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AFRAID TO LOVE – Episode 57



” ‘I have to go,’ I told him. I gradually became conscious but I was still drunk. I don’t know what he gave me to drink.

” ‘Stay, we were just having fun,’ he tried persuading me. He was smiling and pulled me closer. ‘You don’t want to let me kiss you. You soiled my hair, I will forgive you for that, but please kiss me.’ He tilted his head forward. I pushed him back.

” ‘I will kiss you tomorrow night. I will be here,’ I promised him.

“That made him smile. ‘Promise?’

” ‘I promise,’ I repeated. ‘Ernest….’ I laughed hysterically and turned to leave. He caught my hand and pushed me closer to him. He smelt my hair. ‘I will never forget you, Melisa. Don’t fail me.’ He planted a kiss on my forehead. ‘You are beautiful.’

“I nodded and walked out. I still staggered. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was feeling upset within me and very strange. Then, I felt something rushing out of my stomach and I puked. It was irritating and disgusting. I did that for about five minutes. I got to my car, but I couldn’t open it. It was all very confusing. I was acting like a crazy girl. I was sure it was past midnight, but I still wanted to go home.

“Someone came to me and offered to drive me home. I didn’t say no. He helped me into the can and he got in. My phone rang, he answered it and explained everything to my mum. He to me home. My parents thanked him, paid him money and instructed him never to say a word to anybody.

“They let me sleep that night. The following day, I woke up with a very severe headache. It was as if a bell was ringing in my head. It wasn’t easy to make it stop. I took some pills. I was able to recall all that had happened the previous night. I cried over it and wrote the details down. I regret it so much and felt like killing that Ernest. He hurt me, added to my pain. I felt very stupid. How ironical, I went there with the aim of hurting a guy and I was the one hurt in return. All my life, I’ve lived with that guilt and tried to erase it from my memory, but its still there. I couldn’t trust humans, I became my own world. That’s why I chose this life, to be all by myself. Don’t want to go through any phase of betrayal, hurt and pain all over.” She smiled weakly and looked him in the eye. “That’s what really changed me. My story.”

“Come here,” Jeremy opened his arms and let Purity in. He cuddled her and kissed her hair, forehead and nose. “It must have been really hard to go through all that alone. I’m sorry for all the pains he caused you and your friends turning their backs on you. I’m sorry I kinda misjudged and mistrusted you.”

All the sympathetic words of Jeremy gave her an unusual comfort and calm in her heart. Sharing her secret with him was okay. It felt like a burden had been lifted off her chest. It was really nice. His reaction made her relax more. She didn’t fear that he was going to reveal the secret to any person to hurt her or force her to be him- very unlike his cousin. Jeremy didn’t judge her or condemn her, he felt sorry for her, sorry that she had gone through a lot. It brought her peace. She had thought he wouldn’t understand, he’d hate her, but she feels he loves her more. “Thank you.”

“Darling, you are brave, you are a strong woman. You were able to escape him even when you were drunk, I believe he is after you again and you’ll put him in his place.”

She smiled. “If you support me.”

“Of course, I will.” He could see reasons why she put men out of her life. It was his d–n cousin! He felt remorse over the bad things he had thought about her. It was her past and all gone. This was the present and he was gonna do his utmost to protect her from his cousin. She was his and nothing was putting them apart. He had won her full trust and confidence. No woman had ever confided in him as she did and his love for her intensified, he admired her. “No one’s going to hurt you, again. I’ll always be here for you.” He smiled reassuringly.

Purity loved that smile of his as it set her heart on fire. It was warm, filled with calmness and love. Something she never felt for any man. How did Jeremy manage to win her heart? It was always cold and filled with hate towards men. Jeremy broke the walls she had built around it. It would be him and only him. “I appreciate your understanding. Its really comforting to me. Thanks for finding me. I might have done something horrible to myself.” She inhaled deeply, took his right hand and placed her lips on it. “I care about you too.”


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