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💚 Alpha little mate 💚

By presh Sunday


Chapter 46

Veronica pov

I heard someone coughing and I thought it was Jessica but instead it happens to be Ashely.

“Thank goodness, she is awake!”I muttered.

“Where I am?”she questioned and I was unable to see her face, all I could hear was her voice.

“Don’t worry Ashely, Damon will soon be here!”I replied hoping that the shadow have gotten to Ryan.

“Veronica!”she called weakly.

“Did you kidnap me huh?”

“Oh please spare me that,why will I kidnap you”I replied as I roll my eyes.

“Then what are you doing here and why is everywhere so dark??”

“Please Ashely,let me think of something… stop disturbing me!”I replied almost yelling.


Ryan pov

“Oh baby, give it to me…. ahhhhhhhhh, you are damn sweet”I moan out in pleasure as Reina, the bitch I called for the night ride my di*k and gave it a good blowjob.

She is damn good at her job, that why I ask madam Jane to give her to me for the night.

I just came back from an operation I had with my members and the business was great..we were able to get the money from Mr Gray.. one of richest man in Samara kingdom.

“Suck it hard bitch!”I splash her ass and she moan.

Her tongue wrap the cup of my dik and she swallow the six inch.. that is the length of my dik

I hold on to the bed duvet as I was about reaching my climax. I closed my eyes and allow the feeling to overwhelm me but suddenly I heard Reina screaming loudly.

I open my eyes and what I saw nearly pop my heart out from my chest.

A black shadow was standing at the edge of the bed and it was staring keenly at me.

“Jezzzz!”Reina screamed loudly and ran out of the room.

“Who are you?”I asked…

What am i even saying…. this is a common shadow and it can’t talk.

“I am the massager of Veronica and she asked me to tell this!”the shadow replied and I flinched.

It actually talks…

“Massager of Veronica!”I repeated what the shadow said.

“She said you should go to Damon.. the king of Samara kingdom and tell him where is wife is”

“What are you talking about?”

“Go to Damon before it becomes late!”

“Where is Veronica?”I asked.

“She was kidnap by the elders of doom together with your daughter and Ashley… she needs your help and that of Damon.. the alpha”the shadow uttered and immediately it disappeared.

I gasped as the door went open.

“Ryan,who are you talking to?”my friend Austin asked as he walked into the room.

“I…I …I was making a phone call!”I replied.

“Okay but where is Reina, madam Jane told me she is here!men I need her this night!”Austin uttered pointing at his di*k as he glanced around the room.

“Look for her around the hotel,I need to go somewhere…I will be right back!”I said grabbing my Shirt on the bed and I wore it and hurry out of the room without waiting to hear back from Austin.

I entered into my car and drove off to the palace.

My daughter was also kidnapped.

Gosh!it is the height of it.. I will make sure I kill those bastard that kidnap them.

Within an hour,I arrived at the palace,I didn’t bother to park the car at the garage…I just stop at the gate,then I came down and ran to the palace.


That was the only word that came out of my mouth as I saw different heads on the floor.

I looked up and saw Damon standing at the front door with a sword filled with blood.

I hurry up to him and hold his shoulder and he turned around and wanted to hit me with the sword but I held his hand.

“Calm down and hear what I want to say!”I uttered slowly and his hands went down together with the sword.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my palace at this late hour!”he uttered icily.

“Am Ryan!”I replied and he furrow his eyes.

“Yeah..I know you don’t know me but am here to tell you something very important!”

“I know where your wife is!”I added and his face went pale.

“Tell me where she is right now”he grabbed my shirt and hit my back on the wall.

“She is with the elders of doom… she was kidnap together with Veronica and my daughter!”I replied trying hard to breath due to how he was holding my shirt.

“Veronica! elders of doom!”he uttered icily as he left my shirt.

“I have heard of that name but why will they kidnap Ashely and Veronica!”he asked.

“We need to get to them before they get killed..I need to save my child and my Veronica!”I said running out of patience.

“We can’t go to the next kingdom without having guns and weapons to fight them…I mean the elders of doom are gangster and bloody sicker!”Damon uttered and I smile.

If they are bloody sucker,then I Ryan is the master of the game..they can’t hurt my child and go Scott free. They will pay dearly.

I put a call to Austin..

“Hey man!”he beamed.

“Sorry for interrupting you!”I apologise knowing full well he was with a bitch from the sounds of his voice.

“Any problem?”he asked as I heard him moan.

“I need you gut me some guns and bring it to the road that lead to the on my way”I uttered and the call got disconnected.

I looked at Damon.

“We need to save them as soon as possible!”

“Yeah,that true but we can’t get to the next kingdom on will take a lot of time for us but we must get to them!”Damon replied and we both left the palace with my car.



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