ANGELZ DO WEEP … (18+) … Part 2


{ About to be born }
With heavy heart, Ranking opened his car door and entered it, his mind was filled with guilt, he couldn’t believe he did it, the bright expression that always follow him around was no longer there, his mind was filled with guilt and he felt like he should vanish with the car into the ground,
He rested his head on the steering of the car with dejected mood,
He raised his head up abruptly following the tap on his car window.
He looked at the person and remembered he came in company of someone to BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL situated in Ikoyi.
It was Yemi, his secretary,
He looked at her and felt like speeding off leaving her there.
He couldn’t just imagine that he later fell for her tricks.
Yemi was the secretary of Ranking in his head company situated in Obalende. Merely looking at her will make some men drool, she has a round small face, light in completion, cute set of white teeth that could heal a lunatic when flashed at him,slightly curved leg.
Apart from being bestowed with a beautiful face, her figure is the killer type, her bossom was a bit above average and a little below excess, her backside can cause accident on the highway because she had it in excess. She’s the type of girl you can’t classify as being slim or fat, she’s just normal.
Ranking almost decided against her appointment a year ago when she applied for the post of secretary in his company, and the reason was not far fetched, it was because he wanted to avoid what just occurred between him and her in BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL right now.
He knew temptation will always be lurking around if he have such an hot girl as his secretary, but her qualifications was the perfect among all the candidates they got their C.V, and he just couldn’t decipher the main reason he accepted her.
Just got to office one day and asked his manager to give her a call that she has being employed, the reason he did it,
he couldn’t tell till date.
He has spent a year avoiding being tempted to do anything intimate with her, but here he is with his secretary looking at him from his car window expecting him to open the door after series of hardcore sex in one of the vvip room of BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL.
Slowly his hand moved to the unlock key on one of the car board beside him.
She entered the car smiling seductively at him, the urge to slap her filled Ranking but he controlled it and started the car as he wheeled out of the magnificent gate of the hotel opened by one of the securities.
The journey was done in a silent mood, tho Yemi tried to lift the atmosphere but Ranking didn’t gave her a chance to do so, all the topics she tried to brought up were all being met by a blank expression from Ranking who focused on the driving as if a seer has told him that if he will soon die by road accident.
It’s was normal for Ranking to feel how he’s feeling, he has been married for more than 6 & ½ years and he hasn’t seen the nakedness of another woman talk less of committing adultery.
He’s faithful to his wife and loved her so much, even tho she was barren, six years + of being in marriage and she hasn’t even have a miscarriage talk less of conceiving a child, they’ve done a lot and different types of checkup and test but all the doctors they’ve come in contact with always have the same tone in their mouth which was
” with all the tests carried out on you and your wife sir, there’s nothing wrong with the two of you, all you just have to do is wait for God’s time, and am sure your wife will conceive, but take this prescription to our pharmacist down there, get these drugs from there to draw God’s time nearer ”
Lolz, what concerns God’s time and drug.
Ranking’s mind was filled up, he has broken the code of conduct of business, how will her boss employee relationship with Yemi be now that he has tasted out of her honey pot.
After dropping Yemi in her bus stop, he sped off not even hearing or bidding her bye.
The main problem lies in his house, he knew he couldn’t keep the fact that he has hurt his wife out of his mind and that will portray in his characters and behaviour at home, his wife (Precious ) is the sensitive type,just a micro change in the behavior of her husband, she is sure to notice it
He horned when he got to the gate of his beautiful 5 bedroom flat , his gateman peeped through the hole made on the gate in order to decipher who it was.
” fool, only God knows when you’ll be able to know the sound of my car horn ” Ranking said with low voice as he drove inside his large compound to the parking space
” oga, I don come back “? Dandy the gateman asked with his deep hausa dialect,smiling as soon as Ranking came out came out of the car
” no, it’s my ghost, stupid ” Ranking replied irritated by his gate man’s stupid question
” is madam in ” ? He asked heading inside with his heart heavy as if a rock was placed on it
” yes, she I just come back now ” Dandy replied Ranking who didn’t even made a step to listen to his answer.
Precious was sitting on one of the couch in the sitting room watching zee world channel on their 45 inches plasma television. She was deeply engrossed in it that she didn’t noticed when her husband entered.
