I moved my hand up and down her waist and
back, over her top, feeling the back of her bra.
Aisha reached down and placed her right hand
on my hard d¡ck, now straight up, and she
stroked it through my trouser. I moved my
right hand to Aisha’s chest and squeezed her
br•ast over her bra.
Aisha stopped kissing me, unzipped my
trouser, and pulled my trouser and boxers
down to my knees. She briefly admired my
hard d¡ck before standing up, and pulling down
her blue uniform trousers and black panties.
Her triangle of pubic hair was appeared to be
untrimmed. She sat on the stool again,
bottomless. She placed my hand back over her
pv.ssy, and after rubbing her cl¡t briefly,
combing my fingers through her hair, I worked
my middle finger into her slippery, warm
Aisha slowly stroked my d¡ck, and caressed my
balls with her long, slender fingers. I reached
up with my free hand, and began undoing the
buttons on her top. I reached up and
completed that task, and when her blouse was
completely open, she grabbed the bottom of
both bra cups, pulled up, and freed her
br••sts, resting the still-hooked bra on her
I stared at her small cone-shaped br••sts,
capped with dark-brownish areolas and hard
n¡•ples. I fondled her right br••st, gently
tugging and squeezing it with my fingers, as
the hard n¡•ple pressed into my palm.
Aisha pulled up my shirt and helped me pull it
over my head. Then she leaned way over and
placed her lips around my d¡ck head, and after
giving it a few licks, began sucking up and
down on my shaft. As she leaned over, I
placed my right hand on Aisha’s bare azs and
squeezed it. Aisha lifted her butt off the stool,
and I fingered her pvzsy from behind.
Aisha lifted her right leg, swung it over me, and
straddled me on the patient chair. She
wrapped her long slender legs around my
waist tightly on the chair, and lowered her
pvzsy down over my d¡ck. The feeling of her
lubricated pvzsy wrapped around my d¡ck was
divine. Aisha squeezed her pvzsy muscles
around my shaft, and began to slowly thrust
her hips in and out.

She was doing most of the work as I laid back
and put my hands on Aisha’s hips. As she
started thrusting harder and faster, I moved
both of my palms over her thrusting azs
cheeks and squeezed them. Then I ran my
hands up and down Aisha’s long, smooth
thighs. Then under her shirt, over her back. I
looked up at the woman’s face. Her eyes were
closed, and her mouth was open as she
With some work, I unhooked her bra, and
Aisha slid off her blouse and bra, and was now
naked except for her shoes. The tall woman
leaned forward as she fvckd me, and her
br••sts were hanging in my face. As I fondled
them, I reached up and caught a hard n¡•ple
with my mouth and sucked on her br••sts.
Aisha’s moaning turned to sobs, then groans.
Only the shock and surprise of the situation
kept me from cumming immediately. Aisha
was thrusting hard, and I was thrusting up into
her. Her eyes were still closed, and her nose
was up, revealing some wrinkles around the
eyes of her beautiful face.


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