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Do you have that competitive business or information in which you want to showcase?
Do you want to take your business beyond your location?
Do you have bestselling products?
Are you tired of paying for Advertisement that’s not yielding returns?
Then worry no more, for we’ll give you what you need, reach your target audience, drive customers to you and more sales when you advertise your business on for exposure.
With our super numerous eye catching unique Romance Stories, Thrilling Packages, Novellas & Viral Videos actively followed worldwide. Your adverts will be displayed just like a Tv commercial.
So why not join the teeming number of friends making use of our cheap advert rates to advertise ….Your advert has a very big chance of being seen by many.. 

Here are some areas we specialize on;

  • Marketing
  • News of any kind
  • Inspirational and Motivation quotes or articles
  • Investment
  • Cryptocurrency news
  • Forex news

Posting on our blog can expose your business to thousands of new visitors per day and our aim is to reach Million unique viewers per month.

  • Share your YouTube videos to our active users.
  • Show your comedy skit videos to our engaged members.
  • Introduce your product to users who are active.
  • Our tools are popular for converting prices, verifying messages, and more.
  • Make the right impact with a range of banner sizes.
  • Reach the most engaged members of our blog.
  • Promote products and services to people consuming related information.


1. Banner Ads
We offer all Web Standards Ads ranging from 300×250, 728×90, 320×100, 160×600 and many others placed Strategically anywhere you want. Just talk to us.

2. Video Ads
Do you have a Video Ads about your Products/Services? We know how best to use Video. Let’s talk!

3. Rich Media Ads
Thinking of deploying Animated & Interactive Ads? Let’s get creative 😉

4. Text Ads
Thinking of stealing the show? Let’s place your Text Ads at the Top, Middle or Bottom of our Site Articles where it will get the so much desired visibility and clicks.

5. Sponsored Post/Article
Do you have any Product or Render any Services you want the World to know about? We can write or publish Articles for your Business and they will enjoy the same attention like our random posts.


  • –Our charge per sponsored post or article post is ₦5000 or $25.

  • –If you want us to feature a link on our Homepage/SideBar for a month, we charge ₦5000 or $25.

Here are other summaries of our fee PER CLICK and PER IMPRESSION

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) = ₦10 or $0.03
  • CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) = ₦100 or $0.3

You can buy a minimum of 100 clicks or 10,000 impressions depending on your choice, on all ads.

Submission of Materials, Banner ads can be in jpeg or gif format.

Discount available for bulk purchase.

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E-mail On:

You can also contact us through the comment box of any post, which I will just read


Fill out the form below to learn more about our placements and see how we can drive high-quality audiences to your business.

    Thank You.

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