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🎇(The reign in Gaal- Ehud)🎇
Written by Mary Anele 💯

Uli watched as Anton and Seth went into combat with their swords.

“Code one of the chivalry code – exhibit fair play at all times” Anton said as he dodged Seth’s cheat move.

Seth chuckled

“Should I remind you – I didn’t go to knight to school?” Seth sassed and clinked swords.

Anton took a step back and drifted making Seth who was charging at him lose balance. Then Anton flung his sword off his grip and grabbed it from him.

Seth was now on the ground in surrender.

“Surrender or…” Anton said

“You already beat me fair and square….I guess you can have the throne” Seth surrendered and everyone gasped in disbelief.

Anton was also in disbelief.

“You are giving in?” He asked

“You won already”

“But your father always fought till the death…we haven’t even warmed up yet?” Anton asked

“Maybe I’m not like my father after all” Seth acknowledged

Anton shook his head and looked at Uli.

“Release the lady” Seth ordered his men.

They unlocked cell and Uli ran towards the scene.

“We won?” Uli asked

“Yes” Anton said

Seth took off his royal ornaments and rings and wrapped it in his Royal regalia.

He went on one knee and bowed to Anton as he presented the items.

“Your Highness, may you live long” He addressed.

Anton was in shock.

Seth’s men were a little confused. Seth turned to them and gave them a cruel look.

“Bow to your King, dimwits” he snapped at them and they immediately obeyed him.

“We are free” Frida voiced out as the men released all the people from the shackles.

There was a loud cry of joy.

Uli hugged Anton.

“You did it” Uli said

“We did it” Anton rephrased.

Seth looked at the window and back at Uli.

“Forgive me for all my excesses…. I know I must have really hurt you and your people. I deserve more than exile, in fact I deserve to pay for my sins with my life” Seth said with remorse.

“No, that would not noble of me. You have realised your mistakes and have asked for mercy – who am I not to grant you one more chance” Anton said

Seth was taken aback. He couldn’t believe it.

“You…you will forgive me”

“I have already, isn’t that right my love?” Anton asked Uli

Uli simply nodded still skeptical about it.

Seth noticed it and bent his head low.

“Congratulations to both of you – and your unborn child” He said softly

“Thank you”

“What is going on? This wasn’t how it suppose to be. Seth deliberately surrendered to him – this is….no….impossible. I’ll just have to kill Uli myself and end this madness” Oprah said and brought out a rifle and aimed it at Uli.

Seth rose his head and saw this.

He was dazzled in shock and rushed to get Uli out of the way.

“Uli….” He shouted and it alerted everyone.

He couldn’t push it. It would harm the baby, so he had to sacrifice himself.

“Pawwwww” the sound of gun shot was heard and everyone went into pandemonium.

Seth was in front of Uli with a bleeding chest.

Anton rushed to him as Uli caught him mid-air.


Anton looked to the window at once and saw Oprah who immediately went out of sight.

“Wait here” Anton told Uli

Uli was in panic.

“Where…where are you going?” She asked in a trembling voice.

Her hands were shaking. Anton went with some men as they stormed into the Palace.

“Seth…what…what happened?….who…who could have…”

“It’s Oprah” he replied in weak choking voice.

“Somebody help” Uli screamed for help.

Frida and Edna rushed to the scene.

“Oprah?? Why….she wanted to kill me? But why?” Uli sobbed

“Please take care of yourself” Seth muttered

“No…please Seth stay with us. Someone has called the physician and…”

“No Uli. I’m paying for my sins – the scores have been evened. God has punished me. Please just take care of yourself and take care of Anton – please”

“No, no, Seth please!”

It was too late. Seth had given up his ghost.

Anton came out with the men.

“Where is she? Where is that witch!!” Uli yelled in anger and pain.

“Please calm down. It’s over” Anton told her as he showed her his bloody sword.

“You…you killed her” Uli asked in fear.

“No, never. I tried to stop her, but she took my sword and killed herself.” Anton replied

Uli buried her face in Anton’s chest and wept.

“He’s gone, Anton. Seth’s gone”

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“Long live King Anton” everyone chanted during the coronation ceremony.

Anton rose his sceptre and smiled. He looked by his side and smiled at Uli.

“Your Majesty” She curtsied

“My Queen”

“Forgive us, Queen Uli and Your Highness. We were blinded by our extreme hatred for feminine monarchy that we didn’t know what was good and bad again. We are a disgrace to our courtly ancestors and beg for your mercy” the prodigal Royal Courtiers’ pleaded for mercy.

“Apology accepted.” Uli and Anton replied them and they heaved a sigh of relief.

Uli caught sight of Count Elon and he gave a slight bow to her and she smiled at him. He gave her a weak smile as well for the lose of his beloved daughter was still a fresh wound in his heart.

Months later, the cry of a new born echoed in the Palace.

“Oh my, It’s a boy” Frida exclaimed as she wrapped the baby in a royally embroidered quilt.

Uli took a deep sigh and let out tears of joy.

Anton burst in and froze.

“It’s a boy” Edna told him.

A smile appeared on Anton’s face. He rushed to Frida and took a look at the infant.

“He is so cute” Frida admitted

She handed the baby to Uli. Anton sat beside Uli and kissed her forehead.

“Have I told you I love you so much?” He asked

Uli giggled.

“Uncountable number of times” She replied

They stared at the baby in admiration as he gurgled.

“What’s his name?” Edna asked

Uli and Anton exchanged glances and said in chorus.


Frida and Edna smiled.

“That’s a beautiful name” Frida remarked with a heart- warming smile.

“Prince Jed of The Coast” Edna stated and they laughed.

“Prince Jed” Uli muttered as she caressed Jed’s curly hair.

“It feels right” Uli commended as she rested her head on Anton’s shoulder.

They had constructed a new burial ground for the royal descendants.

Eme, Ochi and Seth’s corpses were buried in the grounds.

The day was set for the remembrance of the three of them. They all sacrificed their lives for the good of the country.

“Yes, it does.” Anton replied as they stared at the three tombstones.


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