ACTION IN CALABAR…..(18+)…..Part 12


Past month have been the juciest part of my
diary, memoirs upon memoirs are in litany on
different dates, the day on the plane have
indeed turned a blessing. I and Uduak are
having something that you can from a
distance call a honeymoon, her company is
bright, informative and progressive. We got
through the audtion her aunt offered, I will be
taking a role! who would have ever thought
about it? that my first shot at movie making
will be on the Emem Ottong’s set?! My mom
is right again, of course, I am loving Calabar!
We are on the set now, and I am seeing a
whole different side of Emem; she is raging
seriously, she is pissed at her lead role
players, they are both late, three hours kind
of late!
she have used the F word about 100 times,
yelling at everyone, the woman is a beast at
work, the fissure between she and late
comers Pour this brouhaha!
After a while on phone, she turned back
staring at me, “can you take a romantic
role?” she asked with the most fierce face I
have seen in my life; I answered saying “I will
try” – showing her chauvanism to work
intergrity, she called a supposed client that
they should not bother, she was going to
cast me and Uduak; this made me fearfully
The movie started and I was impressing
Emem from the look of things, it was a
wonderful story line. I was enjoying both
myself and the work, this is my dream
coming through in the most unbelievable
way, Uduak and I was simply displaying the
already acquired chemistry, she was good on
set and I was enjoying her accent, it was
simply our real life on camera.

The kiss scene came on, Emem took the pain
to extensively explain how she wants it to be,
she emphasized strongly on passion been the
cogent part model of the scene, my hearbeat
began to race, everything around me
especially the career that I swore to love.
“Action!” I heard, and the kiss started from
the entrance.. We were wrapped in each
others arms and barged the door open, the
pace was ligtening fast..I tasted her lips and I
forgot totally I was in front of the camera!
with the supervision of Emem, we had a great
kiss, my hands ran through her body, i felt
the very smooth and soft skin, body to body
we were stuck on the lamp table, still as
Emem wants it. I roamed my hand’s through
her b0s0m, the expression on Uduak’s face
confirmed to me that we are not kissing
because job required so, we reveled in the
We finished few scenes from the movie and
as I hoped for, Emem was satisfied. she gave
that smile in fair supply after a long day of
face squeezing, and she commended my
good job. the path on my bag made me feel
fulfilled than lecturing will ever make me, we
sat behind the cameras to review our work
for the day.. the romantic scene made Uduak
give a sweet smile; she texted that she really
would love to be with me later in the night
and I obliged.


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