredients for the stew. As I was busy chopping the onions,I felt someone spank my butt and I turned to see who it was and I was surprised to see Fiona’s dad.
Nawa for papa fiona o


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