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AFRAID TO LOVE – Episode 69



Tricia angrily stomped out of the ward. She was pacing here and there. Unpleasant feelings ran through her blood. D–n this Purity! Why did she have to come? If she had not showed her sorry face into their lives, Jeremy would have been hers. Jeremy had never called her names before, but he did – all because of a so-called fiancee.
“No, no,” she said to herself, “I must take her place. I must take her place in Jeremy’s heart. I am to be his wife. I hope she never comes back,” she concluded, dialling a number on her cell.

“Do you have any idea where Purity is?” Tricia asked as soon as her cell beeped.

“I don’t,” Ernest replied over the phone.

“Not with me. I know you have her,” Tricia replied, getting upset.

“So? Why did you ask if I already did?”

She smiled evily. “Want to confirm that. Well, thanks for smashing whatever you smashed on his head; it did me a lot of good. He lost part of his memory. Don’t hurt him, next time.”

“Its good to hear that. You want to see her?” Ernest asked, less concerned.

“I don’t want to. I won’t be able to stop myself from tearing her into pieces if I ever set my eyes on her,” she maliciously replied.

“Its my love we’re talking about here,” he replied, upset.

“Whatever, just get out with her to a very far away place. Be with her, I want to be with Jeremy.” She disconnected the call.

She heaved a sigh of relief. That call made her come alive again. It felt really good to know that Purity was with Ernest and was never coming back. No matter how Jeremy searched, he’d never find her. She was long gone, gone forever. She’d play the role of Purity and make him have eyes only for her. She chuckled wickedly.
“Please, excuse me,” she said to a nurse passing, “Where is the bathroom? I really want to freshmen up. I spent the night here, my fiance’s admitted.”
“I can remember everything. I swear I can,” Jeremy opened up to Allan, his trusted friend and doctor. He had to tell someone. He couldn’t hide the excitement he felt in getting his memory back. Just one thing hurt him – her disappearance.

“Are you being serious?” Allan questioned. “You haven’t gotten enough rest, neither have you completed your medication and your memory just pops out like that? Or you didn’t lose it all?”

Jeremy laughed on hearing his last statement. “She has been on my mind. I’ve been asking after her since I became conscious.”

Allan grabbed a seat and pulled it closer to Jeremy’s bed. He was keen on hearing what happened to Purity – Jeremy’s wife-to-be. He dropped his weight on the chair, comfortably. “That should be the reason why. How are you feeling now?” He was trying to ask the necessary things a doctor should. He never wanted Jeremy to find out that he was really interested in his story.

Jeremy sighed. “I still hurt, but better than yesterday.”

“That’s good. I’ll send the n-”

“Please, listen to what I have to say as a friend, ” Jeremy caught him off, “You can do your job as a doctor later.” Jeremy pleaded.

Allan’s eye danced with excitement. This was what he’d been waiting for. He smiled, “Let’s hear it.”

“We had an argument. I think she has been abducted.”

“Ab-” the word got stuck in his throat, “Abducted? How do you mean? I don’t understand you.”

“Shh…. Keep your voice down,” Jeremy cautioned. “It was at her father’s country house. Something was up, we fought over it till she mentioned that my mother’s last wish was that we get married. I was stunned hearing that and left her to herself. As I was outside,” he paused and took a very deep breath. This was the painful side of the incident, “I heard her scream loudly. I ran inside, but I couldn’t find her there. I could her hear cry softly, but she was nowhere to be found. I searched, then tried dialling 911, then I felt something break in pieces on my head, I fell to the ground and drifted to being unconscious. I woke up here.”

Allan took a deep breath. He didn’t think for a second that Jeremy’s story would be a sad one. He was hoping to hear something romantic, what would make Jeremy happy and heal faster. Sadness crept into him. He got up and held Jeremy by the shoulder, “I’m sorry man. Its an unpleasant story, indeed. Are sure this is all that happened?”

Jeremy nodded, already getting comfort from his friend. “That’s it. Was my cell brought here with me here?”

Allan shook his head. “It wasn’t. Just you. Blood oozing out of your head and you know…”


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