She got startled when she heard the door of her bedroom suddenly sounded due to the impact it was shut by anyone that shut it.
She was scared and picked the dstv remote on the table to use as a weapon as she headed to the bedroom shaking,
She sighed a sigh of relief when she got in and saw her husband sitting on their king size bed, his chin embedded in between his two palm, he was lost in his thought and didn’t know when his wife entered.
“What’s wrong darling ” she said as she sat beside her husband ,tapping him on his back in order to bring him out of his thought.
” nothing dear ” he replied startled.
” don’t give me that dear,I’m not going to take that for an answer ” she replied him persisting to know what’s really wrong with him
” nothing dear, just a hectic day at work, that’s all ” he replied her trying to change his mood
” did mom call you again ” she asked again.
Yeah, Ranking’s mom has being a bone in the throat for the couple, tho her son had banned her from coming to his house because of her constant coming to his house to embarrass Precious because she hasn’t conceive yet in her son house.
After the ban, she didn’t relent on calling her son telling him to get a new wife and leave Precious . But that would be the last thing Ranking will do on earth before not until today when he took the step to doing it.
” mom didn’t call me but something else happened ” Ranking replied her with a stern look
” then what’s it honey ” precious asked him changing her sitting posture in order to look straight into his eye while he talks
” please forgive me, I’ve really sinned against you ” he said with tears visible in his sclera part of his eye ,he wanted to go on his kneel but was stopped by his wife,
” it’s okay my honey pie, just tell me what it is and I will forgive you ” she said raising him back to the bed.
” okay, I will tell you ” he said scratching his head, tho the room was highly ventilated with the high power AC installed in it, still the cloth he was wearing was already filled with sweat.
” I, I, I, I did ,I, ehn, ehn, I ” he started stammering
” you what, honey, just tell me, I promise not to get mad at you ” she said wrapping Ranking hands in hers in other to give him confidence to say what’s on his mind.
” I slept with Yemi ” he said swiftly closing his eye
” you meant Yemi your secretary “?she asked him covering her mouth with her hand in order not to scream
” I’m sorry dear, it was the devil ” Ranking pleaded now going on his knees without seeing anyone to stop him now.
Precious stood up with slow motion and headed to the guest room, she locked the door as she fell down beside it weeping,
She knew she was the cause of her husband committing adultery, if only She had conceived, her forever darling and faithful husband wouldn’t have had the cause to have sex with his secretary.
” why God, what have I done to deserve this?, haven’t I served you well, haven’t I suffered enough to receive a gift from you,
even after praying, fasting for countless days ,you didn’t answer my prayer, even when I faced persecution from my husband families, I haven’t for once spoken negatively unto you, I know you’re going to answer me at your right time, but the right time is already getting late, please lord, grant me my heart desire ” she poured out weeping ceaselessly on the floor.
→→→→ In The Cloud ←←←←
” did you saw how I defeated one of the greatest warrior in heaven ” I asked the perfect one as we were walking down the earth, tho I would have loved to fly but their are some steps we must thread downward before we get ito the earth, before I would be table to fly, the journey was becoming boring as the little girl beside me as refused to opened here mouth ever since we left the magnificent hall.
She didn’t answered me as She kept on going without even doing like She heard me.
” what a beautiful little devil ” I thought in my mind as she refused to answer me,
” or did they forgot to give her sound and hearing abilities ” I asked myself when I tried to start another chat with her but she just kept quiet as we kept walking.
After thinking for sometime, I thought of asking her things about her instead of asking about mine.
” where exactly did you chose to be conceived when you’re give the chance to choose “?
” Africa, precisely in Nigeria ” she replied boastfully.
” okay Nigeria ”
” what! ” I exclaimed shockingly
I almost ran back to forsake the task but it was already too late
” how could you choose that awful place ” I asked her with anger in my tone
” because I felt pity on her ” she answered without slowing down her pace
” who “? I aasked surprised
” the lady crying beside the door ” she answered
” do you see any lady in heaven ” I asked her perplexed at her answers
” looks like you’re every dumb ” she replied
” what! ” I exclaimed, no one has ever told me that I was dumb before and hearing it from a little one for the first time, brought a kind of sensation that I can’t explain into me.
