🎇(The reign in Gaal- Ehud)🎇
Written by Mary Anele 💯

The moonlight penetrated through the window of the bathroom. It showed the dark beauty hidden in the darkness.

She was bathing under the beautiful moonlight. The water from the shower cascaded down her beautifully toned slick skin.

After that refreshing bath, she walked out of the bath tub and wrapped a towel round her body.

And then the lights went on.

She was breathe- taking. She was a goddess.

Her name is Uli – Queen Uli, the monarch of the Queen’s Coast also addressed as Gaal- Ehud significantly ‘Land of Good people’

It was quite ironical as not everyone in the land had a good heart, only but a few.

Queen Uli got robed in her royal night robe and sat down at her study.

She brought out all the books on the laws of the land and began to study them.

She often strive to go through all the laws in order to seek amends. She was a victim of one of the unjust laws and she vowed to make amends.

She always wished she could turn back the hands of time to the day her father was brutally murdered because he failed to take part in the King’s evil plan of killing any twin born by a woman.

| Flashback |
“With all due respect, Your Highness i cant do it. The life of every human is precious and shouldn’t be taken away no matter how they were birthed. I shan’t partake in such evil. Your Highness, i beg for permission to withdraw this plan” Ochi, the Chief Soldier of the land.

“Are you disobeying your King?” King Ambrose broke out in fury

Ochi hung his head low with a bow as a sign of respect.

“How dare you!” King Ambrose yelled even further.

“Guards!” He ordered

“My King” they genuflected before him

“Drag him to the streets and strip him. Beat him to death”

His orders sent shivers into everyone including his Courtiers seated in his presence.

“As my King wishes” they chorused and got up.

“I have only one thing to tell you, My King” Ochi voiced out as the Royal Guards dragged him out of the Court.

He was met with the vengeful eyes of the Courtiers.

“Justice will be served soon. Your end is drawing near and finally The Coast will be a home for peace”

He was cut short by the slap the King gave him.

“Begone! Good riddance” The King bade him as he was dragged out of the room.

As instructed, he was stripped, beaten and humiliated on the streets as people watched with pitiful eyes. Ochi was a good man and he was loved by everyone.

Meanwhile at the house of Ochi, his wife and daughter could hear the loud noise outside.

“What is that?” Little Uli asked her mother who was plucking leaves.

Anton sprang into the house.

“Aunty” He called out

“Yes Anton, what is the matter?”

He was breathing so hard and they could see his eyes puffed up.

“Have you been crying?” Uli asked him as she wiped his tears.

“They are beating uncle” he broke the news.

Anton, Uli and Eme rushed out of the house into the streets only to find Ochi already dead on the dusty ground, with various marks of bloody lashes.

| End of Flashback |
From that moment, when she heard all the dark secrets of the King, she swore to restore The Coast back to the way our ancestors made it – a town of peace.

It was then, Anton and her received news from Anton’s father who was Uli’s best friend that the King was planning of killing Uli and Eme.

So they fled the Coast and went into hiding in the neighbouring countries.

It was there, Uli grew up while Anton and his father were held in the King’s cell till they disclosed where Uli and Eme fled to.

Uli rallied up all the Royalties of the neighbouring countries whom King Ambrose had treated wrongly. She formatted a plan to dethrone him and conquer The Coast -in return for their help, she would lift the trading bans and immigration bans on them. They agreed and that was how, the Military of the various countries ambushed the Coast and captured the King.

That day, The Coast was conquered and renamed the Queen’s Coast because peace was restored back to the country and the people made Uli their Queen.

Her study session was interrupted by the gentle knock at the door.

“I’m busy, tell whoever is asking for my audience to return at dawn” she replied to the knock.

But the person opened the door and Uli was about to scoff when her eyes met him.

“Dawn is way too far” Anton replied her with a smirk.

Uli pouted in annoyance.

“I’m sorry, My Lady if i interrupted your study” He teased as he walked in shutting the door behind him.

