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💚 Alpha little mate 💚

By presh Sunday


Chapter 47

Damon’s pov

The guy’s car was moving in a high acceleration but am not sure we can get to the kingdom this night.

“Oh God, please protect Ashely and the baby, they’re my life if anything happens to them,I will not survive it!”I pray silently.

I looked at the guy,he was looking very angry and furious.

Who is Veronica to him and what did he mean by his child..does it mean that both of them had a child together.

“My king!”he called as stopped along the road.

“I think the best thing for us to do now is teleport to the kingdom because according to what you said,the place is far and we can’t make it to the kingdom on time”he uttered in one breath.

“Is true but I can’t do that”I replied slowly.


“Because my spirit is weak and with that my powers can’t function”

“My name is Ryan”he uttered as he stretched out his hand for a shake.

“Am king………!”

“Who doesn’t know the almighty alpha”he cut me off and I smile.

“You are really funny!”I teased him as I took his hands and shake him then withdraw it back.

He opened the car door and step down while I seat inside wondering what he wants to do.

He glanced around the green grass.

“What are you looking for?”i question him as I also step down.

“The guns!”he replied.

He searched around the grass, suddenly he chuckled softly.

What is funny!!

He brought out a bag from the grass and opened it. My mouth went wide open as I saw more than 20 guns inside the gun.

“Austin will never seem to amaze me!”he groan referring to probably the guy that brought the guns.

“Let go!”he said.

We both walked back to the car, entered into it and he start the engine.

“We have to get their on time,even if it happens that we arrive in the morning”Ryan said as he drove off.



Ashely pov…..

I felt someone touching my thighs.

I opened my eyes immediately and I saw Veronica brother on his knees near me.

I looked around the room and discovered it was already morning and the room was now a little bit Bright which enable me to see Veronica and Jessica still asleep.

“What are you doing?”I asked Liam as he tried touching my laps.

“I can’t allow such a beautiful girl like you to die today without having a taste of your pu*sy”he replied stressing out the last word.

“How dare you huh!”I spat on his face.

He came closer to me and try separating my legs.

“Let me go!”I yelled out loudly.

What if I refuse!”he smirk as he lick his lower lips.

“You disgusting me”I uttered.

He slapped me on my right cheek

And he was about giving me another slap when Veronica shouted at him and the next minute he was laying on the floor with blood zooming out his mouth.

Surprisedly, Veronica was standing in front of me, she was no longer tie in the chair.

“How did you……!”

“No time for that Ashely!”she cut me off as she went to Jessica to untie her.

“Baby, am so sorry you got involved in all this,I promise that I will give you a better life when all this is over!”Veronica said to Jessica as both of them engaged in a hug.

“Let get out of here!”she uttered and she came to me and helped me stand up.

“Ashely, look into my eyes!”she rushed her words.

“You have to be strong okay.. you need to save yourself and the baby!”she added as we stared eyeballs to eyeballs.

With that being said, she tiptoe to the door and placed her eyes on the door maybe observing if someone is coming.

“The full moon will soon start and you need to get out of here before then!”she uttered icily opening the door slowly.

She signal i and Jessica to follow her behind.

We came out of the room and nearly bomb into one of the guards but we ran and hide behind the door.

He walked pass and Veronica came out again.

I was about running alongside with Veronica and Jess when I felt the baby movement.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!”I screamed loudly and fell to the floor.

Veronica and Jessica ran back to me.

“Are you okay!”Veronica asked.

“The baby!”I muttered gasping for air.

“Please Ashely be strong okay, Damon is coming for you but now we need to leave here please!”Veronica pleased with a crying tone.

I have never seen her this worried about me.

I managed to stand up with the help of Veronica.

She held my waist and shoulder while Jessica held my hand.

We started walking to God knows where.

The place seems like a empire because so many rooms were available making it difficult for us to locate the outside.

I remembered Damon and I sighed.

I pray he is safe!

We walked and walked yet unable to find the right part that lead to the main house.

“Where do you think you are going!”I heard a husky voice which made us to stop walking immediately.

“You think you can escape from me huh?”he questioned.

“Dad please let Ashely go, she has done nothing wrong to you!”Veronica cried out and I flinched.


Did Veronica just called this monster of a man dad!

Within a second, different kinds of men started walking into the Hall.

“Dad please”Veronica squeaked.

The man walked to us and stand in front of Veronica…the next minute we heard a heavy slap on Veronica’s face.

“You are an idiot to think that I will let you and this girl go huh”the man uttered.

The man chuckled and walked back to join the rest of his friends.

I looked at Veronica,the affected cheek was reddish and swallow.

“Veronica,are you okay?”I asked.

“Yes am fine, Ashely!”she called.


“This are the elders of doom and they’re the ones that killed your parents!”Veronica pointed out and I felt a loud bang on my head.

Elders of doom!.

Anger burnt through my eyes as I stared deeply at the elders.

“The full moon will soon begin,let the windows and doors be open”one of the men uttered and the guards obeyed.

“Why do you killed my parents?”I asked nobody in particular as I marched to where they were standing.

“You killed my parents and now you guys want to kill me also!”I sniffed.

“You dare…..!”my voice trailed off as I notice my skin have start changing to that of a werewolf.

“What is happening?”I muttered.

“Get me white serpent knife”Veronica’s father ordered and the rest of the men laughed.

“What is happening to me!”I uttered directing my question to Veronica.

“Today marks the day of your werewolf, you have finally become a full werewolf”Veronica replied.

I felt my whole body burning up.

“Go get her,let begin the ritual!”one of the men said to the guard.

The guard took a few steps and stopped.

“Are you scared of her, come on.. she is not as strong as her mom….. she is just a little child”Veronica’s father chip in.

“You can’t turn into a full werewolf because of your pregnancy Ashely but you can still make use of your powers!”Veronica pointed out.

“Tie her mouth.. she is talking more than her age!”

“Before you do that, you will have to go through me!”I groan not knowing where the bondness came from.

I ran and stood in front of Veronica.

“Ashely what are you doing huh?”Veronica asked as she tried to push me out of the way.

“Trying to protect my cousin from this blood suckers!”.

Suddenly,a strange words poop into my mind.

I started muttering the words with my eyes closed.

“Get her now!”I heard a husky voice and immediately I opened my eyes,fire was surrounding Veronica, Jessica and I.

“Ashely you did it!”Veronica beamed.

The men mumbled among themselves and a great dargon appeared right in front of us.

The dargon groan angrily and marched magically towards us.

My heart skip a beat.

Jessica screamed loudly and hold her mom’s hands.

I closed my eyes tightly as the dargon stood in front of me and was about grabbing my neck when I felt him fell on the floor,I opened my eyes slowly and I saw another dargon on top of him.

“Ryan!”Veronica screamed loudly and I turn to the direction she was looking at.

The same guy I saw the other day was standing at the door with a gun.

“Ashely!”I heard Damon’s voice and I turned around but I didn’t see him.

“Ryan take them out of here!”he uttered icily and I looked at the dargon.

“Da…. Damon!”I stuttered wondering if he is the one…

“Take them out of here now!”he ordered the guy with the gun.



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