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(Faded Feelings)
Episode 6
Written by Author Nath
Two months had clocked like the ticking hands of a clock to complete the five conditional years. Claude didn’t want to spend a day in Ghana before traveling to Nigeria in search of his love. He could be seen in his room, hastily parking his stuffs into a traveling bag. He wore a black plain trouser and a white singlet. He had shuffled his wardrobe and scattered his bedsheet as he haphazardly prepared. Just then, Nnanna entered.

“Thank God, you’re here, Nna.” He turned to him. “You have to cover up for me. I want to go back to Nigeria without Chief knowing. I really need to go see Eniola.” he begged.

“Oh, guy…” Nnanna sat on the edge of the bed, looking worried. “Ike, you need to calm down. Where I come from, we don’t do things anyhow especially when it concerns women and also where we do not reason with our hearts but our brains.” he paused.

“What do you mean by that?” Claude asked without looking at him. He was actually putting on an orange long-sleeve shirt which he began to buckle up as he anticipated Nnanna’s response.

Nnanna positioned a critical strategic hands for his substantiation. “First, you never profess your love to the girl who you want to fly over to Nigeria for. Secondly, it’s over five years, how sure are you that you will meet her at the same place you left her? Lastly, you do not know whether she feels the same way you feel. Okay, let’s say that she felt what you are feeling for her now, but she’s a woman! Women are like water, they do not have definite shape, rather take the shape of their container. In other words, when you leave a woman or a woman leaves you, she finds someone like you or better than you and develop another feelings for the person and so on. It’s pretty easy for them. They only know those who are with them in a particular place at a particular time. So this Eniola of a girl, I believe she has long forgotten about you.”

However, Claude had been mute and static, listening to him. His statement reminded him of what Papa told him about women: “Women’s time is shorter than men’s. As you grow studying the universe, a woman is another universe you need to study too.” He remembered and exhaled deeply with two hands on his waist.

Nnnanna nodded his head. “I guess you concur with me.” he broke the silence.

“You know, you are kind of correct. But I have to try. I know that we shouldn’t reason with our heart sometimes, but we should follow our heart at times.” He closed his traveling bad. Just then, his phone rang. He looked at it to see Chief as the caller. When Nnanna saw it too, he widely opened his mouth.

“This can’t be good.” he shook his head.

Nevertheless, Claude picked the call and put it on speaker. “Good morning, Chief.” he said.

“Ike, I’ve made an arrangement for you to meet Ogechi, my daughter. So I will like you to fly down to Nigeria. We shall be having Dinner together tonight.”

“Okay, Chief.” Claude replied. Instantly, after the call went dead, his eyes clutched with Nnanna’s. “Oh, no, I wanted to go back to Nigeria without his knowledge.”

“Hardly can you go behind great men. Chief is a great man” Nnanna substantiated.
Meanwhile, Chief Mekus, as he was called, dropped his phone on his table inside his master’s bedroom. He was tall and huge with a baldhead. On his jaw lies bushy grey beards. Behind him was his wife, Nkeiru who dragged a blanket up to her chest. She had a broad face, black like her daughter with the same open teeth. She seemed worried about her husband call with Claude. Of cause Mekus comprehended it, so he never bothered to turn to her, rather he made the wall his cinema. Only the sound of an air conditioner propagated in the silence that creeped between them.

“Emeka, don’t you think you’re a bit fast about Ogechi and this boy? For crying out loud, our daughter is just 20 years.” Nkeiru broke the silence.

“The earlier my grandchildren have the blood of a Hugo, the earlier the world experience a new modernization that will make me not only an inventor but also the richest person on Earth.” Mekus replied without looking back at his wife.

“A modernization with conditions and consequences that will subject your grandchildren to all manner of abnormalities or death?”

Mekus turned with hands behind him. “You do not understand, woman. Conditions are always base on physical contact of a victim, so if I should use the blood, process it for the production of drugs that cure any sickness, I’ll ship them to the western world where I will restrict any of my grandchildren from going in order to avoid any consequences attach to any healing.” he explained critically.

“Hmmm..” the wife sighed. “You’re gradually leading your generation into a big catastrophe. Retrace your steps now.” She warned and covered herself with the blanket.
Claude arrived to Lagos, Nigeria, in his own apartment, a flat rented for him by Chief himself. Literally, he would find himself on the street as a panhandler if not for him. So he was careful not to offend him in order not to go back to the grass. In the living room of the flat were hard coaches and a flat television, he glanced at his wristwatch, placed his hands on the waist and stared at the ceiling. “I think I’ll get to Ogun state, Olupona precisely and come back on time with flight before going over to Chief’s for the dinner.” He thought and rushed out of the house.

