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AFRAID TO LOVE – Episode 55



He gracefully took a seat beside her. “I’m here for you, baby.” He leaned closer to her. “Hmm. You smell nice.”

Purity giggled. “You like me already?” She believed she was in full control of herself. Acting like she’s desperate was going to be fun. The fun was going to increase when she’d break his heart. Hurt him real bad.

“I do.” He was curious about this girl. This bar, he’d always visited and knew almost all the customers there. But this face, he had never seen before. She looked pure and innocent, why was she here? Her look was in direct contrast with the way she spoke. “Are you alone?”

“Yes, I’m all alone.” She emphasized. Making progress in her plan; she turned to face her drink. “Would you like some?”

He smiled. “I’d love to. I can never refuse such a pretty angel.”

“Bring more drinks!” She said to the waiter. “Since he’s taking his time, lets share mine. Please, come closer.” She folded her right palm and let only her index finger stand. She moved it front and back, urging him to move closer to her. She gave an innocent smile and giggled.

That was a bold step. How many girls are this outspoken? She wasn’t shy, she told him wat she wanted and didn’t feel guilty about it. Very different from her angelic look. Maybe she was, or the influence of alcohol? She doesn’t look like one drunk. Without much contemplation, he pulled his seat close to hers. “Its my turn to drink.” He took hold of the bottle and swallowed its content in one gulp.

Purity was impressed. “That was good. Very good.” She leaned to him and inhaled his cologne. Their faces were inches apart.

He wanted to taste her lips. He already had a little taste of it from the bottle. Those red lips. He loved danger. His pushed his head forward. To his utter dismay, she pulled hers back.

“No, no,” she used her fingers to caution him. “Its too early for that. Lets drink away our sorrows and unhappiness.” She handed him a bottle.

Sorrow. Then, she was sad, he mused. That’s the reason she’s here. He was going to know why and try to help her. “What’s your name? I’m Ernest, Ernest Turner.”

“I don’t give my name to strangers.” Purity chuckled. “That name- Ernest sounds nice. Hope you are earnest?” She asked rhetorically.

He held her hand and kissed it tenderly. He was glad she didn’t object. “I’m no stranger to you. We’re friends already.” He moved his fingers over her arm and loved her soft, smooth skin.

Purity didn’t flinch. She enjoyed every bit of it. A smile touched the corners of her mouth. “What name sounds so sweet that men would love to hear?” She never intended to give him her real name.

He continued touching her hand. “I don’t know. Um….. Something like Kaylee would do the trick.”

“Nope. Call me Melisa.” She took her hand back from him.

“Melisa. What are you doing in a place like this? What brought you here?” his curiosity had not dwindled.

“Forget about that. Lets enjoy ourselves.” She held up a bottle and took a sip. Deep within her, she didn’t want to take another drink. It was enough, all okay for her to carry out her mischievous plan. She always had her way and it should work well for her this time. She pretended to be emptying her bottles.

Ernest wasn’t smart enough to notice that. He really wanted this girl at all cost and was ready to do anything she asked. He drank and enjoyed watching the people dance.

They kept drinking- of course, Purity was faking it. Suddenly, Ernest grabbed her and pressed his body against her. “Melisa, I want you to kiss me, now.”

She wasn’t impressed, didn’t like that. “Hey! Let go!” She ordered. “That’s not how to treat a lady.” She frowned.

He instantly released her. “I’m sorry. How are you feeling?”

“Bad.” She confessed.

“I know what will make you feel good.”

That made her alive again. “I want to know.”

“Good.” Ernest requested for more drinks and placed them before her. “All these would make you feel better.”

Purity shrugged. “I don’t want to.”

“You have to.” he persuaded her. “Let me feed you.” He gave a grin.

She agreed and opened her much for him. It really felt good as the chilled drink slid down her throat. He was right.

“How does it feel?”

She closed her eyes and smiled. “Sweet.”

“Have more, my Melisa.” he smirked.


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