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Episode 30

The journey was about an hour or so due to the many checking-points along the way, we got to a place along the way and saw buses reversing.

“Oga wetin happen?” Our driver asked one of the driver turning back.

“Armed robbers”

Our own driver shrugged it off and turned to the other lane and proceed with the journey.

“Driver where you dey go?”

“I be my mama only pikin”

The driver ignored those distracting voices and warned my partner who was dosing off not to sleep because he is in front seat with us.

We drove past the attacked bus and some metres away from there is a police checking-point, they flagged our car down.

“Oga roger!” the policeman standing under the sun ordered.

“Armed robbers dey rob one bus for there” our Driver informed them.

“Ehem?! them dey do their work while we dey do our own” the fair policeman under a shade along the road responded.

Our driver tipped them and we were allowed to pass, that was the talking point on our way to Port-Harcourt.
The rib-cracking tale about NPF was the one told by a man amongst others.

“Police fear pass civilian my brother” he started.

“I been dey return one night like that from work when shit wire me, I run enter bush bend down shit. I no know say where I dey shit enter hole dey there, na later I come discover say na police officer wey dey hide from criminals body I dey shit for body” people roared in laughter.

“Shall I no wait for am to come out or even see me because I go become one of the thief, I disappear go house” he concluded.

“Choba, make ona drop oh!” our driver cautioned before he drive pass one of the bus stop.

I came down with the others and located my uncle’s house, my uncle was a bachelor working with NIS. he hardly stays at home so it means I have the entire house to myself, I called his line and he directed me to his lodge although I asked passer-by too.

I settled in later in the evening and came out to stay with guys who gathered under a small mango tree, they sat on two long benches along the tarred road.

The tarred road leads to Aluu, they were discussing soccer and it was like I and one other who wasn’t too passionate about soccer were Man united fans.

I couldn’t defend my club, I just kept quiet and boiled inside hoping for another topic to come up. A minute later a young girl with gigantic a-ss walked pass the road and she became the centre of attraction.

“Oh, boy! see yansh!” the one with Man Utd jersey but almost roasted Ole Gunnar exclaimed.

“No reason am, na shit full inside” the guy who sat close to me tried to shove the topic aside.

It didn’t work instead the argument took another shape on who will toast the girl, it was quite funny after all of them declared that they will walk up to the big a-ss girl and make their intension known, she came back and walked pass us thrice that evening and none of them could muster such courage.

A guy came out of the lodge and saw her, on top of his voice.

“Babe, you are blessed behind!”

The girl looked around and saw him and wore a smile.

“You are blessed at the front too” she didn’t raise her voice much because it seems like everything was listening, even those noisy passing bikes.

The guy who admired earlier went after her, I was famished so I went inside to check if I could see anything to eat.

I was about entering the room when a beautiful girl approached me.

“Are you a new tenant?”

I told her that my uncle lived here so we started talking and I got to know that she is in 200level whereas am entering 100level.
We had a good discussion that she had to come in, I searched for foodstuffs and I settled for yam and palm oil.

She helped me sliced the yam because I disfigured all the slices I made earlier.

We cooked and ate then I got to know her name, Sonia was her name. She wasn’t from my state but still her state was close to mine, I told her about my clearance and she promised to guide me through out my clearance process.

I took her number and followed her to her room, she stayed with two other female.
Cindy was one crazy girl that she can’t stop using f*** words and pu*** with d***.

She was even asking of my size when I came to their room, Sonia reprimanded her when she told me to kiss her.

I really had fun but I returned to my room and met a figure backing me, a lady shape so beautiful that her curly hairs touched her mid-waist.

“Don’t allow a girl to get close to you” her voice sound familiar, but immediately she ended the statement she vanished.

I was shocked.


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