Ngozi was seated with Sylvester standing beside Clement’s bed inside the hospital ward.
“How are you feeling now?” She asked.
Clement smiled, his body was draped in bandages all over, the neck, his legs, his hands and even around his waist, while the doctors said he would be fine as every wound and dislocated body parts would heal within a matter of weeks, major concern was his spinal cord which the doctors couldn’t place the exact thing that was wrong with it. According to the tests carried out on him, it was revealed that his spinal cord was still intact, unharmed, unaffected, but lifeless, they claimed blood isn’t flowing through it as it ought to, and the effect of that could be temporary or permanent paralysis.
According to the doctors, they said he needed to be flown abroad for further treatment on his back region, but the likelyhood of he using his legs is quite slim. While he could stand on his legs for twenty minutes, he couldn’t just take two quick steps which automatically ruled out walking in the list of natural things he could do.
“I am getting much better.” He replied glancing at Sylvester who beamed at him.
“What did the doctors say? I mean, is there anything new?” She asked.
Clement went silent for a while, his mind drifting into very serious thoughts. He could’t have imagined himself in a situation like this in his life, even as a kid, no one houvered over him looking after his health or whatever, but now as an adult, everyone is pitying him.
“I was suprised to see Tobiloba yesterday. You know, he actually did a lot for me when I was fighting off dad’s security details.” He began expertly changing the topic.
“But I thought you two would be coming together, you know, since yesterday was sunday.”
While everyone is trying to play a game that favours him/her, Clement wanted changed the topic from the one that hurts his heart, but unknown to him, he ended up bringing up a topic that also hurts Ngozi’s heart.
“We are off.” She replied with a sad smile.
“You are joking right?”
“Not at all. Its all for the best.” She said, the sad smile still on her face.
“What kind of best is that?…”
“Shhhhhh. We’ll talk about it later. What will you like to have? Tea? Or something edible?” She said.
Just then the door into the office opened and Clement’s doctor who over the months had become his friend. The first time they met, he was the one who treated his gunshot wound, he once again treated Ngozi’s wound, she treated late Tolani(Dolapo’s friend) and also Dolapo, when she passed out as a result of shock.
“Mr Clement, a certian Kelvin claims he wants to see you, can I let him in?” Doctor Kolade asked.
Clement exchanged looks with Ngozi and Sylvester probably asking for what to say.
“Sure.” Ngozi replied.
And a minute later, five policemen led Kelvin who was cuffed both in the arm and legs into the ward.
“Hey, strong chap.” He greeted stodding off towards the bed while the police officers ran after him.
“Leave him, he can’t do anything.” Clement said and the policemen retreated.
“I thought you had died, I learnt you dropped from heaven. How was the dive?” Kelvin asked.
“I bet you don’t want to know how it was. You’ll soon be embarking on a journey to heaven.” Clement replied and closed his eyes. The thought of his only brother loosing his life is disturbing.
“You know its impossible, dad will pull strings, I’ll be out before you know it.” He bragged.
“Only a free man can save you. Dad is in custody.” Clement replied.
Everyone in the room kept quiet, they allowed the two brothers to talk because anyone trying to interfere will only make things worse on Clement’s part. Psycologically, he is unstable. The thoughts of his father and brother going to prison or being sentenced to death is disturbing.
Kelvin opened his mouth but no word came out. He wanted to scream, or even hit someone, but he couldn’t, he was dumb that moment as his eyes travelled round the room.
“Ah ah! I will die afterall, but I achieved quite a lot of things. I killed my brother’s wife, I fvcked the sexy officer sitting by my right, I killed many policemen, I worked with many policemen.” He said proudly.
Ngozi shifted uncomfortably on her chair.
“I am prepared to die. Provided he would go with me.” He said pointing to Sylvester.
“Get him out of here, he is loosing his mind.” Sylvester said nervously.
“He is a mole, we worked together for quite a long time. He sold the police force out.” Kelvin said and at once he walked to the exit as if under control.
Sylvester trembled as he moved backwards until his back was touching the wall.
“I think I will just leave.” He stammered.
“Most definitely, but first…” Ngozi replied removing the ever present pair of cuffs attached to the belt hole of her jean trouser.


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