Several hours later, Claude arrived Olupona well dressed like a banker. He tocked in the orange shirt in the black trouser. On his waist was a black leather belt and on his feet where black shinny Italian shoe. A golden necklace hung on his neck. He stepped out from a taxi in front of Ayomide’s compound. He approached the door and exhaled deeply before knocking on it three times. He waited and expected Eniola to open the door but no one answered it. Just before he knocked again, it opened. He looked up to see Ayomide herself.

“Good afternoon, ma.” He greeted.

“Aaah!” Ayomide gasped with mouth opened. She recognized him so fast because his blue eyes had a remarkable identity. “Claude!” She exclaimed and hugged him happily. They entered inside the house. Ayomide never hesitated to call Gbenga who sat on the same cushion with her, opposite Claude on another cushion.
Claude explained his reason for living and why his life changed tremendously. But he was surprise to know that they already know about who he was; a Hugo. “So, today is making it five years. I said let me come and see Eniola. Where is she?” he concluded.

“My son,” Gbenga cleared his throat. “I know you’ll come back because If a blind man says he will throw a stone at you, he probably has his foot on one. It’s not your fault that you had to leave Eniola behind. It is not the cook’s fault when the cassava turns out to be hard and tasteless. You’re welcome.” He looked at Ayomide.

“Uuhmm.. my daughter is schooling in Lagos now. She’s rounding off her first year there now.” Ayomide explained. “Sorry, we had to lie to her that you’re an angel. There was no other way.”

“So she doesn’t know about me being a Hugo?” Claude asked.

“Not at all! She was so devastated emotionally. We even made her believe the attack on her at the warehouse was a dream. She was just but a small child.” Gbenga supported.

They all observed a tranquility that suddenly paved its way in their midst.

“My child,” Gbenga broke the silence. “Her mother will give you her number so you can reach her and never disappear again. He is a fool whose sheep runs away twice. Also, do not expect her to welcome you with an open arms because all heads are the same, but not all thoughts trail in the same direction. It’s been five years you left her. It’s been long, so there might be some strange behavior. If an arrow has not entered deeply, then its removal is not hard. Those who are born on top of the anthill take a short time to grow tall. However much it rains on you, no wild banana tree will grow on your head.” he concluded with wise proverbs.
Ogachi rushed into her apartment to see Eniola, lying on the bed in a bumshort and a crop-top. “Madam pink!” She woke her up. “Guess what, Ike is in town and I’mm going to see him for the first time!” She rejoiced.

“Wow! That’s a good news” Eniola sat up on the bed.

“We’re having dinner with my parents tonight, so I told my Dad I’ll be coming with my friend.”

“Who?” Eniola looked up at her.

“You, of course. We’re going together. This is weekend, we have nothing doing in school. So young lady, dress up. We’re leaving now.” she hit her with a pillow while she grinned happily.

“Well, let me go and see this Ike of a boy that’s driving you crazy.” Eniola began to dress up with her. Her phone rang in the process. She looked at it and ignored it.

“Baby girl, pick your call na” Ogechi told her.

“I’ve picked several of them today. I don’t know who’s giving these guys my number. I’m not picking again.” She replied.

“Hmmm.. shakara babe.” Ogachi concluded hilariously. The number called twice, but Eniola never picked. Not knowing it was Claude’s call.

Nevertheless, the day had started going dark. The girls arrived to Chief Mekus’ mansion. Already, Claude had been with Chief and his wife in the living room, waiting for Ogachi to show up. On the dining table were assorted African Igbo bitter-leave soup and other delicacies. Just as they passed the time with a football match in the living room, Ogachi and Eniola entered. Raising up his head, Claude saw a beautiful damsel with Eniola beside her. He stood up with that shock. Even Eniola pinned herself at a spot, staring at him. He remembered and recognized him vividly.

“Eniola?” Claude called her.

Ogachi seemed confused while her parents also stood up. Chief said, “No, she’s Ogechi my daughter. This one.” He pointed at his daughter.

“Dad, he mentioned my friend’s name.” Ogechi objected. “Ike, do you know her?” She turned to her friend to see her frozen at a spot. “Eniola, do you know him?” she asked her too.

“No, I don’t know him.” she replied.

“Sorry, I was mistaking her with another person.” Ike concurred, even though he knew who he saw. He smiled, walked up to Ogachi and hugged her. “Happy to see you.” he told her.

“Me too” Ogachi replied happily while the parents smiled from behind. “This is my friend. She’s also Eniola.” she introduced.

Claude stretched his hand at her. “Welcome.” he said.

“Thank you.” She shook the hand then remembered the first time he took him by the same hand n the wood and placed it on her chest. She couldn’t avert her eyes from his blue eyes too. They felt the connection once more, so strong and deep…..


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