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ANGUISH – Episode 1

😭 Anguish 😭

📖 Episode one📖

💔 Phoebe’s pov 💔

I leaped out of Arinze’s room with blood all over my thighs coming from in between my legs.

“Nne,let me help you” he said sweating like a goat. I looked at him with pain and hatred in my eyes.

“Nne, you are sweet” he said before walking inside his house

I leaped to my house or should I say hell. I wasn’t even ashamed while walking along the road. I don’t care what people say anymore. I walked inside my compound. I met my aunty outside,she was smiling and showing all her teeths.

“Phoebe,how was it?” She asked smiling and I kept quiet

“Did you enjoy it?” She asked and this time I looked at her with tears falling from my eyes

“Young lady, answer me” she said angrily

“You have ruined my life aunty” I said with tears

“Oh shut up. Are you the first person to sleep with a man?” She asked with hatred in her eyes

“I should thank you, right?” I asked with tears

“Yes. Thank me for allowing you feel like a woman” she said

“Well. Thank you so much aunty” I said

“Hey, I’m not ur aunty but your husband” she said

“Thank you so much,my husband” I said before walking to my room.

You might be wondering why she said I should call her ‘my husband’ well it’s a long story;
Flash back

“You dey make me dey go,oh oh oh oh oh” my parents and I sang to psquare’s song “temptation” as they drove me to school

Finally,we arrived at our school’s gate. I bid them goodbye and then walked to my classroom.

“Phoebe come here,we are playing a game” Vivian said

“What kind of game?” I asked

“It’s a stupid game” Michael said and I laughed

“Let’s check it out” I said smiling

Michael and I walked to where they were playing the game

“Michael and phoebe are here, let’s use their name” Kenneth said

“For what?” I asked

“The game called ‘ flames’ ” Vivian said and Michael hissed

They did what they had to do and they started yelling


“I knew it! I knew Michael admire Phoebe” Kenneth said

“This game is stupid” Michael said

“No it’s not. Let’s try it with your native names then” Vivian said

“Yh, let’s try that” Kenneth said and Michael scoffed

“What are your native names?” Vivian asked

“Olaedo and obinna” I said and Michael gave me that ‘who sent you’ look and I smiled

“Lovers” Kenneth and Vivian shouted and Michael rolled his eyes before sitting down

“Come on, Michael, it’s not real” I said

“It’s real” Vivian said

“You guy would be called phomic” Kenneth said and the class started laughing

Everyone thinks Michael and I are dating. We are actually childhood friends. We became friends since primary two and now we are in SS3 . He is a year older than me. I’m 17 and he is 18.

After the school’s assembly, everyone went to their various classrooms

After school hours, I walked to the school’s gate to meet my parents

“Phoebe, wait up” I heard Michael say and I stopped

“Hey! Take this. Happy birthday in advance, don’t open till you get home” he said

“Thank you” I said smiling

“Take care of yourself, wifey” he said and I looked at him

“Come on,is it bad to call you my wife?” He said and I shook my head

I walked outside and my parents wasn’t there. I met my dad’s friend outside. I greeted him before entering his car

We arrived home and I met some of my dad’s family there and my mom’s sister. My parents wasn’t there. I am getting scared already because most of them are crying

I walked to my mom’s sister

“Aunty, what’s wrong?” I asked with my heart beating fast and she kept quiet

But then my dad’s elder sister that I never liked spoke out.

“Your parents are dead” she said and I dropped my bag in shock. I felt my whole life coming to an end.



How is it?

In Nigeria setting 💖


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