” when the Supreme one showed me the accepted candidates they can allow me to stay with on earth, there was a single candidate from Nigeria, and she felt very depressed and was weeping profusely because She doesn’t have a child yet ” she answered pitifully
” what of my own tears, can’t you see it, because you felt pity on someone, you
denied me the chance to live
in Asia, where I would really love to be ,precisely in Israel, and if you can’t go with that, you should have chosen Europe most countries there
are awesome,
but all you could do
is select a country with highly confused set of little ones, the second version of tower of Babel
Have I offended you before ” I asked changing my voice to sound like a bird’s own and she laughed
Seeing her laughed, hit a place inside if me, I think the place was somewhere situated in my chest.
” but do you know you’re kinda late ” I informed her and she seemed surprised about what I said
” late as how ” she asked with a surprised expression
” if am to deduce the time you saw the lady and when we’ll get to earth, all should approximate to 4 hours and that should approximate to a year and half on earth ” I informed her and she looked surprised again.
” then we’ve to move fast ” she retorted increasing her pace.
I shook my head with disbelief as I also fastened my steps
When we got to earth, I told her to picture the lady in her head and focus more on her, she did and we teleport into a dark room but we could see the occupants clearly,
a guy was atop a lady and the lady was busy screaming while the guy at the top kept on banging her, he was slamming her with his waist on the bed.
Me and the perfect one just stood there looking at them.
” what are they doing ” the perfect one asked with with a confused expression
” they’re having sex ” I replied her
” sex! ” I suddenly exclaimed covering the perfect one’s eye with my feather and we teleport outside.
The place we teleport to was the compound of the house we just entered.
” that was close ” I said breathing heavily as I dropped the perfect one
” what was close and what were those people doing inside that place ” the perfect one asked with curiosity filled eye
” they almost breached my holy place and what they were doing inside there ” I smirked before continuing
” they’re on the verge of making you ” I answered her smiling sheepishly
” good, our timing is right ” she answered happily
” but how did you know that, that was what they were doing ” she asked looking at me like a guilty one, but I couldn’t answer her because I also didn’t know how I know, my brain just received the signal all of a sudden and I knew everything about sex.
She punched me playfully when I didn’t answer her and I did mine back.
Everyday was always filled with fun,
I and the perfect one always play around, joking around, she was really a good company,
Even after she had made appearance in the stomach of Precious ( her mother to be ) and the doctor confirmed her pregnant,
she vacated her stomach the same day doctor confirmed her pregnant.
She only goes back into it when Precious wants to go and do check up, sometimes, Precious always thinks that she isn’t pregnant, because she doesn’t feel how other pregnant lady use to feel and her stomach isn’t getting larger,
unknown to her that her child wasn’t ready to be inside her, flexing outside.
The perfect one always like me to take her and fly in the atmosphere and to sing for her.
Our playing doesn’t know day and night,,
We played so much that we got very acquainted with ourselves, she liked me so much that I had to beg her to return to her mom’s womb when it was time for her to be conceived,
She didn’t wish to go and I also didn’t want her to go,
because when she’s conceived, she will forget everything about me, and we won’t be able to see, communicate and feel ourselves again.
I will be lonely and all I will have to do is protect her from dangers.
The day she departed from me was a very sad day, she wept her heart out,
That was when she opened up to me that she love me, she learnt about the meaning of love through our process of watching zee world channel with her mother, all they do everyday in that is channel is about love.
” I love you Ben, I’ve being loving you for long, but I think I should tell you now because I’m going to forget and it will be rude for me to put you in the dark ” she said to my utmost surprise that day, the words just kept on resounding in my head, tho I don’t love her but I liked her as my friend,that was what I thought, she pecked me as we bade ourselves bye and she returned to her mom’s womb
which led to Precious entering the labour pain stage.
She was rushed to the hospital and taking to the labour room by some nurses.
I followed them flying above their car.
The day the perfect being was to be born was among the day I fought most on earth.
I was inside the labour room with them when Precious was screaming in pain as she was grunting hard to bring the child to life.
Suddenly, the weather changed and thunder started clasping, darkness started hovering everywhere.
” am gonna have one hell of a night ” I said unsheathing my golden sword from its sheath which was on my back as different types of evil spirits and demon started strolling in


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