Anton became the Head of the Coast Army as a result of his bravery and loyalty to the Land.

“You didn’t announce your arrival” She queried

He took a seat and sat the opposite way on the chair.

He rested his arm on the back of the chair which faced him.

“I wanted to surprise Mr Queen” he replied her as he stared into her eyes.

Uli smiled and returned to her studying.

“What is this?” He asked as he took a book and flipped through it without showing any sign of interest.

Uli looked at his silliness.

“That contains the trading laws binding Queen’s Coast with other countries” she replied him

“Blah blah, whatever. Boring words, laws , history…” He responded nonchalantly

“History is a part of what made us who we are” Uli enlightened him

“Come on, Uli. I know you are a very smart woman. I love that about you, but you need to take some time off. Go for a work, go horse riding, go for a swim. Ever since you became Monarch, it’s from Court to your study, study to bed – and the loop keeps going on and on” He said

“I do take free times. I just need to get all this laws set…” She tried to explained

“The laws aren’t running away.” He pushed further.

Uli paused for a moment.

“Come with me for a night walk” he requested

Uli looked at him and then back at the books.

“Okay, i accept your request”

He smiled

“Let me just change into something..”

She opened her wardrobe and searched for an outer robe.

Anton got up and went to help her out.

He grabbed a red robe

“This looks good on you” he commented .

Uli took the robe.

“Alright” she replied and wore the robe over her night robe.

She slipped her legs into her flip-flops.

“Shall we?” Anton asked

She smiled and they walked out of the room.

They took a walk to the garden pavilion.

“The sky is beautiful” Anton remarked

“It is” Uli replied

“So are you” he said turning to her.

Uli smiled.

Anton took her hands and pinned her to a pillar. Placing his hand on the pillar, blocking Uli’s way to escape.

There was utter silence for a while as they stared into each other’s eyes and feeling each other’s heart race.

“I love you so much, Uli. You know i do and i won’t stop loving you.”

Uli opened her mouth to say something but she ended up closing it.

His free hand caressed her ebony black hair and went down to her arms.

He leaned closer to her and planted a kiss on her rosy cheek.

She didn’t respond to whatsoever he did. She just stared at him with mixed feelings.

His hand wrapped around her waist as he pulled her to him so their bodies made contact.

Uli let out a soft sigh to that effect.

He planted another kiss this time on her lips. Uli’s hand pulled against his polyester shirt.

He kept on planting short soft kisses on her lips till she responded to him.

“Uli” he groaned while trailing the kiss down her neck.

Uli let out a soft moan. She placed her hand on his neck as he kept on kissing her neck and leaving love bites.

“Anton” she moaned faintly.

“My love”

Uli kissed his lips passionately but briefly. Anton reciprocated.

His hands slipped into her robe as he caressed her breast.

They paused the kiss and Anton suggested

“I guess this marks the end of our walk, let’s continue inside”

Uli nodded and giggled.

They held hands and ran back to the Palace like teenagers who just confessed their love for each other.

Shutting the door to the her room, Anton lifted Uli up and she wrapped her legs around his waist while resuming their intense kiss.

Anton placed Uli on the king- sized large bed. He kissed her once more and smiled.

“You are the most beautiful lady in the entire Coast and far off. ” he appraised her.

Uli’s face brightened with a smile.

Anton trailed the kisses from her neck to her stomach.

Uli’s heart raced as he proceeded even further down.

“Anton” she moaned

Anton kissed the fabric of her panties situated right at her clitoris.

She moaned and muttered


Anton looked at her and met her chestnut eyes.

“Tell me, what do you want? Your wish is my command” he kissed her down again teasingly

“Stop teasing me.” She gasped

He didn’t stop.

“Please…Anton…” She muttered

He stared at her

“…i want you…please …”

“Please what?” He asked her as he moved up to her breast and began to circle her nipples with his tongue.

“Please…please..please fuck me”

He smiled.

“Your wish is my command” he replied and tore open her robe

To be continued


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