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It was already very much late in the night. Ruffling sounds could be heard, with leaves rustling and tree branches snapping from the effect of a violent pull. With birds that had already retired to their nest, chirping from the huge ruckus stirred up that night. The chirping intensified into the night as a figure could be seen running like a devil possessed human.
He stumbled and fell head face to the ground and couldn’t help but eat up the dried up leaves that littered the bush that he ran into. Without any care in the world, he sprang up again, without caring for the bone deep wound on his arm, that was gushing out blood in torrents.

He got the wound earlier on when he fell on a protruded stump earlier on, but he couldn’t care any less as, the instinct to survive was just overwhelming that he cared so little about the various deep wounds on his body.

He was gasping for breath, while still launching forward, without even seeing his next step, everywhere was just pitch dark, he couldn’t just count how many times he had stumbled till now. The forest was pitch dark, that he couldn’t even see his palm when he waved it across his face.
He tumbled over once again, and rolled over so violently that he couldn’t control himself, he couldn’t only watch as he helplessly rolled down a hill. He could only fill the painful impact of the hard layered earth covered with gravels pierce painfully, into his skin. He finally rolled over and landed with a huge thud, his breath was almost knocked out of him due to the impact. All he felt was this heart wrenching pain, that he had never felt in the whole twenty years of his existence.
He lay there, for almost the time it took to brew a tea, before he gently propped himself, with the pain nearly making him to fall unconscious, but he gritted his teeth to bear against the pain, with hisses accompanying his efforts.
He looked around him, only to hear the chirping of mites and fire flies, with the hooting of the owl, breaking the sacredness of the night, save for those sound, the night was as still and full of dread, with sometimes the crushing of dry leaves could also be heard. He felt shivers run down his spine. He had never been exposed to the elements just as he been today. His heart thumping so violently, that it could be heard for miles around. What he felt was raw fear.
Just then, the event that necessitated his fleeing for his life, just like a wave of impact gushed into his consciousness like a tidal wave. He couldn’t help but whimper, with tears blinding his senses of reasoning, he was so drowned in sorrow, that he had this sudden urge to scream into the night, to direct his sorrows, pain, frustration, helplessness, anxiety. All this washed over him like a tidal wave.
He felt like he would die from the emotional pain he was going through, it was just too much that he dug his fingers firmly into the flesh of his arms till he felt the liquid called blood flowing from his hands.

He gently muttered. “Why is it always like this? Stephen and Andrew, how come you guys just breathed your last all of a sudden? Even if you guys are to die must it be in such a violent and heart wrenching way?”
He rolled over in a resigned manner to the ground and said in a very inaudible voice.
“Why am I always a source of misfortune to all I associate with? Everyone who had ever shown me even the most infinitesimal act of affection ends up dying mysteriously. Yes I’m really cursed. I’m a misfortune to all, who come across me.”

He suddenly let out a mirthless laughter and screamed out out finally.
“How can a heart break multiple times? hahahaha!! I have always known it. I Richard has always known it, that God you don’t exist!!!”
He screamed out, with all his lungs and at that very moment blacked out.


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