ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE… (18+)… Part 33


It was like a dream. Neither Tunde
nor Shade’s mother could believe
Tunde’s mother has gone to the land of no return, until her body was
covered with white cloth, and they
were drove out of the room. Tunde bursted into tears and cried
his a-s out without​anyone cautioning
him. Shade’s mother who should be a
consoler was not left out in the
league too. They both cried as if their
lives depend on it. The family members of the deseased
were contacted and arrangements
were made on the burial. After the
burial ceremony, the families, both
from Tunde’s father and mother also
met so as to agree on how Tunde was going​to be living. They were both
interested in accommodating him, but
Tunde decided not to stay with any of
the families so as to be unbiased.
And at the end, they agreed with him
to stay in his father’s house and they will be paying him visit as at when
due, after all, he was no longer a kid.

★TWO WEEKS AFTER BURIAL★ ★★★★★★ AT NIGHT★★★★★★ Shade’s mother couldn’t find life easy
again; she missed her friend; the
ceremonies they did attend together,
the gist, shopping and other stuff.
And this made life tough and boring
for her. She has missed her one and only friend, whom to her a loyal friend
she could sacrifice her life for. Her
companion she loved unconditionally.
She couldn’t explain the major reason
why she loved her, or perhaps,
because they have a common attribute, at least, they are both devil
in human skin. The natural likeness
wouldn’t let Shade’s mother give up
easily. She believed her friend death
was not natural and therefore, she
needed to know the source of her death. And she was ready to avenge
the murder of her friend if found
murdered. In the quest for her desire to know
what was responsible for her friend’s
death, to sleep became problem for
her. She just locked herself up in her
room, brainstorming. She could
remember that there was relationship between Cynthia and the deseased:
The business they did together and
how Cynthia greeted them the day
she visited the deseased. She related
everything together and that brought
about some questions which needed urgent answers. “Could Cynthia be the Mastermind
behind Mama Tunde’s death? If she
was not, then where was she when
Tunde needed her help? Where was
she after mama Tunde’s death?
Where was she during and after burial? Where is she now? Where?”
She asked herself repeatedly. I think she killed her when she had
collected enough money from her so
as to cover herself up. Or could it be
because Mama Tunde didn’t want to
pay? That can’t be possible! But
Cynthia, why? Why? Igbo people are wicked. And I told Mama Tunde to
beware of that winch girl o…” Shade’s
mother lamented bitter and bursted
into tears. “I don’t want to know what it will take,
I will fight this to the last drop of my
life: to avenge the murder of Mama
Tunde…” She added before she later
forced herself to sleep around
‘quarter past three’. ********************************************** TWO WEEKS AFTER BURIAL ************AT NIGHT*************
Tunde sat on his bed with his legs
loosely crossed and both feet resting
below the opposite thigh, coupled
with a pillow engulfed in his arms,
meditating. He didn’t feel the
absence of his mother initially because people did come to keep his
company since the demise of his
mother, but two days have gone and
he saw no one again. And that was
when he came to realize that human
beings are not reliable; they promise and fail. He was missing his mother. Nothing
could be compared with the love of a
mother to her children. Though, he
disliked his mother for some certain
characters, but nevertheless, her
position in his heart is unreplaceable. He thought about her last statement
when she was at the verge of death: “Tunde, my son, it’s quite unfortunate
that you didn’t grow up to know your
father. I promise not to leave you too.
My friend, Mama Shade is your
mother just like me. Listen to her. And
above all, don’t forget my warning. My love for you is what is sending me to
my earlier grave now. Please and
please, stick to all what I have told
you” The words kept on ringing in his
memory. He knew the sacrifice made
by her mother and therefore ready to
stick to her words. But at the same
time, when he thought about Shade’s
issue, his mind skipped. And that was when he remembered Cynthia… “Where has this Aunty gone too?” He
asked rhetorically, and picked up his
phone to put call through her, but the
line was not reachable. I tried several
times, but all to no avail. Then, he
decided to go to her apartment probably he could find her…

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  1. really interesting story pls complete the part 34 of all in the name of love. thanks

  2. Hmm. D world seems bright bt humans in it makes it dark. Had i know is always d result of the impatient ones. Nice story,but looking 4ward 2 knw d end of it.

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