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AFRAID TO LOVE – Episode 60



He thought it’d hit her hard. He’d soon have her in his cage and control her.

Someone else knew? Who could that be? Or he was trying to make a fool out of her? That would never happen. “I’m wondering why you and the person haven’t made any move. Are you scared of Jeremy, that he won’t believe you two?”

“Its for your own good. So, it won’t make you a bad person in his eyes. Can’t you see I care about you and your reputation?”

“Aren’t you already a bad person in my eyes? What you did that night was bad, really bad? I’m not stupid or naive anymore. I’m not sixteen anymore, I’m twenty-five and engaged to be married.” She stood up abruptly from the chair. “This would be the last time you’d walk into my office to tell me this trash, the next time you do so, I will not hesitate to walk you out. Please leave. Never come back to this place.”

He never expected her to talk to him that way. She was to be calm and try to reason out things with him. She had to beg him, plead with him and here she is, acting like his authority, telling him what not to do. He had to act fast. “You shouldn’t be talking to me like this. I only helped you that night. Wasn’t that what you wanted, to drown away your pains and that was exactly what I did. You should thank me that I agreed to be your only friend and confidant, I took your side, I didn’t disagree with you. What I did, was to make you happy.”

“Happy? Make me happy?” She was furious. “An unhappy teenager walks into a bar to get drunk, it isn’t the right thing to do, but she has to because she is driven by many emotions. The right thing you could have done like any other respossible man should is to stop me from drinking and take me home.” She paced around her office. “But did you do that? No, you didn’t, you wanted sex that night? You really disgust me.”

He stood up to defend himself. “I wanted what every other man would want from you. You are very attractive. You know what courage I had to gather before I approached you?” He paused.

She was staring at him with blazing eyes. He ignored that. “I was really happy you even liked me and I wanted to know you more and have you forever.”

“You know why I was there, why I had pretended to like you? Was to break your hear, tear it in pieces and hurt you like you’ve never been hurt.” She shook her head sadly, “That didn’t happen. I was the one hurt in return. You hurt me and made me hate all me more and more.” A smile touched the corners of her mouth. “I’m happy I’m hurting you now, giving you all that you deserve. You deserve more than this, you bastard!”

“You’ll give me all I deserve when you finally give yourself to me.” His voice was stern and firm. His eyes never left hers.

She started at him, startled for a few seconds. “You’re insane. You are sick!”

He went closer to her. “Sick with love, I really need you.”

She folded her arms and scoffed. She prayed, prayed that he’d come, come now at the right time and rescue her. She didn’t want to have anymore discussions with Ernest. His fearless approach only deepened the hatred she felt for him. He deserved to suffer, in jail and not confessing a stupid, unreasonable feeling – lust.

“I’m sorry I hurt you in the past. I’m here to make amends. Please forgive, me. I’ll understand you better. I’ll, please.” His brown eyes, pleaded.

She was determined not to agree to anything. “I’ll personally invite you to my wedding.”

“You’ll marry any man other than me over my dead body.”

She nodded and grinned. “My wedding,” she pointed to herself, “to your cousin, Jeremy is underway. We are still getting married. My being with you on my engagement night won’t stop us.”

He couldn’t believe that. “Impossible.”

“How would you feel if I told you that Jeremy already defiled me?”

“You are a liar. And if he did, he used you. He’ll definitely divorce you after a year.”

“Divorce? Divorce? What do you mean?”


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