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AFRAID TO LOVE – Episode 59




“Ma’am, so you’d be resigning after your marriage to Mr. Broderick?” Heather asked with inquisitive eyes.

Purity laughed softly. “Yes. The distractions would be too much for me and I can’t work under him.”

“Distractions?” Heather repeated. “I don’t understand.” With squinted eyes, Purity scanNed Heather intently. “Who are you planning to share this with?”

Heather frowned and made a face. “I can keep secrets. I’ve learnt.”

“Really?” Purity was surprised. “Hmm,” She smiled. “You’ll wanna keep this one. Um, why can’t you concentrate when a man is around, you’re always carried away?”

“Because you love that man? Wait,” Heather thought silently for a while. “Oh,” She smiled in a silly way. “You are in love with Mr. Broderick and that’s why you don’t want to work under him.” She replied.

“Brilliant answer.” She liked that.

Heather immediately became shy. “Thank you, ma’am.”

Purity nodded and continued going over the paper work on Heather’s desk with a grim smile on her face. Ah, Jeremy. He was always on her mind.

“Are you really going to leave?” Heather blurted out. It hurt her to know she’d no more be the secretary of Miss Purity Theodore. Yes, she enjoyed certain privileges working with her, but that was not it. She had gotten used to her boss and was gonna miss her a lot. She was hurt at times, but she knew how Miss Theodore treated people. She wasn’t a bad person.

PUrity held Heather’s gaze. “Yes, I am. Are you sad?”

She nodded. “I’ll miss you.”

PUrity was touched, deeply. She had no idea Heather had become so fond of her. She was thinking she was tired of her. “I’ll miss you, very much.”

Purity dropped the papers and beckoned Heather to move closer to her. “Lets share a hug.”

Heather was startled. “A-”

Before she could make any more sound, Purity pulled her close and embraced her. “Thank you. Thanks for putting up with all my crazy acts. I’m sorry for that.”

Heather hesitated to hold Purity. After Purity had thanked her and apologised, she found the will to put her hands around her. “Thank you too, ma’am. You didn’t fire me.”

Purity laughed. “You’re funny. Papa never gave me that right to do that. I just used it to….you know….” She broke off, laughing.

Heather joined too.

They left eachother.

Then, the door opened and Ernest walked in, confidently. He had a smile on his face.

Purity met his gaze and returned his smile. She had nothing to be cared of. Ernest had lost and he was never gonna blackmail her anymore. “Heather, I’ve got to talk with this man.”

“Alright, ma’am. Be careful.” Heather didn’t like Mr. Turner a bit.

“This way, Mr. Turner,” Purity gestured and flashed him a mocking smile.

Ernest pretended not to have noticed that and walked towards the door leading to her office. What’s making her so bold?

“One more thing,” Purity said to Heather as she got near her door. She turned to face her, “How about taking a break and being my maid of honour?” She didn’t wait for a response, she turned and walked into her office. She left Heather staring at her back and then at her closed door, Heather’s eyes were dilated and her mouth, agape.
Purity plodded to her swivel chair after closing the door behind her. She sat down and crossed her legs. She faced the already seated Ernest. “What can I do for you?”

“You know why I’m here.”Ernest replied, flatly.

She tapped the fountain pen she had taken from the pen holder on her desk. “I don’t think I do. Please, let me know.” Purity didn’t care about time and she was willing to spend it playing games with him. Jeremy could come in and find them that way, it did not matter. She was at peace with him and he knew everything.

Ernest sighed deeply. “I have come to give you another chance to become mine or-”

“Or what?” She stopped him from talking. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to tell him what transpired between us nine years ago.” he threatened.

“Is that so?” She laughed sardonically. “What makes you think he’ll believe you? That was years ago. I’m a saint.” She rolled her eyes.

This is going to be tough, he reasoned silently. What happened to her? His brows furrowed. “You are not a saint. I know of someone else who is aware of the entire details.”


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